15 CREEPY Discoveries In Congo That TERRIFIED The World webfi


  • @ultimatediscovery on April 6, 2024

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  • @michaeltaylor5939 on April 6, 2024

    The picture labeled "leopards" is actually a cheetah. Also, gorillas and chimpanzees are not monkeys. They are great apes.

  • @smoodcruz on April 7, 2024

    Preserving a particular area of the world does not combat climate change, as the climate's nature is to fluctuate. Protecting this area means shielding it from human impact, allowing natural processes to occur as intended. The climate will continue to change with or without human activity. Just as our bodies heal themselves from a cut, so too does the Earth possess regenerative abilities. Ultimately, we will all return to the earth – from dust we came, and to dust we shall return – and the Earth will persist. Therefore, efforts to halt climate change may seem futile.If we do not cease hoarding gold and minerals from African countries, we will persist in undermining our very existence. Mother Nature will halt us if we do not curb our greed and the suffering it causes. She will not yield until we are gone, using our bodies to replenish the earth's calcium for the flora and fauna.

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    I like the #1 narrator on YouTube. He is easy to listen to.

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    Wonderful,love the congo❤💜💚

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    More crap,nothing new here.Just primitive people that have not evolved