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3 Light & Easy Recipes You Have To Try | Gordon Ramsay ctm magazine

From a simple, yet flavourful salad, to chutney to a healthy prawn roll. Here are 3 deliciously easy recipes to try.

#GordonRamsay #Cooking #Food

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  • Alice Tian on May 29, 2022

    My definition of an easy recipe is making a turkey sandwich. 😂

  • darrell songy on May 29, 2022

    Always a taste adventure. Thanks for the inspiration to be bold and try things out of your comfort zone.

  • MTrayy on May 29, 2022

    Easy huh

  • retropwned on May 29, 2022

    coming of age.. love the style now. very well done and love watching you prep and cook. always #1 in my book.

  • Laz0rs on May 29, 2022

    So easy, you probably just can not get the ingredients, and don't have the tooling either :"D

  • Kelly Simmons on May 30, 2022

    Thank you for taking the time to make these videos, Gordon. It's pretty neat that we all have the chance to learn to cook from you!!

  • schlaznger on May 30, 2022

    Your still using Wusthof? those knives suck as I have had many

  • Kit Birskovich on May 30, 2022

    The first salad uses about 15 ingredients. Nothing "simple" about that, especially since at least 5 of them I never see in my local grocery. Don't think I'll watch the rest of this video.

  • CookCaramier on May 30, 2022

    In case you wanna try the papaya salad at your local Thai restaurant, it's called Som-Tam, but don't expect it to look exactly like the one Gordon made, he adds a bit of twist to it.

  • Mummy Noi on May 30, 2022

    Nice sense of localness in your cooking

  • Blaxe Frost on May 30, 2022

    more than half the ingredients are either incredibly rare or imposible to get where I live, damn it

  • Village Cooking Secrets on May 30, 2022

    Amazing recipe 🌸🌸

  • EKM Gaming on May 30, 2022

    Nice look tasty

  • 5 pal on May 30, 2022


  • PuR3_Help on May 30, 2022

    Bro got the Roblox music

  • cook with afreen on May 30, 2022

    wow look so delicious and yummy 😋 thanx for sharing such and amazing content do stay connected❤

  • Alex on May 30, 2022

    "A touch of olive oil" – poured half a bottle of oil

  • 🔴สวัสดีชาวโลก🔴🇺🇸

  • Daphne Grass on May 30, 2022

    That was amazing!
    Gordon figured out 90% of his viewers are Asian.

  • Sue Sanders on May 30, 2022

    Just love Gordon made many many of his recipe's.

  • sonya matyakubova on May 30, 2022


  • Andy's Wacky World of Food on May 30, 2022

    Hummm. He always says how great it is but why do you never see him eat anything he makes. What's the bet he heads to McDonalds for a burger 😂

  • Absolutely Gnarly on May 30, 2022

    “easy” recipes


  • Steam Driven Doll on May 30, 2022

    Looks yummy, and I learned recently that carrots were purple once before being cultvated to orange by the Dutch, wonder what those original carrots tasted like.

  • Steam Driven Doll on May 30, 2022

    Any chance of some recipes WITHOUT sugar!? I use alternatives like honey or date paste but it's not the same, so some alts would be appreciated.

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