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8 Seasonal Spring Recipes | Vegetable Tart, Beer-Braised Lamb Shanks, Fresh Asparagus Soup & More! ctm magazine

Hello Food Wishers! Chef John’s Corporate Overlords here to get you excited for spring with 8 delicious seasonal spring recipes! The Spring Vegetable Tart is a feast for the eyes, and it’s packed with peak seasonal produce. Speaking of seasonal, there’s no better time to cook with fresh asparagus, and Chef John’s Cream of Asparagus Soup and Fresh Asparagus Patties won’t disappoint. Lamb is a classic springtime meat, and Beer-Braised Lamb Shanks are a flavorful, comforting meal for those last chilly days of spring, while Spring Lamb Sliders are an inventive choice for a casual Easter dinner. Whether you’re looking for a light lunch or a hearty meal, Chef John has the perfect springtime recipe for you!

Creamy Salmon Leek Pasta:

Cream of Asparagus Soup:

Beer-Braised Lamb Shanks:

Tuna Poke:

Spring Vegetable Tart:

Fresh Asparagus Patties :

Peanut Curry Chicken:

Spring Lamb Sliders:

00:00 Creamy Salmon Leek Pasta
05:02 Cream of Asparagus Soup
10:42 Beer-Braised Lamb Shanks
19:28 Tuna Poke
26:47 Spring Vegetable Tart
36:12 Fresh Asparagus Patties
44:03 Peanut Curry Chicken
52:11 Spring Lamb Sliders



  • S 369 on March 20, 2022


  • Gala F on March 20, 2022

    looks outside at the fresh snowfall on the first day of spring

  • Small Food 999 on March 20, 2022

    I respect everyone who were involved in this Seriously the best piece that i ve ever seen on YouTube 💌 Hate off to well all 💟 love your videos  ❤

  • bravejango12 on March 20, 2022

    I thought the next video was going to be the Greek stew.

  • rebecca rosten on March 20, 2022

    okay you scored big cool points with the reference to southpark!!! lol. MmmmKay!

  • Do Not Reply on March 20, 2022

    Chef John we love you ♥️

  • Jazzy Taste on March 20, 2022

    Actually spring is the most wonderful time of the year! 😍

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