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Adm. Stavridis: Zelenskyy, Biden Are Leaders In Hope ctm magazine

Adm. James Stavridis discusses Russia’s military advances in eastern Ukraine along with the history of French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte.

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Adm. Stavridis: Zelenskyy, Biden Are Leaders In Hope



  • Leo Horishny on April 28, 2022

    He should have reminded folks that Napoleon actually was not “short”, not for their, not even by today’s standards.🤔

  • nicholas verrechia on April 28, 2022

    This constant comparison of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine to American soldiers
    killed in Afghanistan for a myriad of reasons is patently absurd.

  • Skippy Jump on April 28, 2022

    Bravo Biden! Slava Ukraine!

  • Vaughn Bostwick on April 28, 2022

    MSN is so ridiculously onesided and Racist. Its so bad that I cant even type that sentence on their news site so I had to do it here on as many videos as I could

  • W russian People

  • Brian Johnson on April 28, 2022


  • Lea Morante on April 28, 2022

    No evil win this world always the good one it's a Biblical words🙏🙏🙏

  • kstock on April 28, 2022

    OMG, no. President Potato is a leader in adult diapers. Nothing more. The Biden Family Corruption is impeachable. Let's get on with it while he can still sit upright.

  • Valéria Boman on April 28, 2022

    Biden katsoi toisen kärsineen on oikealla asialla. Kunnia.

  • Robert Dennison on April 28, 2022

    Those drones would be a big help until those howitzers and tanks arrive in the east. Drones could get over there pretty quick. Although Ukrainians will have to be trained on them.

  • Joe Russo on April 28, 2022

    Theres nothing hopeful about biden.

  • DJ Pomare on April 28, 2022

    Why are people fighting in Ukraine when Putin is in Russia? STOP THE WAR.

    Why do Americans shoot 44 other Americans each day? PUT THE GUNS DOWN.

    Why are Trump's trials taking so long? JAIL TRAITOR TRUMP.

    Why does America ignore 1,020,149 Covid deaths? USE MASKS & VACCINATE.

  • Yearning Nation on April 28, 2022

    Screw the Nazi's blackmailing the most corrupt president ever. MSNBC = Nazi TV.

  • Sonomacats on April 28, 2022

    Yes to hundreds of thousands of armed drones. They will give a huge advantage to Ukraine and keep more of their soldiers safe as they stop Russia.

  • avimoreno86 on April 28, 2022

    Give them the drones

  • Sonomacats on April 28, 2022

    Napoleon was also a terrible man and back stabber who deserted his troops in Egypt and had a personal vendetta against one of his best generals – General Dumas, who was the father of Alexandre Dumas who wrote the book "The Count of Monte Cristo" which was based on his father's experiences. Read the book "The Black Count" for a fascinating account of Duman pere and the personal failings of Napoleon.

  • The Omega Man on April 28, 2022

    Ukraine is the most corrupt country on earth . They’ve bombed their own people. Right keep the war going military industrial complex so more people can die.

  • Joyce Aaron on April 28, 2022

    Nice video very engaging from the beginning to the end, 👌 I recommend a professional broker for you guys sometime ago, can I get people who invested with him… Comments below.

  • we tung on April 28, 2022

    The President of Ukraine is very stupid, he deliberately sacrifices his own people because of his selfishness and stupidity, he is willing to be America's puppet and willing his country to be a testing ground for Nato weapons, America is a cowardly country he will not dare to fight Russia one on one because he will definitely lose, let alone against Russia against Vietnam alone America loses and it will become a record of world history, the real superpowers are Russia and China, America is a provocateur but America is actually a coward…URAAAAAA……💪💪💪

  • Jessica Lamb on April 29, 2022

    Equipping Ukraine with heavy weapons is the right thing to do now for her defence against constant bombardments from Russia.
    Everyone says Pootin is losing the war….
    But looking at the map, i dont see that. I see Russia is occupying more land than before the war started in 24 Feb 2022…Ukraine seems to be losing. There seems to be misleading information on every news.
    At this stage of war, I hope Ukraine will have more volunteer soldiers coming from US, UK and NATO and Nato bring on the NO FLY ZONE. That is the surest way to weaken Russia if US Austin really wanted that.
    Prolonging and Provocation of war seems to be the agenda i get from US. I believe Pursuing a Peaceful Negotiation asap should be the urgent Agenda instead.
    Civilians are the ones paying the greatest price in this Ukraine war.
    I really hope this war will stop soon within 3- 6months and not many years later….Such predictions showed US NATO are attempting to prolong Ukraine sufferings and doesnt want to stop the war any sooner.
    US Nato and Ukraine should pressure Russia for an immediate Diplomatic Negotiation through a Peace Summit and broker for a long term peace instead of suggesting a long term war.

    "A Great Leader must be a Leader of Peace " – President Zelenskyy.
    I totally agree with him. We must pursue peace as first priority.
    God also said, "Blessed are the PEACEMAKERS for they are called CHILDREN OF GOD"..
    I Hope peace will come to Ukraine soon and more sunflowers will bloom in the land again.. Amen.

  • Pat on April 29, 2022

    Corrupt , Biden , And The Just Delusional , Corrupt, Liberals ! Biden Is Senile , And Delusional Liberal Controlled Puppet ! Biden Is A Complete Embarrassment For America , Not Leading The World But Following And Using The Liberal's Talking Points , More Concern With Their Climate Control Than Helping The American People ! Sadly, Biden And The Liberals Are Hurting Americans Just To Attain Their Delusional Liberal Agenda !

  • Enkarashaddam on April 29, 2022

    Meanwhile let's not pretend that if trump installed himself as president right now Ukraine would get a fraction of its assistance, and trump would be in moscow trying to strike meaningless photo-ops/deals across a huge long table while putin pretends to look interested and stalls for time

  • JVS 3 on April 29, 2022

    Zelenski and Biden are leaders in hope? Laughable!

  • Paracelum Alchemistis on April 29, 2022

    They are corrupted leaders in doom and despair.

  • Enikő Mészáros on April 30, 2022

    What was that détour about Napoleon, seriously? Although not quite up there with Hitler and Stalin, but in Europe he definitely mostly gets mentionned on that axis. 🤦🏻Wish they sticked to the topic the title said, rather than paying tribute to another mass murderer.

  • pepsee0 on April 30, 2022

    It is high time Ukraine gets the weapons to strike specific targets in Russia and make it clear to Putin that Ukraine can defend itself well over the border to let the Russian people know what is going on, enough is enough, this is a disturbing reality play by a butcher who is not worth to exist in today’s world! How many more lives need to be sacrificed by this illegal shockingly corrupt mafia aggressor stealing from his own country and from Ukraine, ignoring international law, committing the most horrific war crimes in the eyes of the world that must no longer be tolerated! Pepsee

  • Julie Nguyen on April 30, 2022

    God bless Ukraine 🇺🇦 please stay safe 🇺🇦 🙏 ❤️ 💙 💕 😢 🇺🇦 🙏 ❤️

  • Julie Nguyen on April 30, 2022

    God bless America 🇺🇸 🙏 ❤️ 😢 🙌 💙 🇺🇸

  • Nick Pope on April 30, 2022

    No hope for Ukrainian neo naZi terrorists.

  • JACK SUTTON on April 30, 2022

    Napoleon wasn’t even short.

  • JACK SUTTON on April 30, 2022

    Napoleon is responsible for canned food.

  • abbs on April 30, 2022

    Usa is hope of democracy and democracy must grow to devour whole world whole world must be usa!

  • Win Big with Lena & Mike on April 30, 2022

    Biden doesn’t even know what’s going on. Lol

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