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Analyzing school shooting protocols in the wake of Texas massacre ctm magazine

The mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, has renewed discussions about school shooting protocols across the nation. CBS News’ Nikole Killion sits down with Steve Ijames, a retired police chief and police practices consultant, to discuss the measures that should be taken during active shooting situations and the mistakes that authorities made in Uvalde.

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  • Florida Man on May 31, 2022

    not sending my kids to school

  • la Sn3ak3r on May 31, 2022

    Why do democrat voters support protecting corrupt politicians with guns but not kids in schools?

  • Chris Stafford on May 31, 2022

    He didn't do a good job. Took the check and taught cowardness.

  • Trist805 on May 31, 2022

    You were too concerned with covid protocols, and you were only concerned with the FBI investigating parents who were against CRT instead of following up on violent threats. The FBI, the police and the public schools are responsible for the deaths of these kids just as much as the shooter.

  • Alink on May 31, 2022

    Honestly guns aren't the only problem. It is who we allow to have them that is the problem.

    Every gun sale needs to require a person to have a gun license. Getting those licenses needs to require a psych eval done, an enhanced background check, safety training course with test, and required registration of all weapons.
    Inspections of registered weapons every couple years being done by gun shops or police stations to make sure noone is turning semi autos into full autos with a file should be a requirement to keep you license in good standing.

    Every individual gun part needs to serialized and the selling of guns, part by part, should require a background check to be done no matter if it's an 80 percent complete receiver or stock. Parts need to always go to or through an FFL for a final check of identity against the background check that was run for purchase. Right now we have nothing in place to stop violent felons from building their own weapons piece by piece because there are no background check or registration requirements.

    Add to that the fact that all private sales should be required to take place at a gun shop or police station to ensure a background check and psyche eval with registration is done. Ordering online should require all three of those things be done before then gun can be mailed to an FFL for identity verification and pickup.

    Lastly we need to hold owners and sellers responsible for the proper handling of firearms again like we used to before 1995. All registered weapons should be required to be kept in a gun safe with keys reasonably outside the reach of anyone that the weapon isn't registered to. Shops that sell guns without doing the registration and background checks required should be held responsible in the same way restaurants and bars are if they sell alcohol to people under 21. We will be in better shape if we apply these rules across all states with no exceptions.

    If we do our due diligence and make sure people with mental illness or a history of crime and violence are prevented from getting guns we will save more lives than "doing" something like just banning AR's or blaming it on the parents or a lack of faith.

    If we just ban AR's they'll just change the name to the XAR or the ARX and we will still be allowing the people that want to use guns to hurt others to continue to get them or build them.

    It shouldn't matter what your political party is you should be able to support these changes. Will it be perfect? No. Will it take guns away from law abiding citizens that are mentally sound? No. Will it keep guns out of the hands of more criminals? ABSOLUTELY.

    The bad guys will be left bringing knives to gun fights and the good guys get to keep their guns.

    If we put the above steps into place

  • David Brand on May 31, 2022

    The kids were not already shot. some kids were on the cell phones telling the police to come in. he's just trying to save face

  • Trist805 on May 31, 2022

    So did more children die from covid or from school shootings in the last year? We all know what the answer is….and we also know what the government was more concerned with over the last couple years.

  • Eddie Armijo on May 31, 2022

    Trumps Republican party and the NRA will not allow any change.

  • Michael Escandon on May 31, 2022


  • Jet Set Turner on May 31, 2022

    There was a Police Officer that drove passed the shooter walking to the school with the Rifle in his hand. They leave that out. All the Coward Cops on scene should be fired and charged.

  • Gene Pires on May 31, 2022

    Funny how they still insist on the cowboy hats… are they aware the stigma of being pathetic cowardly and totally disgusting behavior will be theirs forever… Coward Hats and coward boots…. yehaaa

  • Jet Set Turner on May 31, 2022

    The Feds should have taken control of the situation soon as they arrived.

  • auman lan on May 31, 2022

    SIEMPRE NÚME AN 1. 😍 SEXopornoo.Uno necesita a alguien como tú para actuar en los mejores espectáculos.Son unos de los immerp mejores .23:23 Ellos dos y las de Jason statam son los mejor . Saludosss

  • Олег Денисович on May 31, 2022

    La légende de QUINZAA.Monster snowquen's est mon idole. C'est la personne que j'aspire à êtref, c'est ma lumière du jour

  • Openureyes99 on May 31, 2022

    This was a national embarrassment how these “cops” failed these innocent children.

  • Renee Wilkins on May 31, 2022

    How do they live with thselves🔥🔥🔥

  • Jay C on May 31, 2022

    These cops are cowards America expects prosecutions

  • Jay C on May 31, 2022

    The citizens should take revenge into their own hands

  • Tibore Goldberger on May 31, 2022

    This hateful crime this Latino crying against the Latino children 19 Latino American children died 19 Latino Mexican children died and two Latino Mexican teachers died with them by an 18 year old Latino races supremacist Mr President do something about giving guns to 18-year-old children stop then listening of 18 year old children in the military stop the training of 18-year-old children with weapons machine guns do something Mr President to save the lives of hundreds and thousands of 18 year old children not to enlist in the military save their lives do something Mr President do something to stop the Elizabeth of 18 year olds men women into our military save hundreds and thousands of lives of 18-year-old children do something President Biden stopped enlistment of 18 year old children

  • goosecouple on May 31, 2022

    "The greater the crime perp etrated by the leadership, the less likely it is that the people will ever believe their leaders to be capable of perp etrating such an event." ~ GroFaz

  • goosecouple on May 31, 2022

    "Another mass shooting? Let me turn in my guns." – nobody

  • barnes john on May 31, 2022

    But the cowboys wear nice cowboy hats.
    Lol the PutinJr-trump republican cult guilt from voters to the illegitimate supreme gerrymandering Moscow Mitch, every GOP CULT member in congress to every PutinJr trump republican voter in 2016

  • Anyone NAME on May 31, 2022

    A city spends 40% of its budget on its police and has them waited while kids were killed. Time to defund the police

  • Susan Thomas on May 31, 2022

    This reporter did a great interview. She asked very pertinent questions, and never interrupted the expert.

  • aaron johnson on June 1, 2022

    Could this be racism?

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