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Apple Watch Ultra Impressions: Polished Overkill! webfi network

The Apple Watch Ultra was just unveiled, and it’s positively thiccc

Check out the iPhone 14 hands-on:
That shirt!

Check out the Apple Watch Ultra at
Check out the Apple Watch Series 8 at
Check out the Apple AirPods Pro 2 at
Check out the Garmin fēnix 7S Sapphire Solar at

Tech I’m using right now:

Intro Track: Jordyn Edmonds
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:




  • haj98 on September 10, 2022

    My biggest beef I think would be that it sounds like I'm essentially paying a monthly fee to own the Ultra if I HAVE to pay for cellular on it. If it's just cellular capable, that's fine, but I want the choice of whether or not to pay for that feature. Let me use it as a WiFi watch with emergency calls as an option and that would be a better fit for a lot of people.

  • Max RDM on September 10, 2022

    windows wallpaper in a mac? 😀

  • Paul Laviolette on September 10, 2022

    If I had the extra coin I’d go for the Ultra but on the other hand the one I have still has features I don’t know about yet. Thanks for the great info.

  • Eric on September 10, 2022

    I always wear G-SHOCK watches. Or my Seiko Tuna. I like bigger watches and tend to never wear my Apple Watch. It feels to small. This Ultra May win me over.

  • Richy Riche on September 10, 2022

    The intro for me is sick

  • Jean de Klerk on September 10, 2022

    "Garmin fenix is $900" – dude, in your own video it shows it as $700.

  • Markus 82 on September 10, 2022

    Looks ok, but my Fenix 7X lasts 2-3 weeks on a single charge dependant on usage

  • Cisc - on September 10, 2022

    I’ve got a marathon today, just for training, and my Apple Watch 4 playing music on AirPods for 3,5 hours was at 35% of battery. So the problem is for triathlon without ultra

  • MrClapperJack on September 10, 2022

    Video starts at 1:48

  • Kamikaze Kuban on September 10, 2022

    The ultra ISNT for me but I love the orange accents and have it pre ordered lol
    I will however keep my SE if I ever find myself in a formal setting.

  • Mark Smith on September 10, 2022

    Marques about to be rockin' an Ultra in the next video 😆

  • R.E. Murphy on September 10, 2022

    Maybe you’ll be able to use the water symbol screen lock function during workouts/rain, but still be able to use the orange button? At 599 they’d sell out. Software beats the garmin… for apple users hehe

  • Frenchies à Paris on September 10, 2022

    Does anyone else feel the Apple Watch Ultra looks ugly? ⌚️

  • gee on September 10, 2022

    My CASIO Caluclator watch is a lot better than this.

  • Yash Rathore on September 10, 2022

    What's with the Windows wallpaper or air😂

  • Captain Ereo on September 10, 2022

    You can turn off the touch screen with water mode though .

  • Maneet Singh on September 10, 2022

    Apple is not at all serious in their watch. They have failed again to make a watch which can be a serious sports watch. It is purely a piece cut from an iPhone & an embarrassment.

  • Eric Linneman on September 10, 2022

    Will the new Airpod Pro's still have the screeching in the left one like the 2 pairs of the first generation that I suffered through.

  • Steven Waller on September 10, 2022

    Does it have Apple Pay?

  • Aghiad Rashid on September 10, 2022

    I really wonder when will they invest in the Gaming Market, they have right now a lot of professional Products but they are missing out a really big Market. imagine what an Apple PC would be able to do, or a gaming laptop for example which combines productivity with awesome Graphics …

  • Scott Castle on September 10, 2022

    They made it for men not boys

  • Matthew Buttner on September 10, 2022

    The ultra is too big, looks ridiculous, like my kid’s Vtech toy smartwatch.

  • V P on September 10, 2022

    Wait, wait, that’s the Ultra Dive Band on the SE! It looks OK. Is that the 44 mm though? I love those new bands, I really want to see them on the 41 mm. Also, that Ultra is just too big for me and I don’t Ultra Sport but I’d love the durability, the big flat screen, and the battery life for my long walks/casual hikes.

  • ryu_kusakari on September 10, 2022

    Marques' tan on the eyes doe yessir