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Arrests made in alleged $4.5 billion cryptocurrency laundering scheme l ABC News webfi network

The Justice Department on Tuesday announced the arrests of a New York couple in an alleged $4.5 billion cryptocurrency laundering scheme.

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  • marc spencer on February 9, 2022

    I honestly don’t know what is worse, stealing the Bitcoin or that rap she did

  • posthocprior on February 9, 2022

    If she’s a rapper, Trump’s an underwear model.

  • OperatorNeptune on February 9, 2022

    You could have gone without the rapping part. We can’t un hear it now.

  • thegingerstwo on February 9, 2022

    What about hunter Biden’s crackpipe laundering scheme, or his finger paint for millions scheme?

  • Reptis 74656 on February 9, 2022

    The human gene pool just keeps getting shallower and shallower

  • RedCapitalist on February 9, 2022

    next step – confiscate all crypto and ban except for government issued digital currency

  • Jeaninn Alexis on February 9, 2022

    Her rapping career is criminal. Lock her up for that at least 😂😂

  • npcwill on February 9, 2022

    The bitconnect crew got got by a local rapper ?

  • John Gailey on February 9, 2022

    mt. GOX?

  • Bob on February 9, 2022

    The government is the biggest criminal of all. They basically stole 4.5 billion because they were not able to tax it.

  • Andrew Gordon on February 9, 2022

    Bitcoin is all money laundering just like hedge funds but what rational adult would give these people real money in the first place you're asking to get ripped off.

  • Jones on February 9, 2022

    The government NEEDS TO CONTROL Bitcoin. Federal government please look into this.

  • War Rior on February 9, 2022

    $4.5 BILLION IN CRYPTO?????????!!!!!!!!!! so you mean US$400,000? hahahahahahahaahahahhahahahaha

  • Tosdamayan on February 9, 2022

    Rap scene was very unnecessary and childish. Hop hop is black I see the mind game and prejudice shame on you abc

  • John Xina on February 9, 2022

    She got bars 🤮

  • Beach Bay Area Jr on February 9, 2022

    Why would anyone fall or use bitcoin, it’s traceable so better just use cash

  • 2020 S on February 9, 2022

    They’re charging her for that rap, not the hack.😂🤣😂

  • Justin Case on February 9, 2022
  • Stella Resairo on February 9, 2022

    A rapper. 🤔🤔… Ok…

  • cyphr sphyr on February 9, 2022

    Govt not tracking drumpf and ftx though

  • Gary Guan on February 9, 2022

    Bitcoin can’t be hacked on the blockchain, but EXCHANGES can be hacked. Get your crypto off the exchanges and get a cold wallet

  • Charlie Tompkins on February 9, 2022

    Please return all stolen coins to the rightful owner(s)…it should be easy to return it from where it was taken.

  • Quann ThaGreat on February 9, 2022

    This is a complete joke.

  • VICTOR NG on February 9, 2022

    We trust bitcoin rather than stupid fiat money!

  • Bret Williamson on February 9, 2022

    Apologies in advance for this often over-used meme, but the real crime here is this girl's sad creative attempt at hip hop.

  • Leslie Requenez on February 9, 2022

    Y’all are so petty y’all just had to throw in that rap clip 🤣

  • J D99 on February 9, 2022

    That rap deserves the squadron.

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