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Avlon on book bans: Don't complain about cancel culture and try to cancel others ctm magazine

CNN’s John Avlon looks at the reasons why several states have introduced bills restricting the teaching of sensitive topics in schools and banning books deemed offensive to children. #CNN #News



  • TeddyBeara on February 1, 2022

    This is starting to sound like Fahrenheit 51

  • Papa Legba on February 1, 2022

    the author of muse was a honorary white member huh cnn lol when they came for the blacks books dr king and such that author stood by and said nothing now that they coming for the white honorary jews its a problem dont feed me bull shit

  • V. Whitney on February 1, 2022

    Watch the book burning start…

    And those who will amass the book piles and start the fires will probably never have read about the history of book burning and what it means and leads to. Oh, irony.

  • Thomas Doty on February 1, 2022

    “History is a set of lies agreed upon.”
    ― Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Bubbles on February 1, 2022

    CNN is cancer culture


  • Michael on February 1, 2022

    Does this mean we can finally ban the Christian bible?

  • Paul on February 1, 2022

    Books with salacious sexual content matter and pictures aren't appropriate for a school library. That's a parent's responsibility to discuss with children in the home.

  • Nick Puluso on February 1, 2022

    I used to watch the Comedy Channel, then I discovered CNN. Much more entertaining,although very short on truth.

  • gordon donaldson on February 1, 2022

    cnn is propaganda this guy 31 years a go said this was going to happen he was in the kgb and defector cnn is doing it look it up yuri bezmenovs

  • Hyperborea on February 1, 2022

    CNN is right. All white children are racist and they should be ashamed of themselves.

  • M J Kay on February 1, 2022

    The fine line of ineptitude has been drawn.

  • Joseph Miller on February 1, 2022

    Our country, the USA, is founded on prison and indentured surviitude labour! England allowed prisoners in English prisons to be freed if they would settle the new world, but had to work off their passage! Then the English would steal land from native Americans by lying, reneging on contracts/treaties, and flat out killing native Americans! There really was a job that paid people to kill Native Americans! All this was justified by the term “Manifest Destiny”. And then it was wrapped up with the trail of tears and the creation of reservations! The US government then wanted to kill more native Americans by giving them blankets infected with diseases to kill the remaining Native Americans, even the little babies wrapped up in their infected blankets!

  • K Cuzz on February 1, 2022

    What's next, public book burnings like the Nazi's did??!!!!!

  • MrMelgibstein on February 1, 2022

    Many of the United States' most famous buildings were built by enslaved African Americans, including the White House and the US Capitol.

  • Rene Rigney on February 1, 2022

    This is book banning and this CRT crap is getting on my nerves….history is history, I’m mad that I was ignorant to Juneteenth! NO OMMISSIONS! Talk about cancellation culture, the hypocrisy is offensive. This Republican Party has h GB one off The rails! Extra would say they are sick really really sick!

  • Rene Rigney on February 1, 2022

    This is book banning and this CRT crap is getting on my nerves….history is history, I’m mad that I was ignorant to Juneteenth! NO OMMISSIONS! Talk about cancellation culture, the hypocrisy is offensive. This Republican Party has h GB one off The rails! Extra would say they are sick really really sick!

  • LZRD84 on February 1, 2022

    Man, so reminiscent of ‘ Fahrenheit 451’. Creepy.

  • Norma Warren on February 1, 2022

    being as, being that . Both these expressions are incorrect replacement for because or since .(I am quitting because [ not being as or being that ] you refuse to cooperate ).

  • Francisco José on February 1, 2022

    Cnn reality information

  • Women From 020 on February 1, 2022

    Please tell me they are running old news articles from the 1950’s for fun………

  • 9753flyer on February 1, 2022

    Republican hypocrisy…. the only truly universal standard

  • Joseph Miller on February 1, 2022

    We shouldn’t ban books because we need to know how different people think and know how to disprove their ideology! This was said, and intelligently defended, by a military general to congress!

  • Bama Fishing on February 1, 2022

    These books you see being canceled in these states are about gays, sexually graphic material, transgenderism, and other things that shouldn’t even be in an elementary or even a middle school. The books you see being banned by dems are Brave New World, 1984, Animal Farm, Johnny The Walrus, and other books written by people about authoritarian regimes.

  • Bee free on February 1, 2022

    Just like Hitler Germany.

  • Pat Riley on February 1, 2022

    Facism nazi goose steppers and criminal activity.

  • Good Karma on February 1, 2022

    All these old Timey rules and regulations and laws, are reminiscent of old fascist tactics to control,freedom on the right means backpedaling ,to limit rights,right wing is so anti American right now, it’s nuts.

  • Jodie Zaffke on February 1, 2022

    This is not respecting people's rights. How in the heck are these authoritarian governor able to pass these bills?

  • N&N's Numbers and Notes Unlimited. on February 1, 2022

    Books ban and fascism : Which one hatches first ?

  • David Getchell on February 1, 2022

    CNN is a majore offender of this practice

  • Randolph Castaneda on February 1, 2022

    Doesn't the president have the power to stop a person like Donald Trump he become president agaisn't it again he has the power of our country and he should be the able to give give relaxation to the country by stalling Donald Trump cannot run for president again because of his criminal actions in Is the election of January 6 he has so much Things on him besides the Is with the Danny scandal thing of the prostitute lady then hes talking about grabbing women's pussy wit's pussy when he was in that Van and and people are gonna elect hi'll let you Amanda does have no morals borrows for females or are the democracy wouldn't the president have a right to take his rights away from that running from president He is a civilian now so I don't understand where any governor any judge will let a person like Donald Trump run again for president In my opinion he is a very corrupted then he wants to become a dictator so bad the dictator's so bad and these governors and senators that are republicans are so scared of him just because he has money don't let money fear you do the right thing get him out of your site that's my opinion

  • Yolanda Mercado on February 1, 2022

    Stop giving power to people that only want to destroy and repress instead of build and expand. Republicans don't want Critical Race Theory taught anyware, by censuring and control what information people receive… but, isn't that what tyrants and dictators do in authoritarian countries? What worst image of this country than repressing people, by taking away the freedom to vote, read or talk because they don't like what comes out. Have you notice that is mostly republicans that are always making laws about repression? They afford more liberties and freedoms to corporations than to people. They hate regulations, but love to regulate women's bodies and dissenting voices. Why you people keep voting for them… why? Are you waiting until is too late? Are you waiting until you wake up in a 'nazi' America? And don't tell me that democrats do it too when they protest speakers they don't like at universities or when they call for a boycott because none of those things are the same as banning or legislate censure.

  • Black Queen on February 1, 2022

    😂😂 Social media will teach them

  • Numero Set on February 1, 2022

    Cancel culture is just the free market at work. Book bans are government censorship.

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