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Bay Scallop Chowder Recipe – Creamy Scallop and Bacon Soup ctm magazine

Learn how to make a Bay Scallop Chowder Recipe! Go to http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2014/10/bay-scallop-chowder-uglicious.html for more information, and many, many more recipe videos. I hope you enjoy this easy Bay Scallop Chowder recipe!



  • Kenneth Allen Hines on August 16, 2021

    I made it, followed recipe. My wife and I put it on the keeper list.
    Really good!

  • Pluto on August 16, 2021

    Use thin sliced leeks instead of onions…much better

  • Follow Me on September 18, 2021

    You’re right John, this would look better served in a Russian Army mess kit

  • ysb362 on September 24, 2021

    Looks under done🤔

  • Nunzio Napoli on October 1, 2021

    Frozen scallops? What next? Frozen spam? 😳

  • Hyacinth Thompson on October 1, 2021


  • Tyler K Fisher on October 3, 2021


  • Ray Schoch on October 3, 2021

    Looks more like "Bay Scallop Soup" to me. I tend to associate "chowder" with something closer to stew – the liquid is thicker and/or has more body. Maybe mashing more of the potatoes (or using Russets instead) would take care of that. Frankly, I'm less interested in what it looks like, more interested in how it tastes.

  • Honeybunch on October 4, 2021

    Oh yummy, my husband do not eat scallops or soup so more for me. I'm making this for me, I live at the sea so the evenings always allows for soup.

  • David Ross on October 4, 2021


  • Renay kung on October 6, 2021

    Very cool man. The cooking lesson was great and very informative but it was the way you narrated the clip. That was very cool man. Kinda a little bit funny and cheeky. Nice.

  • srthomp420 on October 7, 2021

    Calm down, you're over reacting.

  • Douglas Ischinger on October 7, 2021

    Maybe use a different color bowl? That stark white makes everything look dingy next to it….

  • nikip on October 9, 2021

    It 'looks' great from here!! 🙂

  • melissa comer on October 10, 2021

    When you second guess yourself as a chef, stop, just stop. It would probably be the best thing any normal person would eat that day. Don't over analyze what people expect. Most of the time it's better than what they are used to.

  • Nite Owl on October 13, 2021

    Reduce the bacon fond with a splash of white wine before it gets too dark on the bottom of the pan?

  • Rudy Leue on October 14, 2021

    It looks beautiful to me!

  • Rodney Brown on October 17, 2021

    Salt pork instead of bacon.

  • Andrew Hager on October 18, 2021

    WHen your scallops are real white before being cooked they have been treated with this chemical called sodium tripolyphosphate which screw up the taste a lil bit.
    I just seared some scallops this mornings they were good but a few of them in the package were fairly white and not that skin pink color you want.
    Still tasted good but if you can find ones that are not treated they are amazing.
    Get em fresh if you are already bothering to do a real chowder

  • Debra Livingston on October 23, 2021

    A little chopped carrot and some parsley would help the color.

  • Cookie Love on October 26, 2021

    Looked very Christmassy.😂 add very 😋

  • Ron Viens on October 29, 2021

    I'll take the sea scallops instead

  • Nancy X on October 31, 2021

    Next time use a brightly colored bowl & plate, rather than white ones. It should help with the appearance of the soup. Still looked delicious to me though!

  • EnTeaJay on November 3, 2021

    I think the soup looks very yummy and beautiful!

  • marcus cicero on November 3, 2021

    my neighbor hosted a Coast Guard buddy of his who is from Conneticut. I guess the guy's family were scallop fisherman and so he brings a whole big ass bag of bay "scollops" to Chicago. he had me eating them raw. so tender and sweet. little marshmallows

  • Ramona on November 5, 2021

    Why don't you use a proper soup spoon?

  • Aurum Moonboys on November 10, 2021

    Dark chowder means the roux was cooked to the maximum. Much better that way.

  • kmoecub on November 15, 2021


  • Heather Allan on November 20, 2021

    I love this recipe! It quickly became a go to after I tried it for the first time. I've had a lot of fun modifying it to make chowder out of various leftovers too. It looks perfectly delicious to me! Thanks for the upload!

  • vincent giordano on December 16, 2021

    shouldd have made a rue with bacon grease clam juice and flour butter and more cream to make it thicker.

  • geno janik on December 25, 2021

    it looks great

  • NEELIX STFC - Server 021 on January 9, 2022

    Perhaps some 2 inch cuts of green onion. or possibly kale… some nice Italian sausage slices added a nice touch to mine… almost like a tuscan soup but with scallops

  • radzewicz on January 11, 2022

    The bacon just ruins the flavor of this dish.

  • Callimachus T on January 13, 2022

    Forget about the bay scallops, every time you are eating bacon and potatoes, that’s usually a good experience 🤣🤣🤣
    Aren’t we here for a scallop chowder here?

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