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Biden reacts to Texas shooting: ‘Where in God’s name is our backbone?’ ctm magazine

President Joe Biden addressed the nation in the wake of a shooting at a Uvalde, Texas, elementary school.
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  • C C on May 25, 2022

    Where's is your backbone Mr. Biden on immigration!!! It is time To protect Americans!!

  • Ilya Kogan on May 25, 2022

    The weapon corporations are the ones backing the NRA.
    Just weeks ago, Biden was congratulating them in their factory, on the incredible job their products are doing in killing Russian….
    Well, Mr president, it appears that karma's a bitch. 🤷‍♂️

  • Bad- Hair-Day on May 25, 2022

    Your god could have stopped him. She was up in everyone’s business 2000 years ago.

  • An American on May 25, 2022

    Democrat leadership should stop spreading hate and fear. They should stop catch and release. They should pay attention to the red flags demonstrated by those people who are in need of mental health care.
    Guns don't fire all by themselves. It's the nuts behind them pulling the trigger.
    Biden is a MORON. Couldn't even take a single question.

  • S J on May 25, 2022

    He cannot even make this speech without it being written for him. So called President.

  • preaching Medical Dr on May 25, 2022

    These is on every spinless Republicans they have failed all kids and adults who have died as a result of lack of their back bone

  • Ivan Drago on May 25, 2022

    Then do something President, you have The House and The Senate. Stop talking and do something, I’m so sick of dems crying to the heavens and doing nothing. I’m sick of republicans more concerned with winning the debate then solving problems.

  • Eugene Brosman on May 25, 2022

    All weapons export MUST BE STOPPED, the latest being US$55 Billions of US taxpayers' money to kill others. Biden crocodile tears for the shooting are disgusting, yet he sent billions of weapons around the world for mass killing throughout his political career which is corrupted by his personal and family wealth, is that ok ? Whenever Democrat holds power, there are ALWAYS mass killings in the US and wars all around the war inflicted by the US, why? Just follow the money, it's all about corruption. Exports of weapons have to stop, MIC CEOs are living luxurious lifestyles while other countries have been flattened and living in poverty with millions of innocent lives taken just for politicians and CEOS GREED. I pray for the 18 children and the 2 teachers sincerely, but weapons of mass killing of any sort have TO STOP, PERIOD!!!!! WEAPONS will NEVER create peace, it promotes violence and prolongs killing! The innocent children and teachers that got killed are US human/citizens, and so does the rest of the world that got killed by US and NATO weapons, they are human too !!

  • Mr Long view 4 years and on May 25, 2022

    I do believe this report is mistaken. According to "we don't listen to no liberals" Texas, a good guy with a gun stopped that shooter before he even pointed his gun at an innocent person yesterday.

  • Dalia Alvarado on May 25, 2022

    I want to hear president trump not this Brandon

  • Jeff Tatus on May 25, 2022

    Our current elected Politicians SIMPLY DO NOT CARE about the lives of these children. It is time for ALL PARENTS (regardless of their current political affiliations) to VOTE THESE POWER-SEEKING Elected Officials OUT OF OFFICE. This is the ONLY logical reaction to these senseless killings of innocent children and adults. Let these elected officials rot in Hell… for eternity.

  • Roger Phillips on May 25, 2022

    I do not want to hear one word that Brandon attempts to read from a cue card. They are someone else's words fed to him. As long as he wants to kill unborn babies he doesn't give a damn
    about children. Also he is letting baby formula stockpile at the border for illegals' babies while American babies' parents are having trouble finding it. Also he applauds teaching small children perversions and gender confusion in school. This senile old fart cares nothing about babies, children, or Americans of any age. Meantime he lets people from the whole earth stream across our border not knowing anything about them. Some are bringing illegal drugs and young sex slaves. Terrible. We all are saddened by the mass killings and need to pray for the families. All schools need really strict security with locked doors only allowing teachers, students, and those screened at limited doors access. Children are the future and we need to protect our future. There needs to be better treatment for mental health and maybe more places to house mentally unstable rather than them being on the streets. Additional gun laws will allow mostly criminals to own guns. Witness Chicago with really strict gun laws yet high amounts of gun killings. The same party tht wants to defund the police is wanting more gun control? Sorry but that is as wacky as AOC. Many large churches probably have armed members spaced inside to help in safety. Sadly in today's society any public place we are at risk and have to be aware of our surroundings. Remember that God was taken out of schools and demoncrats no longer believe in God as a party (some republicans also) so when we have dumped God we see what happens.

  • Jesús Sosa on May 25, 2022

    I wonder who had the brilliant idea of taking out the casket this pathetic old man. For Biden is politics before the lives of these innocent children

  • derek brown on May 25, 2022

    Dear biden you will find out come election time

  • Gas The Left on May 25, 2022

    "Blah blah fake mourning.. NOWW can we steal all your guns?" (Because increased school security is magically out of the question)

  • Jimi Sparx on May 25, 2022

    Fun fact – In 2021, there were an estimated 1.67M uses of firearms in defense situations in the US. Guess after Biden steals our guns along with our second amendment rights, those 1.67M Americans will wind up in hospitals, rape trauma centers, or morgues.

  • Joboygbp Edwards on May 25, 2022

    And the Oscar goes to……🤣

  • Gas The Left on May 25, 2022

    look. the old lizard is trying to get reelected AND steal all our guns at the same time

  • The USA was founded in a pool of native blood, and apparently that brought with it this curse of blood lust, having to have murder-weapons in your possession so you can kill in an instance…This country is insane, don't go there on your holiday trip..

  • Bill B on May 25, 2022

    It shows what a shit hole the politicians have made of this country !

  • Bill B on May 25, 2022

    VOTE BLUE in 22 !

  • qministry on May 25, 2022

    In line with the constitution all gun licenses should require regular continuing education classes, through which stability / competency would be assessed. Then the nation could have, hypothetically, over 100 million "well trained mercenaries" to protect us- in case of invasion by Taliban, for example. If person fails through regular continuing education "screening", the license would be kept and guns could only be used in locked secure facilities, such as gun ranges- as is the case at Switzerland. By Kiumars Lalezarzadeh

  • Gas The Left on May 25, 2022

    The fact that they don't simply INCREASE SCHOOL SECURITY (the obvious solution) proves this is probably another false flag to ban guns.

  • Heather Parris on May 25, 2022

    Will you take a stand and actually do something??? We’re furious and enough is enough. Make a change President Biden.

  • Heather Parris on May 25, 2022

    No more thoughts and prayers. Take action! We put you in Washington. Do something!

  • PeaceFan1 on May 25, 2022

    the GOP in the Senate are the ones that have Not ONLY No Backbone but NO HEART!!! ALL they care about is POWER, Nothing More!!! DO YOU JOB, Confress and reinstate the ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN!!!!

  • Heather Parris on May 25, 2022

    This doesn’t happen in any other country! What the hell???

  • Heather Parris on May 25, 2022

    Who in Washington has a backbone? Anyone?

  • Heather Parris on May 25, 2022

    The NRA is in almost every pocket in Washington. It’s passed time!

  • Heather Parris on May 25, 2022

    No more thoughts and prayers! ACTION!!! NOW!!!

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