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Biden’s latest move causing ‘nuclear breakout’: Gen. Kellogg ctm magazine

Retired Lieut. Gen. Keith Kellogg discusses the implications of Biden administration lifting some sanctions from Iran and unfreezing billions in assets on ‘Sunday Night in America.’ #FoxNews #Gowdy

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  • casey B on February 7, 2022

    Jackasses vote for jackasses

  • Kelly Pete on February 7, 2022

    Jo doesn’t have a mind set for decisions…who are his handlers or who pulls the puppet strings? Those are the ones that need to be dealt with

  • Jak Kidd on February 7, 2022

    This Brandon bloke is the worst thing this world has seen lol hit 30 trillion debt mark let’s celebrate

  • Sharoñ Muntz on February 7, 2022

    Commit Biden to an insane asylum!

  • A Crazy Prepper on February 7, 2022

    How about yall just blow every one up and get it over with.

  • Jeremy Wheeler on February 7, 2022

    No new wars!

  • hiithere meee on February 7, 2022

    Well the Bible predicted this mess . 😳

  • Tracy Littlejohn on February 7, 2022

    Come quickly Lord Jesus Come!!!!

  • Todd Walker on February 7, 2022

    How long are democrats going to ignore thier party's ridiculous warmongering. They cried Trump would cause WW3 while he made historic peace deals. Now Biden is literally pushing us toward war.

  • Bengals on February 7, 2022

    Thia president needs to be removed.

  • James Jameson on February 7, 2022

    That's it! Biden wants a nuclear war in the middle east. What the hell does he think they will do with that money? Buy popcorn?

  • AnythingBesidesMyRealName ____ on February 7, 2022

    So the people who stormed the white house had it right?

  • Play Hard on February 7, 2022

    This guy is the biggest moron of the CENTURY! RATS are in second place.

  • A Crazy Prepper on February 7, 2022

    The world won't last 3 more years.

  • Ian The Bus Driver on February 7, 2022

    Gen. Kellogg. Hahah

  • Amy Tyler on February 7, 2022

    Wait and see, once the Chinese Olympics are over, Russia will take Ukraine in a matter of hours and Joe Biden will be nowhere to be found.

  • Michael Garrow on February 7, 2022

    And,,, how many wars did the last guy start?

  • Wally Paige on February 7, 2022

    They will strike America. How could national SECURITY allow Biden to do this. America is enemy #1 Israel is 2nd Israel will go it alone. Biden has made the world a real Bad place. Why did Biden let this happen

  • motorsportfreak1 on February 7, 2022

    The ship (USA) is rudderless, no strong leadership to direct the ship forward in the right direction. Sad really.

  • John Storrie on February 7, 2022

    The greatest threat is USA under Biden and their influence in NATO and Ukraine and giving Iran nuclear go ahead.

  • jim ewok on February 7, 2022

    … what could go wrong? Israel isn't gonna let Iran make a deliverable bomb and RSA isn't gonna let it happen either. the question is, how long it takes for it to leak that the Saudi's financed the Israeli bombing that's gonna have happened. turkey is the wild card, but the other opec/arab states will stand around the saudis, us, uk, Canada, France, Russia, china will ramp up arms sales into the region and Iran, Iraq, n syria will be the battlefield. then …
    as petrol becomes very much more expensive, even though no-one touches a single ship, you might think china would edgy and want to end and win the war because they have to import so much energy and it will hurt their growth economy, but they're covering the sw pacific like police guarding biden, who has sunk American petroleum production returning our dependence to imports and 'renewables' which industries products are dependent on china and Chinese development in Africa thus reducing china's future problems to just inflation instead of recession.
    until we get a responsible govt back, only India will be capable of affecting the global return to a Cold War footing on imaginary premises for the benefit of global corporatists. … and India is probably why china is working on a superior influenza, to give them no option but to get in line.

  • James Jameson on February 7, 2022

    China and Russia is grabbing power form a weak leader. Bring back Trump and you would never had Russia and China be this brazen. They know Biden will do nothing. I don't even think he knows what is happening in his own office let alone the world.

  • vic20kid on February 7, 2022

    Israel will attack Iran, they will not allow the Iranians to have nukes

  • Dennis Mitchell on February 7, 2022

    STOP blaming "puppet BIDEN" and uncover those actually in power ! ! ! BIDEN is the chosen fall guy !

  • The Technician on February 7, 2022


  • Kevin Cocking on February 7, 2022

    everybody knows what is going on hunter biden was given a job running the iranian nuclear program and joe is waiting for his pay off

  • Lorry Camill on February 7, 2022

    Joey Obiden the big guy got some extra commission Let’s go Brandon

  • Bruce Constuble on February 7, 2022

    When Ukraine cuts off hunters cash , daddy will show them it was a bad decision. Don't fk with my boy!
    Fk jill and joe.

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