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Bond Market Today Will Force The Federal Reserve To Hit The Brakes ctm magazine

“Jerome Powell’s plan has worked as interest rates spiked and the stock market fell after Jackson Hole. The Federal Reserve trying to raise interest rates is enough to slow inflation while avoiding a recession. I think Fed’s jawboning will have limits. Eventually, the bond market will force the Fed to hit the brakes,” says David Scranton. Scranton also weighs in on what a yield curve inversion means for investors.

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  • Hehee on September 7, 2022

    Bought more Google, FedEx and PayPal ⬆️🔥🚀

  • ruthlessluder on September 7, 2022

    We're going back to ATH by year end.

  • Jesse Schmelter on September 7, 2022

    when the fed pivots I'm buying gold

  • Ossu on September 7, 2022

    Damn she’s kinda bad fr fr

  • Se Cienaa on September 7, 2022

    More people will make more money if they invest over a long period compared to trying to time the market. btw, #defiwarrior will #metaverse and #testnet with #themera. They will have many upcoming #event to join. Let's check it. #btc #cryptocurrency

  • bigsidable on September 7, 2022


  • apope06 on September 7, 2022

    These ppl are insane. Have they listened to powell at all?

  • T J on September 8, 2022

    N s no fed put they don’t care recession

  • Dane Rose on September 8, 2022

    I will keep buying with every 10% drop and selling with each 10% rise for the short-term with 30% of my portfolio and hold the rest in things I care about. When I buy Tesla I'm investing in the safest cars on the planet whether the stock does poorly or great. It's better than watching cash go up in smoke and not helping innovation.

  • Chad Smoak on September 8, 2022

    I think this whole year a lot of things are going wrong. Gas is outrageous, food is high and rent is steadily going up. I think people are starting to be selective on what they spend, the economy is crazy right now! I read about people grabbing multi-figures monthly as incomes in investments even in this crazy days in the market, any pointers on how to make substantial progress in earning? I would appreciate

  • Professor on September 8, 2022

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