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Cajun Spice Chicken Wings with Remoulade Dip – Food Wishes ctm magazine

Everyone has their own secret formula for making Cajun spice, but this is my favorite blend, and it’s absolutely perfect for seasoning crispy, oven-baked chicken wings, especially when served with a classic New Orleans’ style remoulade sauce dip. Enjoy!

For the fully formatted, printable, written recipe, follow this link: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/8339990/cajun-spice-chicken-wings-with-remoulade-sauce/

To become a Member of Food Wishes, and read Chef John’s in-depth article about Cajun Spice Chicken Wings, follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRIZtPl9nb9RiXc9btSTQNw/join

You can also find more of Chef John’s content on Allrecipes: http://allrecipes.com/recipes/16791/everyday-cooking/special-collections/web-show-recipes/food-wishes/



  • JalapenoPaul on January 25, 2022

    I've used the baking powder method before and it is EXCELLENT, by far the best way to make oven baked wings, super crispy, super tasty, very easy. But don't be like me and mix up the baking powder and baking soda.

  • Cookin' With Squirrl on January 25, 2022

    Your oven-baked method is my go-to wing preparation method. I have used many different spice blends with it and some even close to this one. I highly encourage anyone on the fence to give this a try.

  • Giovanna Diaz on January 25, 2022

    Baking powder works amazingly well. The only way I make buffalo wings now

    The GoT puns are amazing

  • GunnyArtG on January 25, 2022

    I bet that'll help in the browning in the air fryer too

  • Peter Salls on January 25, 2022

    Now, finally, I know the reason why some people use baking powder. Thanks Chef John.

  • Charlotte Lewis on January 25, 2022

    Chef thank you so very much for your recipe yum yum yum…

  • kapataunporter on January 25, 2022

    You know all that exposition at the end was there just because Chef John could not stop eating when he shot the video. That must mean something 😉

  • Sherri Shake on January 25, 2022

    I'm just laughing how you ate it all while talking. Must be pretty good. Lol

  • Unique cook Bangla. on January 25, 2022

    Hi uncle.
    Love From Bangladesh. flight

  • Joseph Green on January 25, 2022

    What is this SORCERY with the little twist and pull of that wing at the end!

  • JS on January 25, 2022

    I used an air fryer for chicken wings last year for the first time and I will never make them any other way

  • Bercilak on January 25, 2022

    An undercooked wing is a terrible thing.

  • Jon Stout on January 25, 2022

    Woos Ter Sher …. try that, @chef John 👍

  • Danielle Anderson on January 25, 2022

    Does the baking powder method work on chicken thighs? I've tried this with wings, and they're lovely, but I prefer chicken with a more favorable meat-to-bone ratio.

  • Scott Rousseau on January 25, 2022

    Holy cow. This worked so well. I tried it with lemon pepper as well using fresh cracked pepper, lemon, lemon juice and cayenne. So good. Thank you Chef!

  • michaelXXLF on January 25, 2022

    For the last three videos or so you have sounded so muffled. Is your mic broken?

  • Barry on January 25, 2022

    Your Twitter game is legit

  • Leonhard Euler on January 25, 2022

    3:42 Worcestershire sauce is Britain is pronounced "Wooster sauce". This is because you would only bother to say "wooster-shur" if you were actually talking about the county of Worcestershire. Everything else is named as the town, Worcester, which is pronounced, "Wooster". Stop making the same, unfunny joke.
    – Everyone from Britain.

  • DeDraconis on January 25, 2022

    You would post this the day after I chose not to buy capers for my lox sandwich, on the account that I never use them for anything else so they always go bad, and settled for chopping up some olives instead. xD

  • Rana Ch on January 25, 2022

    Will make this in a few days. Looking good and delish

  • Jaydoggy on January 25, 2022

    For the baking powder: Single or Double-acting? With/without aluminum?

  • Alice Carter on January 25, 2022

    I'm a college student living in dorms who loves to cook, which really isn't a possibility right now. But watching your videos definitely helps to scratch the itch of wanting to cook : )

  • abdoo baset on January 25, 2022

    I already bought chicken wings in the preparation for this video they will be glorious

  • chrisitina bobinski on January 25, 2022

    Looks amazing thanks for the tidbit on Buffalo sauce started .

  • Suzanne Baruch on January 25, 2022

    0:41 I honestly thought he said "baby powder"

  • W topper on January 25, 2022

    I have started using bone in, skin on chicken thighs rather than wings. About 1/4 the price per pound and way more meat per pound . And I do not trim off the excess skin.

  • Colleen Schaefer on January 25, 2022

    Both techniques of baking powder and removing bones before eating are new to me! Looking forward to trying this! Thanks Chef!

  • Anju Maaka on January 25, 2022

    Instead of doubling the cayenne, adding dried ghost chili would make for some serious burn

  • schmitty8225 on January 25, 2022

    Hot mixed with cold is one of the worst combinations. It ruins things and I never put cold condiments on hot dishes. Absolutely disgusting.

  • Amber Richards on January 25, 2022

    My wife (tragically) is allergic to cumin. Any suggestions for a replacement?

  • Jo March on January 25, 2022

    Chef John, can you PLEASE do your chicken wing bones Super Bowl prediction? 🙃

  • Jon Lava on January 25, 2022

    This is earth-shaking Super Bowl quality munchies derived from alien technology! 😂😋🥵🤙

  • Cooking Cloud on January 25, 2022

    Love Chicken Wings! 💖💙💖

  • lol on January 25, 2022

    Yummy to my tummy

  • Epyonwings on January 25, 2022

    I’m hungry

  • 1tinac on January 25, 2022

    My hubby loves your idea.

  • Elijah Frederick on January 25, 2022

    I would've dared him not to use cayenne.

  • DonPandemoniac on January 25, 2022

    This looks like a party snack that you can never make to much of. Even at 7 in the morning, with leftover guests asleep in odd places, one perhaps trying to talk to your mailbox or asking your cat to help with homework, you will hear 'Hey, are there some more of those wings around?'.

  • James Potts on January 25, 2022

    I normally ignore the anti-aluminum-sulfate people, but for wings, I can definitely taste the difference. I keep a canister of Rumford for making wings.

  • Jedi Master Sap on January 25, 2022

    What brand of Mayo do you use Chef John just curious, thanks for this awesome recipe

  • Leslie-Anne Pepin on January 25, 2022

    I have been making your oven wings and loving them. I now have an InstaPot Air Fryer (4th different brand), and with a bit of potato starch and 380 degrees for 12-15 minutes….BOOM! Best wings ever!!!

  • Richard Walker on January 25, 2022

    I'll be trying these using an air fryer technique … or baking in the same device. Ought to work just fine and these look so good.

  • with me JAPAN on January 25, 2022

    I have tried several recipes that use chicken wings and honestly all the dishes were very yummy. But this recipe must be very addictive (in a good way of course😆)with lots of spices freshly ground and creamy dip! So yummy😍💕

  • Brian Lawson on January 25, 2022

    That's a great tip about the baking powder. But, will this technique work on full chicken thighs like the big upper thigh portions?

  • william sewell on January 25, 2022

    All I need is a good habenero lime sauce, and Ill be good.

  • HooverLux Restorations on January 25, 2022

    Awesome recipe but the British sauce is pronounced “Woostersha” 🤗🤗

  • James Berggren on January 25, 2022

    Those are the most low rent wings i have ever seen

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