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Can Michelle Obama Save Democrats? | Bill O’Reilly ctm magazine

Michelle Obama is back in the political arena, Bill O’Reilly reports.

Desperate to limit their losses in November, Michelle and her star-studded non-profit board will try to save the day for Democrats.

“She’s gonna train 100,000 volunteers…”

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  • Erik Oosterwal on January 10, 2022

    These "foundations" are money laundering scams. Candidates are not allowed to accept foreign donations but foreigners can give money to these so-called foundations and the foundations can package those donations and funnel the foreign money to candidates directly or through additional organizations to make it more difficult to track the money back to the foreign sources.

  • Jay Lover on January 10, 2022

    The Obamas are irreverent now, look at Virginia race.

  • L M on January 10, 2022

    NO MORE OBAMAS! They started this mess we are in right now! Elite’s, partying with Hollywood,, poor foreign policy, promoting Critical Race Theory and imbedding racial issues into curriculum throughout our elementary and high schools. Worst administration ever for America!

  • Nendnnen Snnn on January 10, 2022

    Save from ya now you’re becoming a clown

  • Tennessee Gregario on January 10, 2022

    I don't know, maybe its not a good idea to push people to get registered. Do you want someone voting who doesn't have the ambition to register and vote on their own. Do you think that type of person even knows what the heck is going on? You only want ignorant voters registered if you're a Democrat.

  • J.D. Unwin on January 10, 2022

    Big Mike

  • red8x4 on January 10, 2022


  • TallCoolDrink on January 10, 2022

    Michael Obama is just as fake as Kamala Harris.

  • Doctor Strange Love on January 10, 2022

    It’s easy a job for former First Lady transgender to get a million voters to sign up, in New York area there are at least a million illegals , another million or two have been imported since dementia Joe opened the border and all it’s needed is another excuse for mail-in voting ( zomnicrat variant in 2024) and before you know it they are over every threshold. May be next Democrat candidate gets 90 million vote!

  • RWBY Rose on January 10, 2022

    Michelle hates America , I really can’t stand this “woman “

  • Anthony Freeman on January 10, 2022

    I have no idea why people are so fascinated Michelle Obama this woman in the past eight years has contributed nothing to help the American people unlike Nancy Reagan in the past Barbara Bush and of course Hillary Clinton they have done but not Michelle Obama

  • John Porten on January 10, 2022

    Only bill O'Reilly can save his democrats

  • John Spisak on January 10, 2022

    Mrs. Obama will help illegal aliens vote for democrats and Americans will be dealing with the same crap we're dealing with now.

  • Matt Whittaker on January 10, 2022

    Anyone named Obama just wants to destroy America.

  • Jas Bak on January 10, 2022

    She doesn’t have the skills to do it! Anyone is ever paid attention to her knows that and I don’t understand why these experts don’t get it. She would get crushed annihilated

  • Paul Bair on January 10, 2022

    Big mike an killary. Sick.

  • Steve Radisich on January 10, 2022

    i do not shop at stores that promote the BLM!!!!!!

  • Randall Minchew on January 10, 2022

    She would be just another puppet if she were to be elected president.

  • Maxwell Crazycat on January 10, 2022

    I highly doubt it. The damage that they have done is great.

  • richard kluesek on January 10, 2022

    Michelle has the diehard kooolaid drinkers no matter what, makes no difference unless its a personal desire for her.

  • nordan00 on January 10, 2022

    If you’ve ever read Mrs Obama’s Princeton thesis, which undoubtedly has been taken off the internet by now (although Cristopher Hitchen’s review of it is probably still up), you’d realize that she would be destroyed in any kind of debate.

  • Claude Avilez on January 10, 2022

    & here we go again predictive programming from Bill O'Reilly? Everyone should look how many times Bill O'Reilly has told this story on Michelle Obama & Barack Obama. Because this is how all the media outlets work.
    Glenn Beck & Bill O'Reilly are spinning the story for Donald Trump Vs. Hillary Clinton 2024. I'm sure Newsmax & OAN will push this story also. These so-called networks on nothing more than corner kids selling Meth to you the masses.

  • Marc Gendron on January 11, 2022

    Her buddy oprah will run !

  • William Ludlow on January 11, 2022

    No free fun for me.

  • Temper Mental W on January 11, 2022

    I can't believe what we have become.

  • Ciebel OReilly on January 11, 2022

    Ha they can not accept is a doughter of a psychiatric haaaa

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