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Caramelised Cranberry and Apple Sauce | Gordon Ramsay ctm magazine

Don’t underestimate the power of a good sauce, especially at Christmas.

#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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  • litoboy5 on December 17, 2017

    great !!

  • Nick The Freak on December 17, 2017

    is Jaiden here?

  • Phong Dương Tuấn on December 17, 2017

    God says that Gordon would not love this comment….. It is true?

  • Salman Hussain on December 17, 2017

    Ramsay should collaborate with Grandpa Kitchen.

  • Bappo Jujubes on December 17, 2017

    Is it just me or is Gordon Ramsay not aging?

  • frozen waffles on December 17, 2017

    damn Gordon! you….awful…beautiful…amazing person 🙂

  • ha ha on December 17, 2017

    opon bob an vegene plz

  • thirtykvc on December 17, 2017

    Chef ramsus’ the best chef

  • 김순희 on December 18, 2017

    역시 요리 실력은 여전 하시군요

  • Destructo X-6 on December 18, 2017

    Marry had a little lamb
    Gordon: hey marry let’s make lamb sauce
    Marry : (running with her lamb)
    Gordon : where’s my lamb sauce
    Marrrrrrry ! I’ll find you and your lamb (scary laughter )haha haha haahahahahahha 💀

  • Charkkiss Pongmungdie on December 18, 2017


  • gfv hadd on December 18, 2017

    I'm vietnamese and i very like your video

  • Alta on December 18, 2017

    I'm here for festive Gordon

  • 김승우 on December 18, 2017

    You forgot OliveOilIn

  • Braden Clark on December 18, 2017

    I really like using apples in cranberry sauce, but I usually put the sauce in a blender to get rid of the large chunks after cooking. Then I place it in the fridge overnight.

  • Cooking with Siddhi on December 19, 2017

    Cranberry and Apple sauce sounds really really delicious. I loved that you use star anise and cardamom to give the sauce a unique flavors.

  • karen gomez on December 19, 2017

    in espanish please subtitules

  • Gundam Builders TV on December 19, 2017

    I love your videos Gordon best chef in the world

  • Leo Nathjir on December 19, 2017

    OMG how this guy make Wonder's with simple ingredients….

  • Tainted on December 19, 2017

    Wow never knew 2017 camera quality is this shit

  • gabriel castellanos on December 20, 2017

    Wish I could meet this guy. His heart has the perfect ratio of “I care” and “fuck off” .

  • DragonEclipseX7 on December 20, 2017

    How many cranberries in the sauce?

  • Joy L on December 20, 2017

    No salt & pepper seasoning?! What is going on..?

  • Matt Nobrega on December 21, 2017

    Wow that looks simple and tasty. Thanks gordon

  • learningturtle on December 21, 2017

    Can you chop slower so i can follow along please?

  • SmokeEnterprise on December 21, 2017

    Do you know how to make brisket

  • Jay_x_11 on December 25, 2017

    Merry Christmas 🎄 🎉

  • JLUCMAN on December 29, 2017

    Unfuckingbeliveable he even salt and peppers the sauce

  • Thomas Bigoski on December 29, 2017

    I made this a few weeks ago…came out very well. One caution…caramelize that sugar on a low heat and be patient. Mine got a tad burnt. But then it dissolved once I added the port and let it slow simmer. Very good flavor!

    Oh also, I added three star anise and could only find two when I was done, so make sure you put in big ones so you can find them when you're done.

    I also used ground cardomen, not whole pods. still came out really nicely! Thanks Gordon.

  • Rusty Buckets 5000 on December 29, 2017

    fun fact, this was filmed in 1972 when gordon was six years old

  • Jayde on January 1, 2018

    could you blend the sauce to make it smooth or would that take away from the flavour?

  • Amistrophy on January 4, 2018



  • TheMostEpicUserEver on January 5, 2018

    youtube says this is 1080p but i have doubts

  • Saul Bravo on January 11, 2018

    So you just gonna leave the cardamom pods and star anise in as like a fun surprise for your guests???

  • Tomonique Mixon on January 16, 2018

    I love watching Gordon Ramsey cook , its therapeutic .

  • Oscar Geronimo on March 28, 2018

    I burried Paul.

  • Imessous Alloush on October 9, 2018

    I made this recipe last Sunday for the Canadian Thanksgiving. It was absolutely delicious. This is by far the best Cranberry sauce I have ever tried. And trust me, I have made and eaten a lot of them. Thank you chef Ramsay for the delicious and always full of life recipes.

  • Shelly Everett on November 22, 2018

    My sister just tryed this recipe and killed it. By not following the steps. Instead of not using white graded sugar she used brown sugar and did not come out the same way. I am going to do myself right since I am the Baker in the family.

  • Elite rank _gamer on November 22, 2018

    I made your cranberry sauce and it tasted like 5 year old 😡😡😡

  • Luke Fish on December 12, 2018

    Wanna cranberry sauce

  • Headland 4 on December 20, 2018

    Just made this apple and cranberry sauce. Can honestly say will never buy ready made anymore. This is absolutely delicious!!!!!!

  • David Starnes on December 23, 2018

    I made this last night and it is Soooo good!

  • Juan Torres on December 31, 2018

    Hey, I wish I want to learn skills cook!

  • MiaSqueaky on March 5, 2019

    I made this last night and it turned out well – delicious!

  • Marc Berg on November 24, 2019

    I bought a 250g pack of frozen cranberries. Does anyone have an idea if this is enough? Or would 2 packs be better?

  • 樂樂樂 on February 24, 2020

    If this is a indian street food video everyone will be talking bout hygiene

  • TheKira699 on May 22, 2020

    I decided to just make some stewed apples/sauce once…and had an unforseen accident. I stored some of it in a glass jar that previously held cracked black pepper. It was to die for. So this year we got fresh apples from a friend's tree…enough to fill two huge pots. We made a rather mess with one pot, and stewed apple with the other…we added some sugar and a pinch or two of black pepper. Needless to say we all love it as do my neighbours. I refuse to add salt to it because it doesn't need it.

  • Thomas Swindell on November 25, 2020

    My sister is doing this but didn't do the sugar first. She is a bad cook

  • Jane Przyborski on December 23, 2020

    Tried this and as soon as the cranberries went in the pan the caramel solidified into one big lump 😢 epic fail. Gordon please can you call me and help me out 😅

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