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Chicken a la Crema – Food Wishes ctm magazine

I’m not saying I make the best Chicken a la Crema, but I am saying that my version looks the least like a cream sauce. Nevertheless, despite its less than creamy appearance, this really is an easy, and truly amazing chicken stew, featuring our old friend, crème fraiche. And yes, sour cream will work! Either way, this is one of my favorite chicken dishes of all time.

For the fully formatted, printable, written recipe, follow this link:

To become an official “Food Wisher” and read Chef John’s in-depth article about this Chicken a la Crema recipe, follow this link:

You can also find more of Chef John’s content on Allrecipes:



  • Raquel Gaither on July 14, 2020

    Just made this for my family and we all loved it! I used sour cream and a bit of heavy cream too, it was delicious! Thanks so much for the recipe, I’ll definitely have to make this again! (:

  • RouxSauced on July 27, 2020

    After all, you are the Al Capone of your chicken on the bone?

  • drew_it_right on July 27, 2020

    i use a salvodorian crema ….trust me…this takes it over the top. This has a sweetness to it that makes it over the top.

  • TerryAllenSwartos on July 30, 2020

    0:53 “fond?”

  • Maugus Energy on July 30, 2020

    When you reference other recipes (here the creme fraiche and the Spanish rice) it would be very helpful to include the links in the comments (or, better yet, add end boards up top). Love your concise, simple-to-follow videos, CJ!

  • chris schmitt on August 11, 2020

    Made this with a couple of rabbits. Fantastic.

  • Moses Amba on August 11, 2020

    I don't understand the removing of the skin from the chicken.

  • J Williams on August 16, 2020

    A great and famous youtube Chef, once said "Life is too short for regrets.." I think he was making Spicy Asian Noodles…or maybe a different video.. 🙂

  • Keith Callen on August 23, 2020

    You are, after all, the Pope John Paul, of how big your chicken pieces are… or how small.

  • Greg on August 30, 2020

    Fantastic recipe, people! Try it, literally step by step as shown in video – you won't regret it. I am "accomplished home cook" myself, but there is nothing that holds me from giving this this recipe a big thumb up. Just cut the salt by half (canned tomatoes and chicken broth already have salt in them). John – here is my "thank you"! I cooked this for the entire family (scaled up 3x).

  • Xuân Xuân on September 4, 2020

    brandi carlile

  • Clyde Blair on September 25, 2020

    Chicken paprikash by any other name.

  • karneil williams on October 30, 2020

    breaking benjamin

  • Fuck U Good on October 31, 2020


  • gumaro vertin on November 7, 2020


  • transparent91 on November 28, 2020

    Discarding the chicken skin should be punishable by firing squad. Plus cilantro, really?

  • Joe G.P. on December 1, 2020

    Have you used: "You are the Rick & Morty of your poultry" yet ?

  • The day in the life Miller on December 3, 2020

    That honestly does look bomb

  • Debra Tippett on December 7, 2020

    is this a spicy dish???

  • victor Azevedo on December 11, 2020

    Genetics says I hate celanto yaks lick shith

  • victor Azevedo on December 11, 2020

    Should say shit

  • victor Azevedo on December 11, 2020

    iOS is my thing

  • GOLD STAR on December 12, 2020

    Quick and dirty version! LOL Oh, Chef John! Your sense of humor! LOL I love cocking but half of your vids I watch for your quirky jokes! LOL

  • Jalbiin Dolcheey on January 8, 2021

    I always make chips in the microwave with the chicken skin.😋

  • Monique P on January 21, 2021

    Made this tonight and it was AMAZING! Thank you Chef John!!

  • Ryan Dickerson on January 27, 2021

    Pollo a la créma (in one language)😁

  • Brian M on February 1, 2021

    I've made this several times now and it's SOOOO GOOD It's one of my absolute favorite recipes. Thanks a ton Chef!!

  • KT on February 17, 2021

    I made this a few nights ago with a side of Spanish rice. It was phenomenal! 😭 My family is still talking about it!

  • 31415926535equalspi on February 22, 2021

    Corn tortillas!!! Not flour ;(

  • Be on March 5, 2021

    TIP: Don't put salt on mushrooms while cooking them….it makes them mushy; add after they are browned. Dry them off well too! Dry chicken off well, makes them brown well…

  • Deborah Anderson on March 7, 2021

    I love your recipes, but your sing song cadence of speech is SOOOOO annoying!!!!!!!

  • e on March 23, 2021


  • CherylAnn on May 1, 2021

    You had me until the cilantro😱😱😱

  • xfloodcasual on June 22, 2021

    Very labor intensive dish

  • JonniePolyester on June 24, 2021

    This was excellent! I strongly recommend… reduce everything don’t rush it! 😊👍

  • Susie White on June 28, 2021

    Cream fresh

  • Gary Noone on October 2, 2021

    I cannot imagine this without flour tortillas. Dang, this would be beautiful.

  • Leslee Gill on November 19, 2021

    I have used Cacique Crema Mexicana and it works great. Sort of like creme freche and quite tasty. Where I live I can only get ultra pasteurized cream, so I can't really make creme freche.

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