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Chicken Empanadas – Chicken Hand Pies – Food Wishes ctm magazine

It’s always a great feeling when a recipe comes out well, but there’s a little extra satisfaction when it’s something that’s usually fried, and we’ve been able to successfully pull it off in the oven. These amazing chicken empanadas are a perfect example. Enjoy!

For the fully formatted, printable, written recipe, follow this link: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/8400250/chicken-empanadas/

To become a Member of Food Wishes, and read Chef John’s in-depth article about Chicken Empanadas, follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRIZtPl9nb9RiXc9btSTQNw/join

You can also find more of Chef John’s content on Allrecipes: http://allrecipes.com/recipes/16791/everyday-cooking/special-collections/web-show-recipes/food-wishes/



  • Albert J. Gutierrez on June 7, 2022

    I love making empanadas; I generally make the dessert kind. I usually make them with apple and caramel filling. I have used your food processor technique for the dough (in another video you have done), but the simple technique you used in this video for the dough looked great and easy to do.

    Thanks again for a great video! I will definitely make some meat empanadas in the future.

  • Crazy Mai on June 7, 2022

    emmmmm.nice video and all, but the fried versus oven baked thing depends on the country. In Chile most empanadas are oven baked, and by that i mean all of them (every kind of meat) except the cheese ones.

  • Lamar Davis on June 7, 2022

    You can do by eye, which sometimes always works…

  • Ignacio Nunez on June 7, 2022

    Booo. Make the Colombian ones

  • meemster101 on June 7, 2022

    The dough is one of the most important parts.

  • B• B•B on June 7, 2022

    Is my stove hotter than everyone else’s?! I’ve now burned my naan bread and this, lol.

  • Donna Nichols on June 7, 2022

    Ohhhhh myyyyy goooodness!!!
    Looks simply delish!!!


  • Nita Nika on June 7, 2022

    Oh, I make these with sloppy Joe filling. Sometimes I use puff pastry dough when I'm lazy. So good.

  • Arnold Lira on June 7, 2022

    Make "salpicón." It's a Mexican dish. Basically a pulled/shredded beef salad with a vinaigrette. Usually eaten on tostadas and with bottled hot sauces.

  • M T on June 7, 2022

    Can you freeze these? If you can before or after cooking?

  • Tommy2cats on June 7, 2022

    As crazy as this sounds, I feel like this would be better with either less filling, or more dough. the ratio in the cross section looks more like a burrito than a pastry.

  • A.B. on June 8, 2022

    Lets make a flatbread comp:))

  • Lady with a sword on June 8, 2022

    Hi Chef John, I'd love it if you tackled some West African dishes like chicken yassa and thieboudienne!

  • Ken Nielsen on June 8, 2022

    So good. I will not save this recipe, as I'm sure I'll make them and eat them all. But, next family potluck, it's in the running. For now, I'm trying to forget I saw this. Baking v. Frying and I can justify making them…just add olive oil before baking and perfect!

  • Morrius07 on June 8, 2022

    I miss when he used to say "Round the outside, round the outside".

  • Kitchen Amarius on June 8, 2022

    Have to try this 😍

  • Cari Nemia on June 8, 2022

    What kind of plastic wrap do you use? I can't seem to find a brand that actually works!

  • Megadextrious on June 8, 2022

    Oh wow! My mom actually makes enchiladas with a chicken filling that’s just like this! I think the only difference is she doesn’t use fresh veggies, and uses lots of cheese. They’re delicious so I am assuming these empanadas would be too.

  • V Do on June 8, 2022

    If it's cooking for 30+ minutes, why not use raw chicken?

  • killercaos123 on June 8, 2022

    That looks like some Amazin drunk food

  • Alexander Irwin on June 8, 2022

    grate job with the butter

  • SmoothSmash on June 8, 2022

    ty, this look so good, I will embark on my baking skills. enjoy! :p

  • Jason Smith on June 8, 2022

    I concur! More pocket food!!! 😀❤️

  • Craig Cail on June 8, 2022

    "A great job" – I see what you did there

  • r0kus on June 8, 2022

    Looks delicious, as usual.
    You mentioned "Lump of Flour" as a potential name for a band. Curiously, there is a popular Japanese band called, "Bump of Chicken", which might even be better for this recipe.

  • Micah on June 8, 2022

    Contrary to popular belief, crimping is easy! I caught that Chef John! Haha

  • Jon Johnson on June 8, 2022

    Hand pie? It’s a a pasty.

  • Judy Diehl on June 8, 2022

    Please stop dropping your voice at the end of every sentence. It's so annoying.

  • sorscha on June 8, 2022

    "Oh yeah. You know the one"… diced tomato can with chillies?? For shame, Chef John, after all these years, you know better than to think all your fans are from the US! I do not know "the one" all the way down here in Western Australia 🤣

  • rudy vel on June 8, 2022

    Mmmm, empanadas!

  • Dan Hester on June 8, 2022

    The best empanadas I've ever had were from a stand in Cobán, Guatemala. I haven't had a lot of luck finding good ones here in the Bay Area where I live, but maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. Will have to try these!

  • Timothy Whitecotton on June 8, 2022

    You seem so fun to cook with love the video

  • Katherine on June 8, 2022

    Hello Chef John! Do you have a book to purchase yet?

  • Bill Graham on June 8, 2022

    Can you freeze them? If so, before or after baking?

  • Mike T on June 8, 2022

    Your raising and then lowering your voice is so irritating. Please talk in a level tone as I do enjoy your educational videos but I want to throw the remote at the TV!

  • Maruta Kelers on June 8, 2022

    those look fantastic, though I'd have to use less spicy ingredients. I love cilantro and lime crema, it's one of the best condiments on the planet.

  • MALCNSUE A on June 8, 2022

    These were soooooo goooood!!! I made them this morning and they were a big hit! I was nervous about making pie dough because I'm not very good at it. This dough was so easy to roll out and was gorgeously flaky. Thanks once again for a delicious and approachable recipe Chef!

  • Руслан Голиков on June 8, 2022

    Спасибо за рецепт, буду пробовать!!!

  • Mary Lee on June 8, 2022

    You could prolly use fresh pan fried salmon tuna swordfish tilapia shrimps squids king clams abalone mackerel duck beef offals … too.
    Thanks for for idea. They look 👍

  • Bo27 on June 8, 2022

    Maybe a foolish question but usually you poke a hole/slit in the dough for steam to escape, right ?

  • Maria’s Tasty Kitchen on June 8, 2022

    Hello my new friend wow what a delicious recipe they turned out absolutely mouthwatering thank you for sharing your yummy recipe with us today and I love the filling and the spices that you use enjoyed the video fully watch thank you for sharing enjoy your family God bless🙏😋💕🌏

  • Ginger Kid on June 8, 2022

    I’m a sucker for the Columbian style that is a corn dough instead but these do look good.

  • randy aronvi on June 8, 2022

    that definitely tastes like heaven

  • unstopable96 on June 8, 2022

    Would you advise poking holes to release steam as it bakes? Could they prevent a pocket from forming on the inside? Thanks chef!

  • Adjustvolume on June 8, 2022

    Anytime he says around the edge I am just hoping we would of said, around the outside, around the outside.

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