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China lockdowns have been weighing on energy markets, says RBC Capital’s Helima Croft ctm magazine

Helima Croft, head of global commodity strategy at RBC Capital Markets, joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss what’s driving oil stocks lower ahead of the market open on Monday.



  • Hussien Alsafi on September 20, 2022


  • Uknown Transgressions on September 20, 2022

    All the reason retail, institutions and hedge funds should invest heavily in $GOTU. Gauto Techedu, The Value of the company is extraordinary and profitable right now! Especially once removed from the US audit list. Which won't take much investigation at all.

  • Alex Tran on September 20, 2022

    Invest in China if you like blood smell on your money. Buy FAKE IN CHINA if you want to help the murderers in Beijing. Fake your products in China if you want to enslave your children.

  • JonnyFive on September 20, 2022

    China is in a major real estate crisis already. The US is already in a recession. Europe will continue to be in recession as long as Russia limits the oil they can buy from them. Things are changing and these countries will try to make “business as usual” and keep lying to the public but the writing is on the wall. The world is a different place and the countries that were strong are in a much weaker position to face this as they have been the past decade. Time for change

  • K T on September 20, 2022

    Dont buy media fear n panic…..

  • Swae P on September 20, 2022

    * IQSTEL. 5 Divisions. No Debt. Only 151 mil shares. Revenue Up 47 %. IoT Labs, IoT Gas, Its Bchain, Blockchain, 6 Telecom xo's, Global Money One Fintech 30 % Profit Margins, EVOSS Electric Motorcycles 20 % Profit Margins.

  • Swae P on September 20, 2022

    * ALPP… Alpine 4 Holdings. U.S. Manuf. 11 Subsidiaries. RCA Commercial Graphene EV Batteries, Drones, Electronics.

  • Steve R on September 20, 2022

    Maybe XI and the ccp should be locked down as the citizens move freely! That's the righteous WAR that needs fighting! ,#freetaiwan

  • Daniel Hutchinson on September 20, 2022

    The inability of the FED to control inflation that Sanctions seem to have shoved over the Fence, is something that distracts from actual consideration of evidence that the US State Department is the place to look for inflation relief?
    Victoria Nulands War seems to be going way over budget and is not offering the returns she promised from the Iraq conflict?
    Powell seems powerless to stop Inflation on a World Stage?
    Oil Company Investors will soon appear Nekkid as the Emperors new clothes appeared to be?
    But who wants a picture of Nude Rockefellers?…….Bleah!