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Civil War Combat: Brutal Defense of Little Round Top at Gettysburg (S1, E4) | Full Episode ctm magazine

On the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg, the fighting climaxed on a rocky hillside known as Little Round Top. Heroes and legends were born out of the bloody battle, in Season 1, Episode 4, “Little Round Top at Gettysburg.”


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  • Lance Tennenbaum on September 8, 2022

    F U L L E P I S O D E

  • Lemmy Kilmister on September 8, 2022


  • Bucky C. on September 8, 2022

    Shelby Foote said it best. "Gettysburg was the price the south paid for having R.E.Lee in command. When his blood was up there was no stopping him".

  • Harry Ass Truman on September 8, 2022

    It's absolutely unbelievable what these men endured it just doesn't seem humanly possible

  • Chase Christopher Murray Dolan on September 8, 2022

    Just saying but the brave men of the 20th Maine and 15th Alabama infantry regiment fought on the property of my 4th great grandparents Jacob Weikert and Sarah Ickes Weikert and just saying but colonel Powell was taking to my ancestors farm where he would be treated but Hazlett, Weed and O’Rorke would also be taking to my ancestors farm where all 3 will die with Hazlett first being put under a blanket along with O’Rorke on the front porch and then both Hazlett and weed would be buried in my ancestors flower garden before being taken home for burial however Weed won’t die on my ancestors porch but instead he will die in my ancestors cellar and he will die in the cellar because a lot of the house and also my ancestors barn were filled with union soldiers.

  • Who is Mr Blank on September 8, 2022


  • T Burt on September 9, 2022

    Gettysburg is a beautiful place. I visited when I was 14. It's hard to imagine how much bloodshed happened in this place.

  • Will Outlaw on September 9, 2022

    Lee, an inept, overrated, failure.

  • Triple Viktor on September 9, 2022

    Was gonna go to bed but saw this and was like "Well, I guess one more hour couldn't hurt"

  • SoulKiller7Eternal on September 9, 2022

    Was that the voice of Garrus from Mass Effect!?

  • The day of Anguish is here. There is no escape. No remedy. Not many will be saved during the great tribulation ahead.
    Zephaniah 1:15
    15That day is a day of fury, A day of distress and anguish, A day of storm and desolation, A day of darkness and gloom, A day of clouds and thick gloom,

  • David Bowman on September 9, 2022

    The 137th New York (and other Empire Staters under George Sears Greene) was just as stalwart and heroic on Culp's Hill that same day/night, fending off North Carolinians, Virginians, Marylanders and Louisianans. But they've been overlooked by history. Too bad a film wasn't made about them.

  • JP on September 9, 2022

    Sad. So many families affected. For what? Don't tell me it was slavery.

  • T T on September 9, 2022

    I killed my brother with malice in my heart .

  • Daniel Harford on September 9, 2022

    Union scouts noticed Little Round Top was the key to advantage of victory.

  • Ms. U.S. Wage Slave on September 9, 2022

    From when the History Channel used to be the HISTORY Channel. 🤔

  • Kenbie Mac on September 9, 2022

    My favorite History shows!

  • Grant Karr on September 9, 2022

    The guys they have depicting the officers are good lookalikes

  • Ms. U.S. Wage Slave on September 9, 2022

    What a repulsive irony with all the pop-up ads during this video indicating what a Corporatocracy the country these brave heroes on both sides fought & died for…has become.

  • indy_go_blue60 on September 9, 2022

    First time I've watched this episode and like it a lot. I'm particularly happy to see that something other than the 20th ME and Col. Chamberlain, as heroic as he and they might have been. Ye Olde History Channel was great; what a joke it's become.

  • James Mason on September 9, 2022

    It's not a surprise that Chamberlain does well. Chamberlain is a student/scholar! And when he knew that he had to learn to be a soldier and a leader of men? He made it his business to learn everything he could. He chose to be Ames' lieutenant/disciple first. Very much the way that a grad student learns from and supports the Professor who is their advisor. Chamberlain was ready because he worked with Ames to be ready. Simply put? CHAMBERLAIN DID HIS HOMEWORK.

  • Garzilla! on September 9, 2022

    I have been looking for this since the early 2000’s…

  • Mic Well on September 9, 2022

    My God My God let us not go through it again

  • Fire on my target! on September 9, 2022

    Is this the narrator that did the WoW intros?

  • Chauncey Chappelle on September 9, 2022

    FT. Chamberlain… sure that has to be on the list for upcoming base name. Or renaming I should say.

  • amangogna68 on September 9, 2022

    Great video !

  • Outdoor freedom on September 9, 2022

    So many Americans died in this conflict. People tend to forget those were Americans on both sides, blue and gray!

  • Colleen Thomas on September 9, 2022

    My family have been there and it is humbling !

  • steveb287 on September 9, 2022

    History channel YouTube is on fire !! Thanks again and please keep them coming !!!! Glorious

  • lawrence brandenburg on September 9, 2022

    Why no mention of the southern boys with wives and familiea who kept charging and charging

  • Daniel Schultz on September 9, 2022

    Sorry, good history, but. Those who fought for the South are not hero's. They where the enemy. Done. Period. They fought for slavery. Period, done, stop.

  • Bryce Hampton on September 9, 2022

    Man that guy’s voice sounds like Shercon from the junk a book and the hunchbacked villain I always like to hear his voice.

  • Jason Jiao on September 9, 2022

    they used the gettysburg movie if you wanna watch it

  • CoffeeCocaine on September 9, 2022

    Thanks for uploading these episodes, they have been so dearly missed!

  • Ronald McDonald on September 9, 2022

    Good job on this video
    I learned a few new things.

  • Rocks Cousteau on September 10, 2022

    79 comments in 38K views. The history channel is a FRAUD

  • Roger Huner on September 10, 2022

    Militia had a bad reputation but with some exceptions involving regular army, the troops were militia- the forerunner of our National Guard. These modern equivalents have proven to be the equal of their active duty counterparts. In the past 20 years guardsmen and reservists have served the same or more years in combat than active duty

  • Alex2614 on September 10, 2022

    Did my eyes deceive me or was that a dashing young Gary Adelman from American Battlefield Trust?

  • Matthew Skudzienski on September 10, 2022

    (Battle of Gettysburg)
    (Union Victory)