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County sheriffs are vowing to stop the nonexistent 2020 election steal ctm magazine

Current and former sheriffs around the country are joining forces and conducting independent investigations, despite all evidence, into the 2020 vote. CNN’s Sara Sidner reports. #CNN #News



  • Eigna on August 4, 2022

    How is a sheriff investigating voter fraud? They wouldnt be wasting my tac money with this b.s. Solve some murders…weirdos

  • trainrecked on August 4, 2022

    These ignorant fools are everything they showed us to be. Either they were fooled by Trumps lies as he yacked constantly that the only way he would lose is that dems would cheat. Which means that Trump and cronies was the only cheating going on..and he didn't even try to hide it much!! What ever Trump accuses others of..(that's exactly what he is doing)!! LOCK HIM UP!!!

  • C D P on August 4, 2022

    Please keep track of the costs, come election time, voters will want to know how much time you wasted chasing this dragon and any money you waste doing it. Also, take your hats off inside buildings and theaters, goober jerkoffs.

  • Robert Ashton on August 4, 2022

    Looks like the US Marshall's have a lot of ass-busting to do!

  • The Purple People's Owl 🦉 on August 4, 2022

    A bunch of 🦇💩🤡 sore losers!

  • James Majors on August 4, 2022

    Who decides what the Constitution says… sheriffs? I think the Supreme Court should make that decision, not some person hired to uphold the law, not interpret it.

  • vincent narvaez on August 4, 2022

    "Were looking into it" …..Code for: We don't have squat but we wanna keep the lie alive.

  • Rusty Clark on August 4, 2022

    Only a cult could cause these people to be so sure they were cheated despite the conclusive evidence presented to them.

  • MrMacacson on August 4, 2022

    "There is overwhelming evidence of fraud". Ok, present the evidence and make your case!

  • veronica miklusicak on August 4, 2022

    Do these people have anything going on in their lives?

  • dave etcetera on August 4, 2022

    GOPhers love to demonize progressives with catch phrases, so why not call out these loonies? They've got "Election Derangement Syndrome" and are "Never DEMers."

  • Timothy Sheehy on August 4, 2022

    Meanwhile the DOJ keeps moving forward…

  • David Harris on August 4, 2022

    Not a brain cell amongst the lot of them. A waste of time and resources. Make these id*ots pay out of their own pockets nevermind taxpayer's funds.

  • Make_Me on August 4, 2022

    These are the same morons who will give your girlfriend a ticket for showing too much stomach and shoulders.

  • trainrecked on August 4, 2022

    White filled room od ignorant people who think they are entitled..ugh You lost, gtfo it!!

  • jeremy de villing on August 4, 2022

    Bunch of old white people that didn't get what they wanted…

  • Vernon Edmonds on August 4, 2022

    It's a scam. Why would a sheriff investigate election fraud except for garnering their 15 minutes of fame

  • Earl Everman on August 4, 2022

    Before the orange haired clown came down that escalator, did anyone think that there were so many gullible, ignorant, hateful people in this country?

  • James Rowan on August 4, 2022

    Nazis ! 😡

  • michael obaugh on August 4, 2022

    Prove it!

  • Justin Mccutcheon on August 4, 2022

    Dumb dumb and dumbest 🙄

  • Nathan Bowen on August 4, 2022

    Sheriffs are all grifters. They voted for there stew. Who is in jail without charge. Disgusting

  • Gary Payne on August 4, 2022

    That reporter ROCKS……tell it like it is girl!!!

  • trainrecked on August 4, 2022

    These azzwipes need to be defunded and fired!!

  • Kathy Cooper on August 4, 2022

    This sheriff is drunk

  • Wade Collins on August 4, 2022

    Reporters need to ask this question, if the election was rigged how did you win? Cause Iwould love to meet the evil genius that only riggs part of an election in all 50 states

  • Dave Fedun on August 4, 2022

    you yanks are sure fuked up

  • Sophie Robinson on August 4, 2022

    The people who did think their vote counted (because they voted for Biden) were probably too terrified to raise their hands.

  • Lealo on August 4, 2022

    Elected Sherrifs? They need new jobs!

  • Art Vandelay on August 4, 2022

    Madness continues.

  • Robb Burr on August 4, 2022

    " They are just doing their jobs…" says a man with "Qualified Immunity"…Garbage. How is this even in the Sheriffs jurisdiction?

  • Dave Mulka on August 4, 2022

    CNN is still on the air?Thier ratings have them at the very bottom again.

  • toll on August 4, 2022

    You can't fix stupid…unfortunately too much of it is still makes money on it…..

  • Tony Cheek on August 4, 2022

    I am a conservative and even I am sick of this. They say overwhelming evidence and produce absolutely nothing. This is nothing more than a bunch of idiots following a false god.

  • Karen James on August 4, 2022

    This guy is completely nuts.

  • Sparky's Malarkey on August 4, 2022

    Sheriffs all across this country abuse the power of "investigations" every single day. They act like a dog who thinks they have a bone and it's your job to prove it's a freggin' stick. We just got a good example in Indiana, over a rich guy's Batmobile replica. How about we fix THAT part.

  • Michael Kelly on August 4, 2022

    IA Robots can't get here soon enough!

  • Phyllis Seidl on August 4, 2022

    With so many horendous people in America I really can't see it holding on to its Democracy…The best thing we did was leave!

  • Square sponge Spider on August 4, 2022

    Scarey when law enforcement is as stupid as them..there needs to be a nationwide 4year,40hour a week police academy(military/maritime equivalent)to weed out the weak,incompetent,ignorant and the just plain degenerates…

  • John Ligon on August 4, 2022

    Way to waste money

  • ChinookAdventuresRv on August 4, 2022

    These poor simple minded corrupt sheriffs are so far behind the rest of us that if they don’t catch up they will lose their jobs because the people won’t put up with stupid anymore.

  • toll on August 4, 2022


  • DisposableEgo on August 4, 2022

    These cops have appointed themselves as a team of thugs in opposition to our Constitution. Arrest them. Arrest them all now.

  • Ffhjhcg Ffhhv on August 4, 2022

    They are just making sure republicans wins at all cost….

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