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Crew-3 Mission | Return ctm magazine

After 177 days in space, Dragon and Crew-3 astronauts Raja Chari, Tom Marshburn, Kayla Barron, and Matthias Maurer returned to Earth and splashed down off the coast of Florida at 12:43 a.m. ET on Friday, May 6.

Falcon 9 launched Dragon and the Crew-3 astronauts to the orbiting laboratory on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 9:03 p.m. ET from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.



  • Michelle Weller on May 7, 2022

    Now they are safe🙏💫💖

    Why can't they open pod themselves!?

  • Michelle Weller on May 7, 2022


  • Michelle Weller on May 7, 2022

    Welcome home 'you' amazing people 🙏💫💖🌻🐝🐞💪💓💪

  • t mada on May 7, 2022

    So the broomstick has landed

  • Michelle Weller on May 7, 2022


  • Mydejavooo on May 7, 2022

    Aliens: "Awwww….well THAT was cute! Now beam them aboard so we can probe their butts."

  • Michelle Weller on May 7, 2022

    Thankyou for your brilliant commentary LADIES💪💓💪

  • Michelle Weller on May 7, 2022


  • Michelle Weller on May 7, 2022

    Thankyou Dear Lord and Angels for guiding them home🌐🙏💫💖🌻🐝🐞🍃

  • Michelle Weller on May 7, 2022

    Again thankyou beautiful smart ladies🙏💫💖🌻💪💓💪

  • Logan Meyer on May 7, 2022

    When they’re asleep it looks like those cryosleep chambers

  • Mack Sterling on May 7, 2022

    Ah yes,
    I love disembarking my pod

  • My 2 Cents on May 7, 2022

    This wasn't even mentioned on the NBC or ABC nightly news. What a shame.

  • Intelligence of Universe on May 7, 2022

    Never gets old

  • Longstoryshortless on May 7, 2022

    So. Is it 2 h from disconnect to land? It is freaking awesome!

  • Javier G. Azuero B. on May 7, 2022

    Good Job Space X Team ☝☺

  • Я считаю надо сбивать спутники США, которые летают на Россией, разведку ведут при военных действиях, как вам срамная нация??????

  • Noah Boddy on May 7, 2022

    Don't let anyone tell you different, mediocrity is alive and well at SpaceX. The uh-twins push gender over mission and can't get the story right. Good thing the capsule landed autonomously.

  • Verde View Villas on May 7, 2022

    That capsule was cooking on the way down. Nothing but awesome, especially the inside feed when they were coming out

  • Max Zonna on May 7, 2022

    What's the splash behind the boat at 1:38:10 ? and a moment later more on the left?

  • Walker # 7 3 6 7 3 on May 7, 2022

  • Fred Planatia on May 8, 2022

    you can see the capsule smiling at 1:10:41 because its drogue chutes deployed successfully.

  • Bannaba Bannaba on May 8, 2022

    Why does NASA have the world's biggest green screen? Why is NASA biggest consumer of helium ? Why do we fall for this ?

  • Si PieMan on May 8, 2022

    Great commentaries. Many thanks.

  • Dan Ben on May 9, 2022

    Close to 365 days

  • Quadros Clássicos on May 10, 2022

    It is just amazing to see SpaceX side by side with NASA!

  • RubenDandrea87 on May 10, 2022

    30:45 what i that weird shaped piece of land appearing to the right /south of the antartida. thats not the shape of argentina. NOT EVEN CLOSE….WTF is that?

  • David Traves on May 10, 2022

    The chief medical officer on entry:
    Welcome back, I need to complete the Covid self-assesment.
    Have any of you experienced a fever, cough, loss of smell, tiredness?
    Have any of you travelled outside the country in the last 14 days?

  • r.g.m.t.w. on May 10, 2022

    Wo ist Reid Gregory Wiseman?

  • 5kopiyok on May 10, 2022

    1:14:29 See those parachutes collapsed

  • Sir on May 10, 2022

    Liers and Guantanamo 24/24 when all u will be arrested i will laghi loud

  • Maria Uzcategui on May 11, 2022

    1:45:06 Kate should had meant "Endurance", not Endeavour

  • Calvin Bunton on May 11, 2022


  • Lord Kalki on May 12, 2022

    I have great idea. Related to space travel. I want to do something new.
    Everything happens with word.
    Words also have a price.

  • T.Sewell on May 12, 2022


  • Jeremiah Morgan on May 13, 2022

    It would be nice to have a 10-minute summary of highlights to watch.

  • Daniel Michel on May 13, 2022

    SpaceX is the greatest man. I love all the amazing things they are doing. unreal

  • briscoerob on May 13, 2022

    It is so messed up so you are used to animation to make your astronaut dummy look real. Most people are not that stupid

  • briscoerob on May 13, 2022

    Where are the emergency personnel to extract people ?

  • Art Leo on May 14, 2022

    Is the launch will be visible from Northern Ireland?

  • Jaggu Neggu on May 14, 2022

    something draining @1:17:07 🧐 bilge pump🤔

  • Bodhi Sattva on May 14, 2022

    You all at SpaceX are amazing….and I love Elon! Still thinking about working there because goddamn, your crews work their asses off, but they get all the overtime and fringe benefits that they want / earn.

  • J D on May 16, 2022

    1:38:11 what the hell was that in the background? A dolphin? As she's talking about being terrified of the water. 😂

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