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Cryptocurrency Collapse Wreaking Havoc On Investors webfi network

Bitcoin has hit lows not seen since 2020, leading one of the largest players in cryptocurrency lending to announce the company is stopping all withdrawals. NBC News’ George Solis has the latest on the crypto crash that is wreaking havoc on investors.

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  • Crack Shot on June 15, 2022

    You don't lose unless you sell, crypto is just like stock but essentially worthless in value.

  • Thanks Mitnick ,🤔 for uplifting everyone's morale for pushing the boundaries and lifting everyone during the difficult times. You're an irreplaceable assets to our team.. 🌏

  • Thanks Mitnick ,🤔 for uplifting everyone's morale for pushing the boundaries and lifting everyone during the difficult times. You're an irreplaceable assets to our team.. 🌏

  • Text👉Davhack247 on Telegram on June 15, 2022

    Dude I we always👆👆thank you sir for the 1btc again🙏,,,

  • TC Video on June 15, 2022

    My bank account was linked to coinbase and hackers got in and drained my bank account, coinbase told me too bad and then they wanted me to reopen my account so they could make more money off fees from me

  • G W on June 15, 2022

    Ha ha ha! Nelson voice, bet that federal reserve protection would be nice.

  • Keith Moore on June 15, 2022

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

  • Mary Christopher on June 15, 2022

    what is the best way to make money from investing in crypto

  • Pedaling Prospector on June 15, 2022

    These stories bring out the bots like flies.

  • Michael on June 15, 2022

    You liberals won the Russian Investigation* after Trump it remains true. After Trump's  sedition ( he called it The Storm)  the Russian Investigation remains true afterwards . So 46, according to Papa,  Vatican 🇻🇦,  his leg is bad he wants to retire, he had told the reporters Biden instigated the War as based on retaliation for colluding with an American president. I understand you hunting M , dirt poor. Bad eyes, bad hearing, bullets in the body , dying from nanobots, surgeries to remove bone , and as  a $Trillion dollars operation. Just wait until you meet The Real Soilders.

    I would prepare if I were You. Respect Your Leader. 46.

    — Michael

  • Kyle Wilson on June 15, 2022

    Biden and the Democrats destroying EVERYTHING. #leftistscourge #liberalscourge

  • Tony Hilton on June 15, 2022

    The <Bitcoin price has completed several bullish movements over the past week that may confirm a new bullish expansion phase which is about to begin . Eyes are still on what happens above the current local highs, not below, even as BTC price action is up 6% in a week. We cannot predict bottoms, but it was obvious things were getting ready to go down. Why are people JUST NOW realizing the market is bearish? Extremely bearish. Point is, be patient, and just trade to build capital for when we do bottom. Don’t let these institutions destroy you. And my advice, don’t spread yourself thin with too many coins. Market moves as a whole right now, red days mean red days for almost everything, Green Days will be the same. Paper gains and losses are normal throughout the investing cycle. Continue to invest and trade, don’t panic.’. Still love the trading techniques and advice . Digital currencies continue to reshape the world globally. It's hard for anyone who is against it right now. But from a trader's point of view, I think we really need more experts in this field to give newbies a sense of how the community works. I was able to easily increase my portfolio in just trading with Clay Everett Bell daily signals growing 0.5 BTC to 1.1 BTC. His daily signals are very accurate and yields a great positive return on investment and is available to give assistance to anyone who love crypto trading, you can contact him for inquires and profitable trading systems on Telegram @ClayeverettBell for any crypto related issues.

  • Doug Wray on June 16, 2022

    Crypto was a ripto? WHO COULD HAVE GUESSED????

  • Kiimbo Sliice on June 16, 2022

    No way not digital money that holds zero value

  • Betsy Marshall on June 16, 2022

    Not to be mean but.."😂

  • Xīnyí Chu Hua on June 16, 2022

    Predicting< a reversal of a trend is risky, and even worse, I believe there is more to this market than we understand currently. When people are losing, they don't aim to increase their average, but that can only change if you have a personal trade guide and signal provider like that of Anika Hobson which has made me almost 9.5 on a 2 btc Trade capital over the last 3 months. Make the wise decision. Markets fluctuate in cycles that can last anywhere from a few days to several years. In the case of B -TC, it's difficult to make a bullish case simply from looking at the charts.

  • Cherokee Macks on June 16, 2022

    Thank God I didn't put much in, so I won't loose much! Most, just another way for chinese to rip you off.

  • Seth on June 16, 2022

    Collapse? God, the media is always so dishonest

  • david de la tiare on June 16, 2022

    BIGGEST HOAX IS CRASHING. bien fait pour vos gueules

  • David Wark on June 16, 2022

    Always good to hear your thoughtful and logical analysis. That small rally was a set up!! we are entering a crab market. As traders we can still make good money 😀. Trade a small percentage of your portfolio👌 trading went smooth for me implementing Bobby Lucas's daily trading signals and tips. I am already growing my 2 btc to 8.5 btc from April till date.

  • Tok Roni on June 16, 2022

    LOL. Comparing crypto value with fiat. The ultimate scam

  • Cryp 4 Life on June 16, 2022

    We're still making money everyday in the Defi space. Just investing and holding out for price appreciation is so one dimensional…so 2019 lol.

  • David Ferrer on June 16, 2022

    Worst than Biden just blame someone. This house of cards will fall because of greed and backed by nothing.

  • Henri Lamarche on June 16, 2022

    Collectible tokens with no intrinsic value are the future. Now is the times to invest. Give everything you got for this. Sell your home, sell your children, BUY BUY BUY

  • Prague M. Curis on June 16, 2022

    The secret of the future is hidden in your daily routine. Crypto and forex trading is the future.

  • ark on June 16, 2022

    I never thought crypto was a good idea, but I sure do feel bad for ppl who lost a ton of money.

  • Relentless Ohio on June 16, 2022

    Get control of the ridiculous amount of bots on your channel NBC. Especially prevalent with crypto stories.

    And this just brings a smile to my face.

    And lady it's only resilient if people have faith in it. If it wipes out everyone's savings and no one has any money to reinvest then it's absolutely not here to stay.

    Don't interview these crypto fanatics.

  • taiwo mercy akintunde on June 16, 2022

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