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ctm-Blunt Force Trauma – Full Movie

In the seedy underground dueling culture of South America, two opponents wearing Kevlar vests face each other, draw and shoot. With Mickey Rourke.

#freemovies #moviesondemand #fullmovie



  • Dave Myers on March 30, 2021

    Very cool

  • moleykewl on March 30, 2021

    Pretty cool movie… i about got pissed at the ending until it faded back in. I still think they should have done a little more. Very anti climactic. But also pretty original… definitely a good watch.

  • moleykewl on March 30, 2021

    Mickey is still a great actor, even though the midlife crisis hes went through. Its crazy seeing his young pics… but the man still has the gift." The wrestler" is a good movie and example of how he's still got the skills. He's just looks like he's lost his mind. Lol

  • Elo Strudwick on March 31, 2021

    The end sucks who won damn what a let down

  • Elo Strudwick on March 31, 2021

    Ok i saw who won

  • john65999 on March 31, 2021

    crap ending

  • Galan Allen on April 1, 2021

    Yes! This is a good one & Mickey was a kick azz surprise✊

  • bryan simmons on April 1, 2021

    Very good movie, acting, plot/story …….. everything

  • john anderson on April 1, 2021

    the movie was ok, Joe Biden is still a idiot

  • Paul Plaine on April 3, 2021

    This movie is ridiculous and boring

  • Damage Incorporated Metal43Ver on April 5, 2021

    This is Bullshit, I remember getting treated like this in my own home town !!!

  • Damage Incorporated Metal43Ver on April 5, 2021

    Lawyer's Cop's & Politicians have there own agenda…

  • Teresa Ramos on April 5, 2021

    Like " Fight Club" but with guns….

  • Teresa Ramos on April 5, 2021

    Sooo hard to understand what she says though….too bad.

  • CMarie Lee on April 6, 2021

    I never saw Mickey Roarke; he was the reason for me watching this. I got bored at 33:44 min. See ya.

  • Xolani Miel on April 6, 2021

    Bunche a stupid shooting cowboys That what i say about the US But Mickey Rourke is 1 off my favourite actors So sad that my darkskind brethren friends didn t survive it either How realistic

  • John Jones on April 11, 2021

    Dude??? That was Mickey Rourke??? Plastic Surgery???

  • danashane on April 22, 2021

    We Love Violence and Hot Chicks! 'Murica, Baby!

  • Bryan Turley on April 28, 2021

    Live by the gun die by the gun.

  • aboelsof alabed on May 1, 2021

    Hard to believe someone made a good movie worthy to watch

  • Richard Lewin on May 2, 2021

    👍 Yeah good movie

  • John Fanion on May 4, 2021

    Is good ,yes?

  • John Fanion on May 4, 2021

    I’d like to try my hand…with BB guns…

  • Richard Smith on May 12, 2021

    Another clue would be the symbolism of the open bird cage and no bird, Mickey Rourke has flown away. Or some crap like that….

  • Hardworking Criminal on May 13, 2021

    Why the hell are their so many guys named John in movies? If anyone knows please tell me thanks

  • ZipZaptd on May 17, 2021

    pretty cool well written movie, enjoyed it

  • vutEwa on May 18, 2021

    this is basically a stupid movie plot. there's no plot. it's just ruination. kinda dumb.

  • NELSON X on May 21, 2021

    Mickey Rourke!
    !5 minutes into it and this movie looks cool.

  • James Campbell on June 9, 2021

    Their stances didn’t look like a real gunfighters.

  • Oliver Rowen on June 15, 2021

    What's so badass about this movie? It's very slow and boring.

  • Dan Conway on August 19, 2021

    The ending with Mickey Rourke brought up the question of who was more good. Mickey a former drug dealer who had killed his share of the gun happy of the drug dealing bunch would have done more good. Therefore a better ending would go like this Mickey would have shot the gringos arm off which would have still fired a shot that hit Mickey in his stumach. Mickey's lady would have then tried to draw on him. Expecting this he would have shot her in the head and then shot the gringo in the head as he went for his gun that wasn't there.

  • digital 6 on September 3, 2021

    Almost didn't watch this. Mickey Rourke is such a douche-nozzle. he ruins any movie. Wouldn't watch again ever.

  • Jerry L Loel on September 25, 2021

    Good Show 👍

  • Jason Carter on October 20, 2021

    Great premise but lame on action/drama. Still worth the watch.

  • Donovan Williams on October 26, 2021

    Good movie check it out

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