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Double-crossed by those he trusted the most, a newbie government hit man discovers that he’s the target for the world’s most dangerous assassin and so begins a ruthless game of kill first of be killed.

Contract Killers : The Game (2013)
Directed by Mathew John Pearson
Starring James Trevena-Brown, Dallas Barnett, Renee Cataldo, Kerry Glamsch
Genres: Action, Thriller
© 2021 Venus Films. Published under license.

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  • Andres Weinman on September 9, 2021

    Y el chino?

  • Muanlian manlun on September 9, 2021

    Wow! I like the vdo, it so perfect.

  • Son Sit on September 9, 2021

    Revenge. 😀😀😀

  • Chaos Is Better Than This on September 11, 2021

    If you like people dying a violent death, sneaky backstabbing people and 1 woman you will love this movie. Oh and most important you get to see female breasts for a second or 2. This movie has it all.

  • Sam Abeka on September 11, 2021

    Fat eyes killers. The world has always being ruled by armed robbers,prostitutes and killers. And how they feel so right and proud of shedding blood. It's a mystery.

  • Joachim Mikalsen on September 12, 2021

    A shit b-movie not worth it.

  • Ricard Hernandez on September 20, 2021

    Okey feliciano es do jock one!day two my what yuo whangny now end the day loreng ing 3/4 month ckonfrond the ferd Ong story the day Faz frontera y fegado Tonga es end or cungvia!

  • A Norseman on September 25, 2021

    That was better than a lot of high budget movies

  • Stephen Lowe on September 28, 2021

    Not a story. Just killing. 28.09.21 Finland

  • david johnson on September 29, 2021

    showed promise but very poor acting wooden could have been better but a reasonable watch

  • jaime simao on September 30, 2021

    The movie is great. Yet it is a low budget….

  • mosenjoon on October 2, 2021

    What is the sunglass brand Chinese guy wearing? He can see things everywhere, anytime?!?! 🤭😎

  • Rainier Flores on October 4, 2021
  • Georgina Pickering on October 5, 2021

    000000and the first place 30th the 1011111111111111

  • Rizal Abuhurairah Raizal on October 6, 2021


  • Analisa Rasco on October 7, 2021

    The Chinese guy has two assigned but he killed more than two. I don't understand.
    After one second your comment s one second. So yes. After zero is one and one and one

  • Tanja de Wit on October 10, 2021

    I experience the wobbly camera as very annoying and ameteuristic

  • david cheal on October 11, 2021

    Brill brill. Top. Class

  • David Wendel Robinson on October 16, 2021

    Okay for action but way too much cliche B movie BS.

  • Phong Dinh on October 23, 2021


  • Aleziandre Saramosing on October 23, 2021

    Excellent movie! Nice to watch

  • Sinlo Semp on October 29, 2021

    Fantastic movie..

  • Catalin Florin on October 30, 2021

    Nice 👍👍👍

  • mickle smith on November 2, 2021

    Thank you.
    A. Sami Jehangiri

  • mona on November 3, 2021


  • S. M'rea Bean on November 3, 2021

    Great movie!!!

  • Florian Constantin on November 6, 2021

    O piesă de teatru pentru persoane cu un intelect mediocru .
    Imitație de film prost regizat.
    Pierdere de timp . Nu merită .
    Nota 3.

  • sumo on November 6, 2021

    Great movie 🎥 thanks for sharing

  • thembisa mbele on November 7, 2021

    its a best

  • Osazee Moses on November 8, 2021

    Amazing movie I love this

  • Karmel Corn on November 9, 2021

    By any chance does this movie have a soundtrack ?? I thought the age of silent movies disappeared with Charlie Chaplin !!

  • Dario De Palma on November 10, 2021

    Nice movie 🙂

  • mulu daniel on November 10, 2021

    Nice movie following from Kenya

  • Linda Garrison _ Crypto Queen on November 10, 2021

    Do you know apart from your salaries monthly, you can still be earning $13,000 Weekly from your home, Ask me how

  • Rex de la Crus De la Crus on November 11, 2021

    Excellent, it's great movie I love it, beautiful

  • rj onio piaña on November 11, 2021

    28:32,music title please.

  • Mario Peralta on November 11, 2021

    Good movie

  • Elina Mapulanga on November 11, 2021

    Good one ☝🏽

  • Ian Guimerey on November 11, 2021

    A very great action movie👍

  • Inocencia Minano on November 11, 2021

    The best action

  • Eneng Faridah on November 13, 2021


  • menurut saya on November 13, 2021

    too much movement camera

  • Rafael Martinez on November 14, 2021

    Good show. Thank you very much.

  • M Ladd on November 14, 2021

    Already watched this, they keep changing the thumbnail! Good movie!

  • MountainManXXX on November 20, 2021


  • C C on November 27, 2021

    Excellent movie. Haven’t seen a action movie this good in a long time. 👍🏼

  • MC Tv on November 27, 2021

    Nice movie

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