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ctm-Texas high school shooting leaves 4 injured | live coverage

Four people were injured after a shooting at Timberview High School in Arlington, Texas, police said Wednesday. Watch CBSN’s live coverage.

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  • Tracy Williams on October 6, 2021

    I don’t know why their even broadcasting it. Nothing going to change. All you will hear is my rights are being taken away. While parents are baring their children. Sh*t

  • Gloria Terry on October 6, 2021

    In a time of technological advances we need to not block THE CELL Phones !!!! COME ON!!!!! I work in a high school discipline them when they’re not on task BUT DO NOT BLOCK THEIR PHONES!!!!!!

  • Mark Johnson on October 6, 2021

    How is BLM going to blame white people for the black shooter🤔

  • Satan The Great on October 6, 2021

    A normal day in usa.

  • Lily Jade on October 7, 2021

    all injured parties can sue his parents for Damages… call a lawyer

  • Seane Randall on October 7, 2021

    GDammit…hope the Republicans are happy with themselves!!! This is MY hometown and ABBOTT and his da chronies need to be held accountable!!! Open carry…yeah that's a good idea..NOT!!! 🙄🤦‍♀️😡

  • vietnamemperor123461 on October 7, 2021

    Don't bully other people because if you bully the wrong person who knows they might be mentally ill and backfire at you. It doesn't have to be shooting. They can retaliate many different ways by doing any crazy things you can't imagine.

  • Anon Mist on October 7, 2021

    Here we go again!!
    These people need to be rounded up. This behavior is unacceptable in modern day society.
    When is the government going to get to work? ??

  • Dirtcycle on October 7, 2021

    he was turning his life around

  • Lynn Ann on October 7, 2021

    Diabolical plan is to implement digital lD to every person with a s0cial cr€dit sc0re that includes your vac status, purchasing habits, internet search history and more…

  • Vero on October 7, 2021

    too much gun violence, increase the penalties for gun crimes.

  • C Scott on October 7, 2021

    Poor kid probably knows nothing but trap music and 2k

  • Gilly Gil on October 7, 2021

    It is in the Principal's best interest to silence any talk or actual bullying. Zero Tolerance is nothing more than a slogan. The Principal is evaluated based on the "learning environment". This must be the result of bullying. Why did this kid believe they needed a gun at school? Everybody knows. Nobody does anything. A teacher becomes the problem when they report.

  • אחת שיודעת on October 7, 2021

    There Is No Shortage of Energy; There Is Shortage of Normalcy

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    I know that many people are counting on the promise of renewable energy to solve the energy problems of humanity. I think they are mistaken. There is plenty of energy, far more than we really need. We could cut emissions by at least half tomorrow. But the more we have, the hungrier we become, so our thirst for energy will never be satiated, and we will never stop exploiting the planet or each other until we reeducate ourselves and start being humane toward each other.
    We have been behaving like spoiled brats whose parents buy them whatever they want. Now, our parents have run out of money and our childhood is over. It is time for us to mature and conduct ourselves like responsible adults, caring for all of humanity the way a mother cares for her entire family. If we think like a family, we will achieve normalcy.

  • Kimberly Patterson on October 7, 2021


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  • Steve on October 7, 2021

    I wonder why CNN and MSNBC aren't all over this incident..they usually best the rest in school shootings

  • Down Flat Down on October 7, 2021

    What happened to all the "Good Guys with guns"?

  • Pedro Madureira on October 7, 2021

    What is sad is that people will blame this event on loose gun laws and push for more gun control instead of actually doing something effective to end these shootings from happening

  • fatjona Tula on October 7, 2021

    Omg .. this is horrible ?
    What is going on with out kids 😰

  • Josh Garden on October 7, 2021


  • Rebecca Tiny on October 7, 2021

    The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this: "the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left".

  • Best Music on October 7, 2021

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  • Rachel Stone on October 7, 2021

    !🇺🇸!J6COUP Committee & Senate Rpt:🇺🇸
    (Aidding & Abetting CRIMEs
    1. Jeffrey Meadows Pressuring DOJ
    2. Jeffrey Clark DOJ Disbar?)
    3. XPRES Pressuring DOJ (Jeffrey Rosen-
    STOPPED the STEAL of the Election by TRUMP)

  • Police State America on October 7, 2021

    Yet, another government controlled psychological operation…. Gun grab coming…. Wake up sheeple

  • Nicole Rose-Songbird on October 7, 2021

    Columbine, VA Tech, Sandyhook… this will never end. Stop demonizing mental health & sweeping it under the rug. Mentally unstable people have no business owning weapons, just as drunks have no business being behind the wheel.

  • Henry Dycha on October 7, 2021

    That all about rap music

  • Hdog on October 7, 2021

    Don't trust liberal news

  • Biblical Storm on October 7, 2021

    This stuff doesn't happen anymore. Didn't you know everyone dies from c19?

  • Henry Lo on October 7, 2021

    America has a culture problem. Asian countries dont have these problems because asian kids are taught to respect, do well in school, listen to the elderly. Americas kids seem to think highly of themselves. Like theyre the main characters of the world. Japan has a mental health problem but you dont see knife stabbing people rampant.

  • MovieGuy on October 8, 2021

    He shot kids because he was 'bullied' for being wealthy. And if he killed for being poor does that make it right. How about maybe he has a proclivity for violence.

  • Daniel A. on October 8, 2021

    A lot of people here are blaming kids or teenagers or bullying , etc in every couting bullying is normal, kids fighting is normal, but shooting is not normal. Crazy US goverments and some people still support guns law, this shooting is just another consecuences of your stupid laws, everyone can be brave with a gun in the hand, big applause for guns law, . Have you ever asked yourself why this is only in the united states, why not in the UK, why not canada, why not australia. Use your Brain America, oh i know yes is more important the gun sales

  • Diggity Dane on October 8, 2021

    They let the little roach out of jail already. ? Lol

    Is this the same justice system that's handling Rittenhouse?

    Shameful .

  • Dave mACK on October 8, 2021

    U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!

  • MizGotti916 on October 9, 2021

    He was being bullied in the school an none of the staff would help he was jumped that day he shot them kids but those kids were live streaming him while beating him up daily the robbed him an stripped him naked so wht would you do?

  • MizGotti916 on October 9, 2021

    Look into the situation it a group of Bloods

  • MizGotti916 on October 9, 2021

    Those kids all need to be questioned the pregnant teacher that witnesses the assault before the shooting he shouldn't be in jail period.

  • sebastien holmes on October 13, 2021

    Ok, seriously. Why do schools not have security guards?

  • Bryant Lucas on October 22, 2021

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  • mike taylor on October 26, 2021

    No excuse charge him as an adult to the fullest extent of the law. What a coward

  • Neil Meleo on November 22, 2021

    PRIVILEGE 2021

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