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Dana White: Lookin’ FWD to a Fight – UFC 242 Vlog Episode 4 ctm magazine

On Episode 4 of Dana White: Lookin’ FWD to a Fight, Matt and Din head to a desert spa, where they take in a private falcon show, ride fat bikes through the dunes and throw axes.

Dana White: Lookin’ FWD to a fight follows UFC President Dana White, UFC Hall of Famer Matt Serra and coach Din Thomas on the trip of a lifetime in Abu Dhabi leading up to UFC 242. From restaurants to racetracks, wildlife to wild rides, the guys experience the best of the world-class destination. UFC 242 airs live on Saturday, September 7th at a special time of 2 pm ET/11 am PT on Pay-Per-View on ESPN+.
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  • Alexander chua on September 8, 2019


  • sriharjanto on September 8, 2019

    greetings respect for the dana white fund, which values ​​culture and religion

  • Monkey D Luffy on September 8, 2019

    Free balls lol

  • djjlc on September 8, 2019

    Keep this Muslim sport

  • Floating Goose on September 8, 2019

    Dana not even trying to be on his own show. Good effort fat man

  • Mohammad Alblooshi on September 8, 2019

    Emirati traditional not Moroccan

  • Adam Reynolds on September 8, 2019

    Dana it's only fun with your kinda of money brother ,one day of the boys playing probably cost a my years wages up hear in the great state of Maine ,it did look fun thanks for the show !

  • DoubleM-K Gaming on September 8, 2019

    Please give Matt Serra his own travelling show!

  • Robi U.K. on September 8, 2019

    They looks gorgeous at Arabian dress

  • AA AA on September 8, 2019

    matt serra defo looks Arab in that outfit

  • Loyal Line on September 8, 2019

    “Take the seat off”😂🤣

  • Erik Hashem on September 8, 2019

    Matt : "You see this though? It's digging in my skin. You wanna get it off there?" 👏👏👏😂 I fucking dying on my couch!

  • abdulmohsin radhi on September 9, 2019

    What the fuck . Indian introducing Emirates falcon.

  • D C on September 9, 2019

    full episode???

  • ADM on September 9, 2019

    Lame. This show sucks.

  • Matt South on September 9, 2019

    Bikes… Axes… YOU'RE IN FUCKING Abu Dhabi guys!

    Whoever planned this episode needs a swift kick to the throat.

  • Omar A.G on September 9, 2019

    "If this goes like the bike you might have to need a new job though" LOL

    Honestly, he really does need a better job.

  • Rodney Griffin on September 9, 2019

    I watch every UFC fight all the way from God Gracie khabib it's wonderful

  • Khomeini Syahril on September 10, 2019

    Matt is so funny

  • EatOrLumby on September 10, 2019

    Matt Serra is the definition of American

  • JJ Mir on September 10, 2019

    @2:02 did he say Kevin Hart 😂😂

  • DrMario Pepper on September 10, 2019

    I thought you couldn’t swear there. Apparently not!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Hamza Aitelkadi on September 11, 2019

    No . Man i am moroccan that was not tradional moroccan style we have JELABA style lool !!

  • Mr.Brightside on September 11, 2019

    Matt “that’s nice” Serra 💀😂

  • Prince 1 on September 13, 2019

    Falcons can hunt rabbits, deers, and almost everything flys, except, wild birds, like eagles.

  • THE STATION on September 14, 2019

    sera is such a short bitch for taking off the garment so his fat gut can breathe a little

  • Mouhammed murous on September 14, 2019

    عيشو من دهر الجمال

  • Salafi on September 15, 2019

    Dana kindly sign Alex Pereira to the UFC. He will knock out everyone.

  • Columbo on September 20, 2019

    Send Matt and Din around the world and film it. Top tier content 😂 could be a bit like that show “An Idiot Abroad”

  • ldn0224 on September 23, 2019

    Need American frontier axes to do this properly.

  • chris smith on September 24, 2019

    No Matt eagle eyes were named because Eagles have amazing eyesight at Heights, Falcons are fast.

  • Vincent Brown on October 7, 2019

    These always make me feel so poor lmaoo

  • Savage on January 20, 2020


  • Me247 Go Jets!!!!!! on February 22, 2020

    "Matt said he wants you to take the seat off" LMFAO busting balls at its finest

  • Dj Cbostyles on February 22, 2020

    this is the only one that sucked

  • RawGod on February 25, 2020

    Man matt Serra is the best

  • Drew Ski on March 8, 2020

    I do like these show quite a bit.
    MATT SERRA MAKES THE SHOW, rolly polly star power, x factor etc.

    But Din is not that funny.
    He's touted as being so much fun to hang with, but he's just not that funny.
    Seems like an extremely nice man though, but they make you expect he's going to be a crap pants laugh factor and he's not.

  • Andrew Breen on July 18, 2020

    I just want to see more of them going around do fun badass shit!

  • Farm Bear on July 22, 2020

    They tried so hard to make biking through the sand look fun and exciting… That shit would suck, be slow n sliding and burn ur legs in about 30seconds. . It would be good as part of a workout, that's bout it

  • Devin Garcia on September 15, 2020

    Dude dresses traditional then says "g*d d*mn" just wow

  • Jack Jack on September 29, 2020

    Amazing shows to watch…

    Full of positive energy, good time…

    Really I'm not big fun of UFC, but I really enjoying those 3 crazy bastards…

    They just having best time together…

    What you may want it more… ✌️✌️👏

  • LouieFrenchie on December 9, 2020

    Does anyone realize it says 1 year ago

  • Donkey Punch  on December 31, 2020

    how fucking funny is serra

  • gaming0rhino on April 20, 2021

    The n76457535w84$89,764678o is here

  • TMT 1 on June 15, 2021

    They should do more of these with covid if theirs not many cards just do looking forward to a fight where u go to wherever the card is and do cool shit in that city then show fight highlights!

  • fatseaturtle on January 17, 2022

    Name a better Reality Fight Series duo than Din Thomas and Matt Serra… I'll wait

  • Kombat by khan on January 23, 2022

    matt "the viking " serra

  • andrzej golota on January 24, 2022

    there were literally 5 moments in this episode when I heard bisping go "he he"

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