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Dana White’s Contender Series: Next Level – Daniel Zellhuber | Part 1 ctm magazine

At 22 years old, Mexico City lightweight, Daniel Zellhuber became one of the youngest fighters to be awarded a contract off Dana White’s Contender Series. Now having put his UFC career on hold for nearly a year to fulfill his parents’ wishes that he become a college graduate, Zellhuber embarks on his own dream beginning with his UFC debut at UFC Fight Night 210.

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  • Darius Lithav on September 19, 2022

    Hahaha his UFC debut fight was so bad there is no video of it on YouTube. Jajajajajaja The UFC is on something else

  • TRAVELING THE WORLD on September 19, 2022

    Lol everytime they overhype them too early they lose

  • Zozila on September 19, 2022

    I like this kid cant wait to see him performing in the ufc

  • ERICK RBD on September 19, 2022

    12:29 😂

  • Abraham Isaí Pérez Arellano on September 19, 2022

    Ig de la minita de lentes del minuto 9:53 👀👀🔥

  • adam zan on September 19, 2022

    The UFC cage at 8:27 is a freaking hexagon

  • Activate A on September 19, 2022

    Looks like a bigger Garcia the boxer 😅

  • Lazarus on September 19, 2022

    Ryan garcia

  • Shalashaska X on September 19, 2022

    I like that Danny represents a part of mexican society that's unknown to a lot of people outside Mx. that's the ever shrinking middle class. Danny is gonna be a big draw in the near future.

  • Dechavion Whipple on September 19, 2022

    I like this guy👏🏿let me at em coach

  • aicarda aida on September 19, 2022

    if he isnt related to ryan garcia then i believe in unicorns

  • Dayvin777 on September 19, 2022

    Ryan Garcia

  • Ivan Ramos on September 19, 2022

    What an incredible human being!! God bless his path!! A great example of fighter to be followed! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Karabo Molele on September 19, 2022

    College graduate and badMFER

  • Cso only on September 19, 2022

    supporting finally is a beautiful blessing from God. It's makes easy to chase dreams, never forget those who support you who believe in you. But the most important thing is to believe in ourselves. So let's gooooo

  • COSMO on September 19, 2022

    Send him to go train with Brandon with James Krause

  • Blake Bridevaux on September 19, 2022

    Best of luck kid hope to see you soon

  • ikamfuey on September 19, 2022

    These Mexican fighters wit the come up 👊 respect

  • Jorge A. Quintero on September 19, 2022

    The dad can't speak about his son without his voice breaking or a small tear building in his eye. That's beautiful.

  • Frank EL on September 19, 2022

    He has a really big family. That's dope

  • osc pert on September 19, 2022

    Bro is gunna be a huge problem 😳

  • Kartik T.S on September 19, 2022

    Really well spoken dude. Rooting for him.

  • Ultimate Pick on September 19, 2022

    The opponent was tough

  • Jeremiah Freitag on September 19, 2022

    With that last name I would've thought he was German without seeing him talk

  • Fernando Garcia on September 19, 2022

    I know him lol

  • Anthony on September 19, 2022

    La raza 🇲🇽🤘

  • The last Emperor on September 19, 2022

    That’s a conservative family. Not that purple hair woke shit lol

  • JwGacey1 on September 19, 2022

    Beautiful family, congratulations Daniel.

  • Renaldo Matadeen on September 19, 2022

    fighting for peanuts

  • Zyan malik T on September 19, 2022

    Kid had very good cardio

  • Bruce lee on September 19, 2022

    9:50 hhgv
    13:25 gfrr
    20:15 tf
    20:45 vv

  • thomas calvo on September 19, 2022

    Biba Mexico!

  • Crib Collective Records, Los Angeles on September 19, 2022

    This guy is motivated! He’s gonna do real well in the UFC

  • Jared Ramos on September 19, 2022

    Vamos Daniel!!! Tu puedes!

  • Bryan Gutierrez on September 19, 2022

    Viva mexico 🇲🇽

  • sk😎kamran khan107😎 on September 19, 2022

    Best of luck

  • Saul Carranza on September 19, 2022

    All aboard the Zellhuber Hype Train 🚂

  • Francisco Daniel Estrada on September 19, 2022

    Venga tocayo!!! Te estamos siguiendo y estamos atentos, te deseamos todo lo mejor, seguro lo harás CHINGON ! Saludos desde BCS MÉXICO 🇲🇽

  • JLJE 54 on September 19, 2022

    I thought the guy in the beginning was the kids father lol 🤨