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Dem U.S. Senate Candidate Gary Chambers On His Viral Campaign Ad Featuring Cannabis Smoking ctm magazine

The Supreme Court affirmed that a woman has the right to decide what she does with her body 49 years ago this Saturday. Yet, Roe vs. Wade might not survive to see its 50th anniversary, because of the conservative wing of the court which seems ready to overturn precedent and undermine a woman’s constitutionally enshrined rights. Joy Reid and her panel discuss. In addition, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate from Louisiana Gary Chambers joins The ReidOut on his viral campaign ad depicting him smoking cannabis as a statement about the need for criminal justice reform.
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  • Kenneth Cheesbrough on January 22, 2022

    Ya they do have the right but late term abortion is wrong and tax payers shouldn't have to pay for ur abortion

  • louis wilson on January 22, 2022

    & Don't Get Me Started On Abortion ! – Just another story that proves Vote Democrat even if you aren't ! -Vote for your rights (Women's – Civil – Voting – American) – Democrats are at least trying ! Republicans, what are they for again ? – Oh, Yeah – Nothing !

  • Kenneth Cheesbrough on January 22, 2022

    Vote against marawana we don't need more stupid idiots in America. Driveing slow, eat munchies and passing out in the middle of the street . And America already has a drug problem. As of abortion woman the over their body but late term abortion is murder and tax payers shouldn't have to pay for a woman to spread her legs that's prostitution.

  • Yagurt Melon on January 22, 2022

    this guy gary needs to win

  • louis wilson on January 22, 2022

    George Washinton smoked Weed & was for Vaccines ! – Vote for your Rights – Not for the Right !

  • Keep the peace Share the love on January 22, 2022

    Conservatives claime to be for life, instead are aginst life.
    Fact: Red states have the most covid deaths.
    Conservatives are for choice and freedom.
    Fact: But not for the choice and freedom for women.
    Conservatives are for law and order.
    Fact: Except for themselves.

  • Christopher Robinson on January 22, 2022

    Just call it what it is. Red states want to grow themselves a "crop" of white voters for the future. And southern women are just "breeders" to them!

  • ARI AGA on January 22, 2022

    If a human being is deemed to be alive at conception, then all pregnant women in the first trimester, who are on welfare should be able to claim they already have a child and should be given more money! As if they actually had a child! Can’t pick and choose- when it comes to getting an abortion, you can’t because that would mean murder, since the fetus is considered a human being; but when it comes to receiving $ or tax breaks, you can’t because a fetus is not yet a person! That’s BS!!

    They are so unaware and so hypocritical, it’s uncanny!!

  • norwoods stokes on January 22, 2022

    Speak your truth Bravo,…..Mr. Chambers..💯

  • Delfino Garza on January 22, 2022

    Let's go GOP!!!

  • Daniel Heiberg on January 22, 2022

    These white Christians who claim to be Christians don't even practice the principles of Jesus Christ, they are fake Christians. They represent a political movement, and nothing else.

  • Rogelio MXR on January 22, 2022

    I am donating to his campaign

  • Dial Sun on January 22, 2022

    Trump is a LIVING GOD..🕇🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 and King of America..👑..he should be on Mount Rushmore as one of our GREATEST Presidents next to Lincoln…Trump is ALMIGHTY GOD in Human Form and has changed the WORLD…🕇🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ..

  • danny gerrissen on January 22, 2022

    If the consevative Americans are pro life explain to an old man in Holland why ther are so many homeless children in the USA, as soon they are born they are on thier own and nobody care any more about their life.
    so stupid and sad only in America.

  • Rick Casey on January 22, 2022

    Is he in the bathroom? LOL

  • Jeanne Stapleton on January 22, 2022

    The talibangelical jihad against women…. Women are their property to control as baby farms supplying underclass workers for the rich investors.

  • Make it-Take it on January 22, 2022

    Look, the Supreme Court has no power of enforcement. What does it matter what these nine people say, when the rule of law doesn't mean anything anymore. Right now we are seeing people defy legal subpoenas, from the Congress of the United States. The justice department neutered by inaction. People admitting in broad daylight that they don't care about elections anymore. Planned Parenthood, women's health clinics, and the doctors and nurses who supply these services, who understand the Hippocratic oath, get ready to ignore this fiat and continue to operate under Roe vs Wade. What are they going to do, put doctors and pregnant women in the penitentiary? Mass disobedience.

  • free2express08 on January 22, 2022

    6:21 Who gets control? How do we decide who gets control?

  • Jasa on January 23, 2022

    I feel like LA is way too red to elect Gary. I like him, I thought the ad was really great and he understands the hypocrisy of the republican senate. But I do not see him winning.

  • Mohamed Kamara on January 23, 2022

    😁😁😁 The hypocrisy of the racist intrusive pro-lifers , is so ungodly and with no remote chance for redemption . They make so much noise about protecting the right of personhood in womb to live ; then the personhood grows up being black and killed unjustly by a racist in police uniform . The same racist intrusive pro-lifers will get so quiet , 😁😁😁 one could hear a pin drop on Pluto. They will even start / contribute to a Gofundme account , supporting that police officer.

  • Chris Hauke on January 23, 2022

    "COWARDLY' — the operative word on the Supreme Court ruling. Joan Walsh nailed it.

  • Debra Andreason on January 23, 2022

    I would like to see someone craft legislation that truly embraces the right to life. This is my idea for that legislation. People die every day waiting for an organ transplant or some other bodily tissue or fluid. If we are going to restrict a woman’s right to choose then I say let’s go ahead and restrict everyone’s right and make it mandatory that people provide parts of their bodies to others so that they may live. I am posing this question: Does a fetus have more of a right to life than someone on dialysis who will die without a kidney transplant? Let’s really have an honest debate about this and either make everyone subject to giving up their bodily autonomy by law or make everyone entitled to bodily autonomy by law.

  • No Party Afilliation on January 23, 2022

    He is running against Kennedy or shall I say Foghorn leghorn ,the old rooster in Congress!

  • Rowynne Crowley on January 23, 2022

    And then they have the absolute gall to fly signs that say "My Body, My Choice" when protesting vaccines…

  • Rowynne Crowley on January 23, 2022

    If I lived in Louisiana, I'd vote for this guy in a second. Why can I never live anywhere the cool people are running? Oh yeah. I'm poor, and capitalism is a thing.

  • PennyAfNorberg on January 23, 2022

    Please don't mix abort with marijuana

  • liveoak gap on January 23, 2022

    I hope white Republican men tell women exactly what they can and cannot do with their bodies. I hope they gut Obamacare and make these women have their babies at home. I hope white Republican men lower the minimum wage to 4 dollars. Let's go Brandon.

  • Atimati Mukti Ma on January 23, 2022

    So, we the people have the right to use our bodies the way we want, except if we are pregnant women. I don't know but, does this sound discrimination?

  • John Uwa on January 23, 2022

    It is like we relish talking much instead of action . This lame president should reform the supreme Court and invalidate these heaps of rubbish .

  • Daniel Verma on January 23, 2022

    If this is the best Democrats can do it's over. All the GOP needs in November is 10 Senate seats to be a super majority. In which we will have the votes to impeach Joe Biden and have him removed from office. Harris will be sand bagged and pushed out making a way for Donald Trump to become President again when he becomes Speaker of The House.

  • Aurélien Beauchêne on January 23, 2022

    Anti-abortion laws is basically an anti-women law; those who wrote these laws are basically saying that women have no place in humanity…

  • Christophe G Massey, PT on January 23, 2022

    I don't particularity care for Joy Reid but this was a really good segment. Gary Chambers is one to keep your eyes on.

  • Tammy Tate on January 23, 2022

    Joy, you are a goddess. Never stop doing what you do!👵💜✌️🌈

  • K H on January 23, 2022

    Smokin weed is safer than poppin that 'contin …..if ur white:/

  • Chris Klemme on January 24, 2022

    reminds me of a quote from aladdin ever heard of the golden rule? whom ever has the gold makes the rule

  • Phillip Lopez on January 24, 2022

    Powerful people profit from the prohibitions. I have always maintained, remove the profit motive and the problem solves itself . Accept the inevitability of self medication and deal with it in an adult manner . A little accommodation goes a long way .

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