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Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth: Voting rights ‘fight is not over’ ctm magazine

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., about the battles over voting rights reform and the Senate filibuster.

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  • Houston Conservative on January 13, 2022

    So delusional..

  • ooga booga on January 13, 2022

    us looters is too dumb to get voter ID. we riot loot n burn our own communities and shoot our own folks for sport. lawd hab mercy yall

  • Ramiz Northland on January 13, 2022

    Nothing ever is getting done when comes to everyday people and everything gets done when comes to whatever the Wall Street wants. That is just another howdydudle

  • Houston Conservative on January 13, 2022

    Just changing the rules for this one thing 🙂😜.. lmao.. how pathetic.. never gonna happen

  • Goat Rock hunters on January 13, 2022

    Should’ve picked Bernie!!!

  • JeffTiz Fishing on January 13, 2022


  • Houston Conservative on January 13, 2022

    Can't believe she said they just wanna carve out this one thing.. that would solidify the democrats win..by allowing any person without id and citizenship and felons..to vote..not cool ..no way!! never gonna happen

  • Roy Black on January 13, 2022

    The Blue states need to start setting up the same rules that the red states have . So they can throw out votes while the republicans are tossing them .

  • WINDOW LICKER on January 13, 2022


  • David Grech on January 13, 2022

    Thank you for your service to your country Senator Duckworth. I hope you know how much I appreciate you and you continue to inspire me with your leadership 🙏❤️🇺🇸

  • Jake Wright on January 13, 2022

    As a Canadian who has worked many elections I can say this, keep it simple, no computers or hanging chads. Paper and an X, show ID , no mail in votes, no more trickery or your country will fall.

  • Brave Wave on January 13, 2022

    "I can't get the taste out of my mouth," said I.

  • 789tundra on January 13, 2022


  • Jettabusy Jackson on January 13, 2022

    https://youtu.be/DGmlE9xjiHY Hip Hop and Politics The Congress is Closed

  • fun_fact on January 13, 2022

    "Republicans rejected Senator Duckworth’s request to pass her bipartisan legislation that would prohibit Veterans from being charged copayments for essential drugs and potentially life-saving preventive health medication…"

  • Robert Fields on January 13, 2022

    Go too Republican congresswoman Kat Cammack Facebook page! Y/T is censoring her video of today's HOR vote combining H.R.1 , H.R. 4 and the BBB inside a gutted Bill called the "NASA infrastructure Bill" !
    The Commie rats want to carve out the Filibuster for this bill in order to pass it thru the Senate chambers!!!!

  • gogetta80 on January 13, 2022

    Look at views vs likes. Yt ain’t fooling anyone 😂

  • metalmechanic on January 13, 2022

    Who cant vote?

  • JOHN McG. on January 13, 2022

    They need to fail. And they are. It's encouraging…

  • JOHN McG. on January 13, 2022

    Duckworth is an enormous tool. Don't be fooled…

  • Farel Hettinger on January 13, 2022

    Manchin and Senima
    Should just come on out as
    Closet Republicans

  • Asen Lipska on January 14, 2022

    Oh poor baby doesn’t get his way Wellcare find me a fucking river get over it

  • The Kentucky Rifleman on January 14, 2022

    It ain't happening. Get over it

  • THRONEofHERO’S on January 14, 2022

    2 senators screwing everything up repeatedly get them out of office now it’s always the same people.

  • Skydiver on January 14, 2022

    Democrat Party Control of all 50 States election procedures to favor them has failed again. A Win for the American people.

  • Mike Wilson on January 14, 2022

    That’s a lie! Biden wants to cheat again. That’s why he wants the federal government to take over state elections and require no voter ID. Biden is the dictator. This is just a permanent power grab by the democrats

  • I feel like more people are going to avoid voting now because they are just pissed that the government is wasting time on this bullshit, rather than trying to not interfere with people's lives. I know what I'd do if someone treated me like the government treats the middle class, I'd avoid them like the plague. By doing that however, someone else will steal your vote, and most likely it will be someone you hate even worse than the candidate you hated to begin with.

  • Cara on January 14, 2022

    I just learned Satrovomab
    Is the only monoclonal antibody able to defeat “omecron”
    Thank you

  • The Oracle on January 14, 2022

    Too late Ducky, Manchin and Sinema have made sure Brandon’s “voting wrongs” bill is added to his growing list of failures.

  • Tim Vaughn on January 14, 2022

    This lady is clearly a Marxists. Only a Marxists would support that bill.

  • FIERCE LOKSTER on January 14, 2022


  • Dennis Grant on January 14, 2022

    That is what happened because of two Democrats with republican mines.

  • Carol Smith on January 14, 2022

    Panic Time!
    Dementia Joe saw his polls and knows he must cheat again.

  • Leanne Vande Kew on January 14, 2022

    She's a hero!

  • Wen Chai on January 14, 2022

    Hi I am a duck. Quack quack quack.

  • Sky Walker on January 14, 2022

    We HAVE access to the polls… If rubber heads crew wud stop instilling fear of going out into public… 😠

  • Jesse Smith on January 14, 2022

    Ha,ha,ha another Biden loss!!!

  • Mecks089 on January 14, 2022

    Keep crying, babies.

  • Charles Lewis on January 14, 2022

    The sham voting rights bill is over with.

  • Grizz on January 14, 2022


  • The right to vote is in the Constitution! Any adult citizen can vote!

  • TruckerExile E on January 14, 2022

    Shout out to George Floyd on 599 days of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals!

  • TruckerExile E on January 14, 2022

    Brandon’s inflation is at a 40 year high! His 33% approval rating, even with a biased msm and social media, screams… Let’s go Brandon! I agree!

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