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Disturbing video shows aftermath of raid killing ISIS leader ctm magazine

ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi is dead after US forces launched a counterterrorism mission in northwest Syria, President Joe Biden announced. Authorities say the ISIS leader blew himself and his family up when the US forces closed in. There were civilian casualties. CNN’s Arwa Damon and Jomana Karadsheh report.

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  • Rose X on February 4, 2022

    Evil, 💲💲💲💲, and power hungry will only hurt innocents especially children, bring only pain and death, anguish, vengeance, endless violence and hate, and etc.‼️

  • Buck Thrusthorn on February 4, 2022

    Biden means business! Promises made promises kept!

  • Loboz on February 4, 2022

    CNN is trash

  • Tom Story on February 4, 2022

    🇺🇸 ISIS didn’t exist before the illegal USA invasion of Iraq that killed millions of people.

    Wherever the USA goes it spreads death and destruction.

  • TriceyDiva💋 on February 4, 2022

    Good job!

  • A GHOST COUNTRY on February 4, 2022

    The age of consent is under 18 in 40 states in america, america also has the world record for the lowest age of consent in world history, the state of delaware in 1880 at 7 years old..

  • Loboz on February 4, 2022

    Let’s go Brandon!!!

  • TriceyDiva💋 on February 4, 2022

    So sad the kids and innocent people had to die!

  • Keith Briere on February 4, 2022

    Who are the terrorists, the victims or the perpetrators?

  • steve coley on February 4, 2022

    The hostile alien vampires (greed) are inhumane because they are not human. The capitalist counting corpses commit crimes against humanity because they are not human.

    Vampires (greed) who suck the joy out of life have joined the zombies who eat the futures of their children.

    Zombie Apocalypse is here and happening now.

  • heymisterderp on February 4, 2022

    What were his children responsible for?

  • Rose X on February 4, 2022

    May god, supreme beings, ancestors, or whatever you want to call it… protect USA from any evil doers, evil intensions, destructions, chaos, and etc. either domestic or foreign‼️🙏📿🤲😇

  • Forty Two on February 4, 2022

    Fake news

  • N.G.H. Calmarena on February 4, 2022

    They really like to hide among women and children.

  • Echad on February 4, 2022

    He blew himself up with children inside? There is nothing brave about these so called Islamic extremist.

  • Forty Two on February 4, 2022

    He blew himself up with American bombs LOL

  • Slaves: This Is The New Reality on February 4, 2022

    What's the difference between a Syrian kindergarten and an ISIS hospital? I wouldn't know, I'm just a simple United States Air Force drone operator.

  • Dr Dre on February 4, 2022

    Hold up, is CNN reporting actual news? Direct, factual, unbiased, non political endorsing – previous administration tantrum complaining news? I’m SHOCKED

  • Cui Bono on February 4, 2022

    Very convenient that he blew himself up, c'mon man.

  • Jeremy Harnishfeger on February 4, 2022

    Killing one scumbag doesn't get 86 billion in taxpayer funded military weaponry back that America gifted Taliban ISIS to fund terrorism for generations. Is this a joke. Please use critical thinking.

  • Richard Jones on February 4, 2022

    Where were all you bleeding-heart Trumpers when 45 did this?

  • Abraham Vieyra on February 4, 2022

    Apparently that ISIS leader killed his whole family by blowing them up on the balcony with him. The SEALS faced a gunfight outside, never made it in and called them out on loud speakers to Surrender. In reality check American troops didn't kill him.

  • TooMuchLove on February 4, 2022

    That doofus General Milley keeps dropping bombs on babies. We need better Generals, instead of these woke generals

  • Junksaint on February 4, 2022

    In addition to taking out the ISIS leader, let's focus on how Biden has had the fastest economic recovery since just after the Great depression. Republicans don't seem to understand how much better off they are lol Not that the older Republicans seem to understand. They can vote differently or how parties can change over 50 to 100 years

  • Pow Jimenez on February 4, 2022

    Who's side you on??? First y'all say Biden ain't doing anything, now y'all crying about collateral damage

  • Krayzie Corvette on February 4, 2022

    Thanks for sharing, CNN

  • William Springer on February 4, 2022

    Are we really pretending to care about "terrorists" when we just handed out 84 billion worth of guns?

  • angela palmer on February 4, 2022

    I just cant with CNN anymore. Give the man some credit. Nobody cared when trump did it. Or when he let them all out of jail so they could reform. Crickets.

  • Shredvan's Shredquarters on February 4, 2022

    Lol “blew himself and his family up” yeah……riiiiiiiiight. I’m no ballistics or explosives expert but a bomb with the magnitude to kill the whole house would have obliterated most of it. That house was clearly riddled with 50 cal bullets and missles. Our military industrial complex is out of control, siphon tax payer money (not the Uber rich or corporate gains), and spend more money on shit like this than the next 10 countries combined. I wish I could opt to not have my taxes from our shitty ass pay go to the military. Literal child murders. And this is only the shit we know about….Private Military Mercenaries, all for oil, drugs, and the almighty dollar in the global economy. We are the problem, or at least a masssive part in it. Excuse me while I use the “US Military IC is ‘No Angel’ “ argument..cHaNGe mY miNd ****barf

  • NAMELESS on February 4, 2022

    I wonder how long will CNN milk this to make it look like biden has accomplished something..

  • otrxc on February 4, 2022

    I'm working towards getting revenge on this network.

  • J Martin on February 4, 2022

    What did Jane Fonda know…..and when did she know it?

  • Chocolate Man In Thailand on February 4, 2022

    What is the value of showing dead children? Bodies for views? Shameful CNN.

  • J Martin on February 4, 2022

    Has Little Brian Stetzler been promoted to CNN president yet?

  • wewe nang on February 4, 2022


  • Monish Babbar on February 4, 2022

    If this was done by any other country, it would be termed as terrorist attack and acts against humanity. The reward of killing bad people as well as the sin of killing innocent people and children will come back to USA.

  • AdriannnTRD on February 4, 2022

    They don’t even care about their own pro creation, rot in hell just like those who do things in the name of Christianity

  • b k on February 4, 2022

    Helicopter was destroyed by dems to hide the evidence it shot a missile and killed those kids. DEMOCRATS ARE LYING TO YOU.

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