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Dogs Detect Signs of Epileptic Seizures | National Geographic ctm magazine

This is the first-ever scientific study to prove that odor produced during epileptic seizures can be smelled by dogs.
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One of these cans has an odor collected from a patient during an epileptic episode. The other 6 cans had samples from the same person while they weren’t seizing. This experiment is part of a study which shows that dogs can smell an odor produced during epileptic seizures. All previous reports of this ability were anecdotal. French scientists wanted to see if a “seizure odor” existed across all types of seizures. All the dogs in the study were able to identify the can with the seizure odor.

Read more in “Dogs can detect an odor humans emit during epileptic seizures”

Dogs Detect Signs of Epileptic Seizures | National Geographic

National Geographic



  • National Geographic on April 4, 2019

    This new finding gives scientists hope for training seizure alert dogs, which remain controversial and unproven. To learn more, read on here: https://on.natgeo.com/2K09R9x

  • pawnoir on April 4, 2019


  • Fritz Asuro on April 4, 2019

    Ah dogs, truly the greatest buddies of all time!

  • MadMaxWez on April 4, 2019

    Gsp or Braque would be ideal for this study. Their sense is smell is amazing.

  • Hayden Clarkson on April 4, 2019

    So they just waited until someone had a seizure then collected a sample from them???? 😂😂

  • MsKTMvalley on April 4, 2019

    My two best friends coincidentally both have seizures, of a different nature. But as someone who doesn’t have seizures, I wish they would tell me when they’re not feeling well or about to have one. They both have warning signs but have never spoken up about them to let me know, and for me, this is distressing when they have a seizure. Obviously the seizures are nobody’s fault nor choice. But as a bystander I would like to know if you’re not feeling well and need to sit down or take it easy. Same as any other health condition.

  • Arjay Garrido on April 4, 2019

    19 cats

  • Rosie on April 4, 2019

    Such good pups

  • Amythest Fae on April 5, 2019

    This is absolutely true. I have seizures and each of my dogs have known (sometimes before I did) when i was going to have 1 and stay with me until they are over. The dog I have now she wont leave me for the remainder of the day or if its in the evening/night she will stay right outside my door and start to cry if I seize.

  • Jake Brown on April 5, 2019

    lol an seizure odour tf

  • Memphis Reines on April 5, 2019

    I already knew this since I was 16 just from being a dog owner and really try to not only understand but also observe carefully to their behaviors.

  • ilove2929 on April 5, 2019

    Human sees, dogo smells

  • Maira Thorn on April 5, 2019


  • Bobbie Hobbs on April 5, 2019

    I have epilepsy and both my Brazilian Mastiff & my Sphynx cats would stick to me like glue before & after my seizures.

  • aliciabrillante on April 5, 2019

    Dogs are the best!

  • Shadab Fariduddin on April 6, 2019


  • Dernium on April 7, 2019

    So you smell weird when you go into a seizure?

  • StealieSteve on April 7, 2019

    Does this mean Big Pharma will actually try to cure epilepsy: answer no.

  • STEVE P on April 8, 2019

    My mom has epilepsy. We think our cat knows when a seizure is coming.

  • Mohamed Farouk on April 9, 2019

    And there is not an animal moving in the earth nor a bird flying on its wings, but they are a nation like you; We have left out nothing in this Book – then towards their Lord, they will be raised. The Quran

  • Rancho The Dog on April 13, 2019

    This is so great! It shows just how much dogs can do for poeple ☺ Great news!

  • Priscillia Lestang on April 21, 2019

    I advise you to check out the Emma and Joy's channel, it's a girl who has this desease and her dog helps her out and prevents her 30 min before a crise. It's a beautiful story and it's a unique friendship between them 😍

  • Choucheeeenn on July 26, 2019

    "All previous reports of this ability were anecdotal" typical when it's about nature or animal, it's like smelling cancer, people for more than 10 years are saying, my dog smelled this or that, science "it's anecdotal", after decades do a study "oh yes you where right"…. no kidding…

  • Rose The Hat on August 22, 2021

    What do seizures smell like though?

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