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DOJ issues 40 Jan. 6 subpoenas in a single week ctm magazine

CNBC’s Shep Smith reports on DOJ subpoenas and the next Jan. 6 public hearing, likely to be on September 28. Meanwhile Trump’s attorneys argue the DOJ hasn’t proven the classified documents found at Mar-A-Lago were a matter of national security. With Danya Perry, former deputy AG in New York. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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  • Ari_Is_Faded on September 12, 2022

    November elections coming up

  • BOB_ JCP on September 12, 2022

    40 Jan.6 subpoenas all REPUBLICANS . VOTE BLUE in November ! 🌊🌊🌊

  • Hussien Alsafi on September 12, 2022


  • Aaron Hill on September 12, 2022

    Not fascist at all

  • edd soe on September 12, 2022

    That tells you that All are fabricated — So focus on destroying democracy rather than caring about depressed Economy and hi Energy.

  • Victor Elizalde on September 12, 2022


  • omaRamo O on September 12, 2022

    No running 2 MEXICO 4 trump boy going to be freezing 'IT' in russia while P works it?

  • Robert Jack on September 12, 2022

    It's The Monday Blah.. Blah.. Blah.. Yawn. Yawn.. Yawn.. Corrupt DOJ /FBI Cannot Be Trusted Imagiane That.. HAHAHA.. HAHAHA Let's Go Brandon Priceless

  • Neil Meleo on September 12, 2022

    "The democrats know that they have no chance of defeating the Republicans in 2024 so they weaponized every alphabet agency at their disposal to crush political enemies. The TRUE and ONLY FASCISTS of the 21st century"

  • Danny Navarro on September 12, 2022

    Too late than never. See how the DOJ is scrambling, afraid of what will happen after the midterm election.

  • Bob Dollar 937 on September 12, 2022

    People and businesses working with the Orange Pumpkin after he announced his Presidential Election on 16 June 2015 through 20 Jan., 2021 and those working with him after his four years in the White House have suffer from his Damaging Brainwashing, Exploitation and Criminal Legal Exposure after doing business with him. It will be a Good Thing when the Orange One gets a date in court with Lady Justice.

  • Jonathan DIY on September 12, 2022

    Good…time for some law and order for the corrupt trump regime

  • iWard on September 13, 2022

    Fun fact: Scavino’s previous occupation? Donald’s golf caddy. All the best people.

  • Iam Hudsdent on September 13, 2022

    They are not "fake" electors. They are electors appointed by state legislatures, as they should be constitutionally (not by governors and judges). SCOTUS is now deliberating this very issue.

  • Iam Hudsdent on September 13, 2022

    Here's the uncensored version:
    If you recall, Trump said he would declassify Russia gate documents, which contain evidence that certain actors in FBI counterintelligence and Hillary Clinton colluded to create the phony Steele dossier to frame Trump as a Russian agent. Trump retained those documents, just as other presidents have done, and had been pressing National Archives to make them public. THAT'S what the FBI seized, evidence that reveals their wrongdoing, and the raid was ordered by the same corrupt FBI high officials who perpetrated the Trump "Russia collusion hoax." One FBI ring leader, Thibault, just resigned in disgrace over his complicity in acting politically against Trump. But the FBI can conceal the declassified documents from new Republican congressional hearings, which is what they fear, as part of a counterintelligence investigation, if they keep the declassified documents they took from Trump.
    In other words, it's a cover up of scandalous FBI malfeasance, which has been ongoing against Trump since 2016.

  • proff catz on September 13, 2022

    dont care…

  • HeartDoc Andrew on September 13, 2022

    "DOJ issues 40 Jan. 6 subpoenas in a single week" so let's #ConvinceItForward

  • Robert Sarno on September 13, 2022

    Isn't that obstruction of justice with a handpicked judge? How more blatant can it be?

  • Tom. Jerry on September 13, 2022

    This is why in a statement this judge said something about rulling in trumps favor cause trump help get her site well im tbe law and how that all this she is now becoming what was before all of this trump also requsted that she grants him rhis speacal master … Now all justice judge can see why she should of step aside and allow the. Continue of letting things happen but now will need to file a conflict of interests and the negative effect it now imposing on the investigation as to any documentation that could bring criminal charges and how she is now putting all documents that was separated together and becoming a problem to bring and discovered information.. l this is why under law 28 §455 . it explains the need and the reason to stop and say why she can not in any way be apart of tbe request he is asking her for .. And its the por choice if word she said and that trump made it clear that she dont for get who got her the job she is now apart of granting him his ways ..

  • Linda Schmidt on September 13, 2022


  • hangender on September 13, 2022

    So 70 million votes for trump. 40 is waaay to low

  • DUMP TRUMP on September 13, 2022

    Trump supports what Putin is doing to Ukraine. Trump supports a murderous dictator. That means that most of the Republican party and those who support Trump are really for Russia, not America. Of course we knew that from the Jan. 6th attack on our nation's capitol when Trump attempted his coup of America. The right wing in America IS homegrown terrorists. There is no doubt about it now. Instead of love for the American flag, you should be flying the Russian flag you traitors. Law enforcement will keep track of you if you leave nasty comments here about what I said. Vote for Democracy, not Trumpocracy in November….

  • AVENUE on September 14, 2022

    Subpoenas for what purpose? Just another example of a Gestapo DOJ doing the bidding for the Left.
    Jan. 6th has NOTHING to do with the riot, and everything to do with POWER.

  • Cracker Joe on September 15, 2022

    Because the FBI have no right to look at documents covered by attorney client and executive privileges!! And they are not fraudulent electors they are alternate electors quit pushing lies!!!!!!

  • Cracker Joe on September 15, 2022

    Same thing Democrats did in 2016!

  • Zulharith Hamdan on September 15, 2022

    Cari oreo