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The domains are the most important part of any business or project, the domain is your unique brand, which is revalued while making themselves famous in the Internet search engines.In the last century, the domain was limited to form names of commerce, networks, information and organization, limiting differentiate, the shoe shop of the restaurant. Today, in the 21st century, things have changed dramatically, registering record numbers of new websites, the world has gone from 20 million registered websites to 2 billion to our days (2018) and increasing and the dynamics of this vertiginous growth has forced to energize new website registrations and unique brand creations.

How much can a domain cost? The prices of domains can range from $ 0.88 for its first year, to thousands of dollars, everything depends on the type of name and target to which a brand points. The domains that point to successful keywords, are called premium and are domains that stand out for their short size, easy to remember but above all to define the real objective to which it points. For example, if you have a highly qualified team of advisors in the coffee trade, you have to look for a brand that defines in a single word everything you can offer, you can acquire a domain called or or simply Helps.Cafe.  Well, now, let’s assume that you live in the United States of America and want to open a marketing company based on both medical and recreational marijuana that shows all the scientific advances, online stores and states of the union that are adding to this new type of trade, but you need a short and direct brand, surely you would sign up for some domain like

At CT MEDIA, we connect our visitors on a single page to the best and most exclusive alternatives in premium online brands as well as domains at the most varied prices, our selection of domains are based on trademarks which qualify to be registered as LLC companies , but we also connect you with the providers of virtual brands, servers, Cloud Hosting, VSP hosting, Dedicated Servers, Dedicate IP and more,that offer the lowest prices and with a high-quality customer service, so you can put yourself in the hands of true professionals at a fair cost, no gimmicks.

What is a Premium Brand Domains?

Premium domains are top quality branded domains which have already been registered, however, can be found on the market at a premium worth. The value of a premium brand domain identify varies based on high quality; many promote for lots due to their larger high quality, premium domains carry the next advantages:Easy to remember – Shorter, catchier domains will preserve guests coming again to your website. Higher Model Picture – High-quality generic domains convey a picture of the status and added credibility, which in flip will increase the chance customer locations an order. Improved Search Engine Rating – Domains that comprise search engine key phrases usually tend to acquire prime search engine rankings for these key phrases. Visitors-generating – Many generic domains obtain hundreds even thousands of search per day. Funding Potential – A premium domain brand identify is an asset that your enterprise invests in and may later resell for a revenue.


 Aloe.Center Business Enterprise  Financial Online Service

 SoBe.Cafe Beverage and Food Business E-Commerce Financial Service

FloridaBusiness.Online Business Directory 

Hepls.Cafe Business Consulting

 SuShiMe.Restaurant Japanese Restaurant Brand Name 

 PastaRustica.Restaurant Italian Restaurant Brand Name  

 SouthBeach.Today   Business Magazine Brand Name


WayFund.Me Fundraising  Business Brand 

AllStuff.Store Retail Store Online

 GreenFuels.Trade Clean Energy Trade Retail Store Online

OneTone.Club Events and Nightclubs,

 WineShopper.Center Fine Wine Trade

 NewYorker.Cafe  Restaurant Business 

 WildWood.Wine Business Brand for wine 

 Italo.Cafe Italian Business Brand