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Donald Trump’s 2016 election conspiracy theory just took a big hit ctm magazine

Special counsel John Durham’s efforts to find wrongdoing in the Donald Trump-Russia investigation recently suffered a major defeat, as Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann was acquitted on charges of lying to the FBI.

In today’s episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza breaks down what’s next for the Durham probe.

After Sussmann trial defeat, what’s next for the John Durham probe?
Analysis by Marshall Cohen

Special counsel John Durham, the Donald Trump-era prosecutor hunting for wrongdoing in the Trump-Russia investigations, came up empty Tuesday after a federal jury returned a not guilty verdict in his first major case against a Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer.

The lawyer, Michael Sussmann, was acquitted on charges of lying to the FBI at a fall 2016 meeting where he passed along a tip about Trump’s ties to Russia. In many ways, the trial was a proxy battleground to relitigate the most heated moments of the 2016 election, and was a crucial test of Durham’s theory that Clinton allies broke the law with their anti-Trump opposition research.

Here’s a breakdown of what this means for Durham, and where the investigation is headed:

What’s the impact of the verdict?

The verdict is a significant blow to the Durham probe. After more than three years, Durham has racked up one guilty plea, one acquittal at trial and has one more trial scheduled for this fall.

Read more at: https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/31/politics/durham-whats-next/index.html



  • CNN on June 7, 2022

    What do you think will happen next with the Durham investigation? – Chris

  • Ben Dover on June 8, 2022

    I love Trump saying "zero proof!" That's exactly what he and others have provided with regards to "the big lie!"

  • Nelson Rodriguez on June 8, 2022

    man trump is guilty every body kanow put this criminal infire squad

  • troy gunter on June 8, 2022

    Once again to all the Trump haters , USA haters.Haters of the founding fathers , and democrats ,leftist , communist members of the alphabet group ,Satan worshippers ,promoters of the one world government and any other confused sheeple.One more time. here goes . No court will convict Trump of jack shite before Kevin McCarthy kills the unlawful. fake

  • TC time on June 8, 2022

    With the economy in the state it is in… no matter why…. this criminal will be back in office..sad

  • Monte Evans on June 8, 2022

    So getting an acquittal in a town that votes 93% Democrat is a blow….we know who blows CNN

  • TrueFact on June 8, 2022

    How is Trump going to beat the rap in Georgia?
    We all heard the tape.
    He asked the Attorney General to find him the votes.
    He should go to prison… in Atlanta. 😁

  • The freest of speech on June 8, 2022

    During this trial the defended who worked for the Clinton campaign who had access to the CIA specifically stated that they did this to hurt Trump's chances of winning.
    It was a hoax.

  • Steve Walker on June 8, 2022

    I don’t know. you’re loud, talk to fast, hand gestures extreme, stupid graffics. you lost me

  • john weller on June 8, 2022

    LOL, What a disingenuous commentary which left out so many facts. So I'll fill in what this bias left leaning propagandist left out. First, it's clear today that the whole steal Dossier was gossip and outright lies Hillary's campaign paid Steel to come up with as opposition research, so Steele working on Hillary's behalf was the one who contacted a Russian and got hearsay and even complete bogus information and put it into his dossier for a smear campaign. One of which Comey's FBI and the DOJ ran with and became the Hillary' campaign's partner's in crime. Those people who worked for Trump's campaign and in his administration the FBI went after and got convictions on got procedural crime convictions only. For being incorrect in some of their facts given to the FBI. In General Flynn's case he didn't even know he was under investigation when talking to the FBI in what he thought (being led on by the FBI) to be a informal contact conversation. So that whole Trump colluded with Russia to rig our 2016 election was total Hillary campaign horseshit, which the FBI used as Peter Strzok to Lisa Page put it, 'insurance" to keep Trump from keeping office. Now let's look at why Sussmann wasn't convicted and it wasn't because the evidence wasn't there. The far left Judge who's connected to Lisa Pages attorney though marriage didn't allow evidence to come into the court, that of being an E-mail tot he FBI telling him he had information about Trump and Russia and was not doing so on behalf on any client when in-fact he was doing it on behalf of Hillary's campaign. Further, many on the jury admitted to being pro Hillary donors and worked on her campaign. (Hey it's liberal Progressive Washington DC, what do we expect). So this liberal jury walked him, even though testimony from the FBI agents themselves clearly show Sussmann acted as if he was reported to the FBI as a private concerned citizen. so the fact this liberal judge and jury walked Sussmann is no surprise but by no means proof he wasn't guilty. We've seen so much Left leaning corruption in the FBI. Sussmann even had his own badge pass to the FBI building, when he's a private citizen not a FBI employee. And now we are finding out that the The FBI has a personal workstation in the Washington office law firm of Perkins Coie, ith deep ties to the Democratic Party and a string of Democratic presidential campaigns. And today the FBI is purging out of their agency agents who are Conservatives. The FBI is obviously compromised. No wonder Mueller walked Lois Lerner and round filed her investigation to misusing her powers in the IRS to persecute Conservatives non profits, no wonder he and his liberal investigators didn't bother themselves with the fact that the FBI wrote a false FISA Affidavit to spy on Carter Page, and hence, Trump's campaign. No wonder the FBI agent who altered the CIA Email to purposely misled a judge to sign a FISA warrant while swearing to the facts in the Affidavit as true and correct under penalty of perjury, got such an unbelievable light slap on the wrist for committing a felony crime of perjury to a FISA court. And no wonder Director Whey looked the other way and didn't even bother to purge the corruption out of the FBI he took over (so that lying FBI agent could continue writing falsified affidavits). It took the Inspector General to expose the corruption and falsified affidavit. Everyone is fully aware that if you are a liberal democrat operative committing crimes on behalf of the democrat party in Washington DC, you will get little to know prosecution as a walk. As oppose to conservatives who commit a procedural crimes will have the FBI show up at your home at 6:AM with armed entry team, frog men in your backyard lagoon and CNN in tow to record the whole thing. Or get publicly arrested and purp walked in handcuffs and leg irons by the FBI as what happened to Peter Navarro, for simply doing the same thing Eric Holder did when Holder claimed executive privileged between his conversations with then President Obama. Did the FBI go out and arrest Holder? LOL, Heck no, he's a privileged democrat, the darling of Washington DC and leftist Marxists everywhere. Where Navarro is a Conservative, therefore a target for today's corrupt left serving FBI and mainstream leftist media.

  • Thomas John on June 8, 2022

    Y a w n.
    Is this bombshell # 1,509,654?

  • Mark P on June 8, 2022

    There is so much proof that Trump was installed….it's scary. The dude was never a real president.
    Biden is the 45th elected president.
    We need to adjust the history books to reflect this. We have only had 45 presidents. elected by the people. and 1 fraud.

  • Richards Family on June 8, 2022

    January 6 HOAXTERS are hiding what Nancy Pelosi wasn't doing on January 6 with 20,000 National Guard Troops available at her immediate disposal from President Trump a week prior. ❤️🙏

  • Thomas Krohn on June 8, 2022

    Traitor Trump for the gallows in 2022

  • Geuxbd Heucbe on June 8, 2022

    none of these stories matters CNN is a joke…inflation( hold the govs feet to the fire) gas food housing…the lies that keep coming…not to mention hunter or Pelosis husband…and you got stories about 2 years ago? a joke

  • Glenselens Elv on June 8, 2022

    Trump's only saving grace , its the fact that he didn't utilized pr abused the American Killing Machine to gp abroad and murder the innocent in wars.

  • Joe Escobar on June 8, 2022

    .. I'd just chin check the bloated one

  • Dan Keil on June 8, 2022

    God is coming soon to have America destroyed. The bad people in office are the open door. Call upon Jesus to forgive you of your sins

  • 3rd leg brigade on June 8, 2022

    We now know in 2022 that this was all cooked up by Hillary.

  • Alf Calzon on June 8, 2022

    English subtitle please

  • Dwarni on June 9, 2022

    What you don't say is that none of the crimes they were judged for had anything to do with Trump's Russia connections. Yet you still keep up the whole Russia gate conspiracy theory.

  • Benjamin Mills on June 9, 2022

    Propaganda satanists

  • Matt on June 9, 2022

    1:13 this is for obstruction not collusion.

  • MOON CRITTER on June 9, 2022

    The jury was full of clinton supporters. What did you expect? Sussman got what he needed. Testimony that will have Hillary indicted and taken to court. The left will put you in jail for any disobedience to their narrative. The clinton body count is growing. She will fall like a rock in the coming few months. Trump has the military on his side so watch out dems, your playing with fire!

  • Ear for English on June 9, 2022

    Have the Cyber Ninjas gone on trial yet?

  • Practice What You Preach on June 9, 2022

    Another loss for the most pathetic of all losers.

  • Joel McCoy on June 9, 2022

    The jury in the Sussman FBI perjury trial acquitted him UNANIMOUSLY.

  • Miathemouse on June 9, 2022

    He really doesn't know that we had actual witch hunts, in America's history, does he? And that the subjects of those witch hunts actually died? Jesus, does this mean have a persecution complex!

  • Bostonceltics1369 on June 9, 2022

    Lock him up

  • MR. MOLE on June 9, 2022

    TRUMP 24 🇺🇸🖕😎🖕

  • MR. MOLE on June 9, 2022

    Meanwhile Biden is destroying the country yeah these people are clowns Trump is the man and I'm voting for Trump again…

  • Charles Lewis on June 9, 2022

    The guy on “the point” made no point.

  • thejediway on June 9, 2022

    So Durham has been investigating for 3 years. No convictions or even credible evidence of crimes. The Jan 6 committee and DOJ have been investigating Trump's insurrection for just around a year and already have several indictments, guilty pleas and convictions. We'll find out much more starting tomorrow. We know what Trump's followers did, we know why, because Trump wanted to avoid admitting a loss and was hoping to avoid prosecution by remaining president longer. Running out the clock on previous crimes. But as I said 3 years ago, no problem, as long as he is in office there will be more crimes to charge him with. 🙂

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