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Don’t WAIT for Impossible Chicken Nuggets… MAKE THEM

Todays video is sponsored by Almond Cow! Use Code: SAUCESTACHE at https://almondcow.co/discount/SAUCESTACHE to receive $15 off your Almond Cow!

I figured out a fun new way to use tofu and I wanted to use it to make vegan nuggets! After playing around a bit I realized the texture was similar to what I experienced when I tried the Impossible nuggets! @Impossible Foods So I took a look at the ingredients list and got to working! In my opinion this is the closest you can get to a homemade impossible chicken nugget!

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The goal of SauceStache is to continue trying something new, something new to me and something different.
I find inspirations from you the SauceSquad and my constant hunt of social media to see what food is being made around the globe and how can I try to make it. Lets try to make some food and have fun!!



  • Sauce Stache on December 3, 2021

    For ever LIKE/Thumbs up on this video I get closer and closer to mimicking the impossible chicken nugget!!!

  • Elisa FSilveira on December 3, 2021

    I clicked to watch as soon as I read "MAKE IT". That's my thing. I love to cook, especially if it turns out better than the industrialized version.
    Edit2: I'm obsessed with kithcen gadgets and machines, and Almond Cow would be just perfect for me…. But it costs 1000 bucks in my country (and that's a lot, like, a whole minimum wage salary kkkkkkrying)

  • Kevin Thompson on December 3, 2021

    best plant based content

  • Andrew Soosai on December 3, 2021

    These look great!

  • Coach Arvz on December 3, 2021


  • Sunita Dwarka on December 3, 2021

    Respected sir,
    I am giving you one experiment.
    Either you make stew curry or soup or lentil soup.
    You let it boil, at the boiling point, you spread vital gluten flour.
    When you will put, some part will become bigger lumps some parts will become smaller lumps like granules. Depending on how you put it.
    If you want to make another style.
    You take flour in hand put you all fingers together. It will become some bigger shape lumps. You put on boiling temperatures curry or water or soup. Water must show boiling. After two minutes lower the temperature and let it cook on very low flame.
    It will absorb all the liquid of curry and you can stop boiling when it flote , floating mean it is cooked.
    or check as per as your requirement.
    It's very easy to cook, don't add any thing to flour….. this is important.
    add in curry or soup or lentil. In bharat , we cook some recipe using this method.
    You can surf marathi recipe.
    Pitla. Local name. It's made with cheakpeas flour.
    The main idea is too vagan meat in different ways and very easily.
    I forgot to mention. You don't stir quickly, wait for some time , flour will make lumps automatically. If you will stir, you not get good lumps.
    Namh shivay.

  • Camia Jones on December 3, 2021

    This man is officially married!!!

  • Tomas Ferreira on December 3, 2021

    Looks so good!!!

  • Mark Dixon on December 3, 2021

    I have made over a dozen of you recipes with the iPad on the butcher block. Good stuff sir!

  • Heddlesten Photography on December 3, 2021

    I’m all for trying stuff like this but regular meat is just way too good. It’s awesome that there are so many alternatives for those that don’t like it though

  • Moonlight Daniela on December 3, 2021

    I looooove my almond cow, I got it for my birthday

  • Pieguy on December 3, 2021

    Interesting stuff looks delicious

  • Last Action Hero on December 3, 2021

    How to I make my steak look like grass?

  • hammockmonk on December 3, 2021

    I’m in the middle of making this right now! The tofu mixture with the methyl cellulose is amazing! Can’t wait and I’ll update when I’m done. WAIT! You used half the tofu mixture at 6:40 but what did you do with the other half?!

  • Anne Marie Comberrel on December 3, 2021

    Sounds so awesome. I really miss chicken nuggets but I just can’t eat the real thing anymore.

  • Melon Dick on December 3, 2021

    Guys, is the chicken flavor broth mix used made with chicken powder, chicken extract or anything of that nature that is ACTUALLY chicken? Cause that's why I don't put meat flavor bouillons and stuff in my food, cause they're literally made with dehydrated, powdered meat or extracts whatever they wanna call it.

  • Vlaicu David on December 3, 2021

    It's funny to me that chicken nuggets don't really taste like chicken, so when you make a vegan alternative you don't have to chase the meat taste, just the weird (and delicious) chicken-nuggety taste

  • cldeez on December 3, 2021

    I live in Canada and I can't find your Mushroom seasoning 🙁

  • Terrane W on December 3, 2021

    I want some at methylcellulose but it's too damn expensive you got this big container and I don't see that on Amazon I see little packs 😩 for a arm and 2 legs smh

  • littlegrizzo on December 3, 2021


  • Son Goku on December 3, 2021

    1) really. I’m so disappointed that they are not shaped like dinosaurs served with smiley face French fries🥲.

    2) boneless wings??!😁

  • Li Tan on December 3, 2021

    Can you microwave a few and tell us how they come out? I know it won't be as good as frying/baking, but it's still something worth knowing.

  • Mommy Melissa on December 3, 2021

    These look incredible!

  • josh davis on December 3, 2021


  • Casey Jones on December 3, 2021

    Monica is an absolute necessity when it comes to the taste test. It's my favorite part haha.

  • Mario Guzman on December 3, 2021

    Y tf do he say it like that lmfao “chiKUN” 😂😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Simon Curtin on December 3, 2021

    I’m gonna make these today – do you think I could use actual Aquafaba instead of Aquafaba powder? I have everything else 😂😂😂 also congrats to you and Monica! xx

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