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Dr. Jill Biden: It Has Been The Honor Of A Lifetime To Be First Lady ctm magazine

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden sits down with Mika Brzezinski for a wide-ranging discussion on having children vaccinated, comforting Americans regardless of their party affiliation, the challenges of being first lady and her relationship with her students.

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Dr. Jill Biden: It Has Been The Honor Of A Lifetime To Be First Lady



  • Harvey Wallbanger on December 16, 2021

    You know Dr. Jill was listed as an occupant of the Office space Joe and Hunter shared with the "Chinese business man" no affiliation with the CCP 🤫

  • RhondaH on December 16, 2021

    Wow. How lovely it is to have a First Lady again that gets involved in the lives of people and doesn’t run around in jackets that proclaim “I don’t care”. Dr Biden is fantastic.

  • Pro Life on December 16, 2021

    She is a school teacher not a doctor.

  • Lawlzinator on December 16, 2021

    Vile hag was selling pharma boosters when speaking to victims of the parade attack

  • Tara Blanco on December 16, 2021

    what a pleasure Dr Biden u are awesome

  • Pat on December 16, 2021

    OMG ! Doesn't Have A Clue ! Biden , Worst President In History !
    Really, Can Anybody Be As Pathetic As Biden ? A Complete Embarrassment To America ! Everyone Is Laughing at Biden And The Liberal MSM Media Covering Up For Biden Daily ! Just a Joke Of A Pretend President ! 80+ Mil Votes ? Come On Man ! lol

  • Sproo Town on December 16, 2021

    She's refreshing, compared to the last Russian Ice Queen. No fake resume.

  • Carole lorikeet on December 16, 2021

    dr what laugh, shes not md, dont like stuck up b…..c

  • Sky Cloud on December 16, 2021

    Jill Biden is an awesome First Lady.

  • Rciudosa on December 16, 2021

    Why she doesn’t use her “Doctor” knowledge to use a different sentence? It seems she is bad not just in Math.

  • Evette McCollum on December 16, 2021

    Beautiful First Lady 💙

  • watchwinder on December 16, 2021

    Wasn't Dr. Jill the Biden family babysitter before she became the first lady?

  • Huey Long Admirer on December 17, 2021

    The words "Honor" and "Biden" don't belong in the same sentence.

    But the names "Scarborough" and "Klausutis" do.

  • Jennifer Lazaro on December 17, 2021

    Her inner beauty radiates outwardly. She is gracious and the exact type of woman to represent all of us❤

  • Todjmz Bckes on December 17, 2021

    Handler #1.

  • Lita Chambers on December 17, 2021

    And it has been a grave disservice to America to have the Brandons foisted upon us unconstitutionally.

  • J Castle on December 17, 2021

    It's so refreshing to have a highly educated First Lady who not only speaks fluent English, but teaches English as well.

  • Darren p on December 17, 2021

    Does Jill approve of the kids shower time with daddy ???

  • Lil Kek on December 17, 2021

    A wonder that the interviewer didn't run out of massaging oil in the end.

  • Charlie Jones on December 17, 2021

    What an embarrassment and traitor of Americans.She married a man that sold out its own country and citizens to the globalist.For shame!

  • D P on December 17, 2021

    It is nice getting to know Dr Jill Biden our FLOTUS. She certainly gets the needs of women by what she encourages people to do. Kudos to her. Love that she's gracious and caring.

  • Charlie Jones on December 17, 2021

    Maybe Jill can answer why she let Joe shower with Ashley at an inappropriate age??Disgusting!

  • Suomy Nona on December 17, 2021

    The former "First Lady" (technically third, lesbian photo model/Slovakian mail order bride) won Don the Con's fantasy "War on Christmas". She showed us that we can say "Christmas" again, as in "who gives a f about Christmas stuff and decorations". She BeBest.

  • Oppressed Speaker of truth on December 17, 2021

    She's She's head doctor! 🤭

  • Georgia Lerangis on December 17, 2021

    The Wiscosin tragedy was NOT an
    ACCIDENT! It was murder and
    BAIL/ sentencing policies.
    People in WISC.
    were chanting
    Agreed . BYE BYE DEMS!

  • Bess on December 17, 2021

    Miss First Lady Michelle, one of the most intelligent, classy, and true, well spoken representative of the USA.
    At least Jill doesn't call us folks credit to you, can you teach your husband to respect all AMERICANS, NOT JUST CERTAIN CATEGORIES.

  • Yentle Kramer on December 17, 2021


  • frog neckmen on December 17, 2021

    Nice to have an American first lady again, not some evil skank that didn't know the meaning of Christmas.

  • Jonnie Mae Middletonlotte on December 17, 2021

    I love that Biden real ness.

  • Colt1968 95 on December 17, 2021

    Dr. Jill , Dr. of helping taken down the country, talk about gas prices and open borders . Her answer would be blame Trump 🤪🤪🤪. P.S. Don’t forget crime ala looting 😡

  • David Siregar on December 18, 2021

    Wow awesome your comentery US First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, i hope Democratic and Republican Party can do it together for American Greatest of Government, to created Democracy for American People. Good Speech Dr. Jill and you look so Preety. 👍

  • Wayne Baker on December 18, 2021

    Yes , It's been an honor to drag my demented husband around like a dog and act like he is a President, Even though the whole world is making fun of him and chanting LET'S GO BRANDON.

  • Sam Uncle on December 18, 2021


  • Top Cat on December 18, 2021

    Yea tell us how you met Joe Jill??? And why did you get divorced???

  • Dora Dennis on December 18, 2021

    Dr. Biden is an elder abusing, power hungry fraud. Biden needs to retire and she knows it.

  • blk hemi392 on December 18, 2021

    Her son Hunter, married his dead brother's widow. Than cheated on her with a stripper. Who he had a baby with, and the family has since disowned.

    Mother of the year!

  • Kyle Rittenhouse on December 18, 2021

    So who you think is really cleaning that basement? We all know it's not Joe anymore.

  • Sturdy Thorpe on December 18, 2021

    She should be called out for making her severely dimished elderly husband run for president.

  • Susan Demarest on December 18, 2021

    She is so intelligent, graceful, classic and beautiful!!!

  • matthew thornton on December 18, 2021

    A woman who breaks the vows of marriage can't be trusted.

  • Bertha Bridges on December 19, 2021

    Dr. Jill Biden, our First Lady is interested in the education of our children. Dr. Biden understands they are our most precious resource. Americans will need a refreshing a new start. Many must return to work armed with a new skill set. The total BBB Human Infrastructure legislation would do that, coupled with loan forgiveness. Progress isn't free, it never has been but if we look ahead to the future and get prepared the fight is so worth it. Just 🤔 some are fighting against an American renewal. Wow, wonder wouldn't they prosper as well? This is not meant to be political. Thanks, Happy Holiday's
    Please, stay safe. 🕊 🇺🇸

  • muitec c2 on December 19, 2021

    yes, she is proud of the fraudulent first lady

  • muitec c2 on December 19, 2021

    she is not chic at all

  • Virgie T on December 19, 2021

    16K views, 300 likes. Swathing is off in this comment section. They must have paid interns to come and clean them up. Let's go Brandon.

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