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Drone pilots run into a problem while trying to spot Russian troops ctm magazine

Hidden under the trees is a Ukrainian drone team, spying on Russian positions. Drones are used to mark the target for artillery strikes, but they are not immune to Russian signal jamming. CNN’s Nic Robertson takes a look at some of the high-tech combat tools being used in the Ukraine-Russia war. #CNN #News



  • Merril R on August 4, 2022

    I'm embarrassed to say that I'm a Russian because of the atrocities committed in Ukraine by Vladimir Putin and the Russian army. The world will never trust Russians again and he has isolated Russia from the rest of the world. Putin is now using food as a weapon, signing an agreement to allow shipments of grain then bombing the port the very next day. He's now bombing Ukrainian farmer's field's and setting them on fire. He's taken over the Zaporizhzhia power plant, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. Using it as a weapons depot and a cover for launching attacks and he won't allow International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspector's in to make sure there isn't a nuclear disaster. But I believe that a nuclear disaster is imminent and one stupid miscalculation or mistake will be the end of Ukraine, Russia and a very large portion of Europe. Power and greed is all that matters to Vladimir Putin and if he has to destroy Russia to get it he doesn't care.

  • naomi havemann on August 4, 2022

    I hope Russia wins the war

  • Kiel Welsh on August 4, 2022

    This War has proven that tank's are obsolete on the battlefield now Artillery,Drones,infantry is just more reliable

  • Tbouncing on August 4, 2022

    Why is the war necessary, USa planned it and Ukrainians lives are in danger .. Why cant the usa give the Russians a security guarantee or invite russia to nato ..Now russia will be on China's side..China is the problem not Russia

  • Charlie Chang on August 4, 2022

    It seems to be a misoperation. They shouldn't have launched the drone in the direction of the trees. Not enough space to climb up. Probably the operator doesn't have much flying experience in fixed wings.

  • SPain Vienas on August 4, 2022

    I'm Russian ask questions

  • Gags Double J on August 4, 2022

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  • Cross Vinburn on August 4, 2022

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  • Sadra Sadrian on August 4, 2022

    OH SHIT… Ukrainian defensive line near Donetsk international airport fall apart. Now the Russians have total control over the airport and advancing toward Pisky. Its the first time from the beginning of the war that Russians advanced in Donetsk city outskirts.
    As I see, the counterattack in Kherson backfired.
    By sending troops to the southern theater, Ukrainians weakened their defensive positions in the eastern theater. And at the same time because of the Russians heavy artillery fire, They were grounded in the southern theatre.
    This counterattack was a bad idea from the beginning. The Ukrainian armed forces does not have enough air force and land force to attack Russians and advance.
    It is as absurd as Steiner attack before the fall of Berlin.

  • Manas Sardar on August 4, 2022

    24/7 misinformation channel…..others are 'The sun' and 'sky network'..

  • Elena D on August 4, 2022

    Stay strong Ukraine and get liberated from the fascist invaders
    RESPECT for all defenders of the freedom

  • Tesfagebriel Mihretab on August 4, 2022

    ahahaha somebody tell the Ukrainians fake news media (CNN) is not helping you by reporting your weakest link. Ukraine needs to surrender! only option at this point.

  • Maikl Тритон on August 4, 2022

    Ukrainian punishers again launched a missile attack on the colony where prisoners are kept in the city of Donetsk of the Donetsk People's Republic. This is another blunder of the Kyiv junta ….

  • Wa Duz on August 4, 2022

    Why America gives not B52 Bombers to Ukraine! Then the Ukrainien Army could make a bomb carpet and elliminate the russian army! ??

  • Michael T on August 4, 2022

    We have drones now it's time to make robots like in the movies for fighting. Go Blue and save our freedoms off DEMOCRACY and the constitution for our children and theirs.

  • Olakunle Arowa on August 4, 2022

    Don’t u think u are doing more arm than good exposing the Ukrainian army with their activities ????

  • UrbanUrchin59 on August 4, 2022

    Why doesn't the reporter ask the screen operator a few more idiotic questions ? "Why do you do it" ? duuhhh….."How does that make you feel" ? duuuhhhh…..

  • Dan Dotson on August 4, 2022

    Technology will Ultimately be the deciding factor Of who wins the battle in Ukraine!

  • Henry Airconcepts on August 4, 2022

    Powerful motor, so it’s torque rolling. Looks like he needs more practice to fly RC planes

  • Fred on August 4, 2022

    The creatures of the USA are fascists!

  • Banter Maestro2 on August 4, 2022

    Drones can be made jam-proof by using spread-spectrum techniques. Rapid frequency-hopping, for example. Jammers can't keep up. It's also hard to detect because it appears as background noise to radio receivers. You wouldn't even know the signal is there or where to look because it's changing all the time. Can't jam something that's there one instant and gone the next.

  • BReal on August 4, 2022

    bro he just launched the drone bad LOL even i can see this… seriously dumb

  • E y on August 4, 2022

    There should not be any war at this point . Isn't monkey pox and COVID-19 doing way worse?

  • B Tenold on August 4, 2022

    I love how these people are using RC planes with basically Hobbyking RC equipment is shockimg the media..

  • Linus 67 on August 4, 2022

    everything will be fine….
    in Russia…
    winter is coming…

  • mchertonok on August 4, 2022

    Why can't they create a kamikaze drone that targets countermeasures antennas? I would assume that those antennas axist and are running 24/7 to combat drones like the one in the video, therefore it's possible to simply target that. Russians have missiles on their SUs that do just that, once radar is detected they lunch and fly straight into that radar.

  • Finet Deux2 on August 4, 2022

    There is a serious problem and it is better to take care of it now !!! These are people who have houses damaged by bullets, and as we can see clearly, they do not leave their place of residence, the windows of the house have fallen out of the frame, a hole in the roof and winter is coming, patching with boards is not enough, because it is also a place that is resistant to certain bullet types. The point is that the European Union and the entire international community should take care of the provision of concrete houses, small spaces before the winter season, so that the small stove warms up the whole meters of the house, a bunk bed. It does not work in such a way that someone persuades someone to leave the damaged home, it often happens that he will suffer to the maximum, but he will not move from his. As you can see, the war will not end soon: (Of course the Russian Federation will not win this war, why? Because it has fewer human, hardware and technological resources than NATO. Vladimir Putin will bleed his army very much, but he will not achieve his goal, this is the reality Of the Russian Federation for 105 years 🙁 and now let's start taking care of bulletproof houses for Ukrainians for the winter with a stove. (A028)

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