Eddie Ifft Live (FULL MOVIE) Stand-Up Comedy Special webfi


  • @Aaron22hdig on May 11, 2024


  • @raiffmarques3122 on May 11, 2024

    Não sei o que me levou a se escrever no canal, talvez por algum show musical. Esse stand up comedy nao tenho como assistir porque nada sei de English. Mas continuarei escrito. E dei o like.

  • @ruthannmarie7119 on May 11, 2024

    😮nope right out the gate trash mouth

  • @drew-shourd on May 11, 2024

    Funny stuff, @5:41 there is always somebody fighting NOT to laugh….

  • @robbpowell194 on May 11, 2024

    Lazy start. I'm out.

  • @kathrynbillinghurst188 on May 11, 2024

    Aussie here…🙋🏼‍♀️
    It’s great to see a Seppo brave enough to come DOWN and poke a bit of fun!!!! “Hell yeah!!” Enjoying prison…👍
    Amber‘s patsy probably!! 🤔💐🍷☝️😁 You DID GIGGLE!?! 🫵🤭

  • @kathrynbillinghurst188 on May 11, 2024

    Hitler is in no way funny! 🫤
    Bad taste all around, get with it…the 80’s are over!

  • @dalerobinson5324 on May 12, 2024

    This is one crazy dude.I love him

  • @nadiadibenedetto3728 on May 12, 2024

    Absolutely love this guy very funny and easy on the eyes

  • @aliengranpa on May 13, 2024

    Delivers his jokes like Nikki glazier, every joke ends with "and umm…"

  • @mirosgerg on May 14, 2024

    Can you upload and his new special, thanks for the greay content

  • @tarellcarter24 on May 14, 2024

    He said the N word to comfortably because he was in another Country.. I'm out…

  • @jerry3738 on May 27, 2024

    Always have a bag of peanuts with ya mates , you wont smell like alcohol on the breath

  • @UldisBiz on May 31, 2024

    "If I went gay, I'd have a rational argument…." "Women, your stories have no point and are boring" ROFLOL… funny and resonates so much. Love my wife to death but when we're communicating some of the stuff is so weird.