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Elon Musk Dropped A BOMBSHELL On California’s Weird NEW Law webfi network

With the California Public Utilities Commission potentially taking a vote on its proposed new net metering rules as early as January 27th, Tesla has launched a dedicated effort to stop the madness. Stay tuned for the update and subscribe to Futurity.

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  • Jatin Patel on January 18, 2022

    California is hyper absurd to raise money from Californians. Not only did California democrats failed to build the rapid rail network in time and budget, I found that now California applies battery recycle fee at time of purchase, tire recycle free at time of purchase, highest tax on gasoline and diesel at point of purchase. It is time to drive out democrats out of Sacramento.

  • trid gab on January 18, 2022

    i don't think they are bad with money it's just the money goes in their pocket or their investments, it's just greed to the extreme

  • Woods on January 18, 2022

    Elon is no humanitarian. He only cares because it will hurt Tesla's solar sales. Elon just got done scamming Vegas out of millions with that tunnel.

  • Dave TheRave on January 18, 2022

    California excells at virtue signaling, especially when it comes to the environment. But when push comes to shove, it is all about the money. The environment, and the citizens who go out of their way to support the environment, be damned!

  • Kent H on January 18, 2022

    No free lunch baby.

  • Divakar Hosamani on January 18, 2022

    All laws are waste in front of god

  • chris4072511 on January 18, 2022

    The oil lobby strikes again…

  • ANGRY AMERICAN on January 18, 2022


  • rhaphazard ✖️ on January 18, 2022

    Because Democrats never actually cared.

  • ANGRY AMERICAN on January 18, 2022

    Governor Newsom will sign anything if it makes life harder on citizens

  • Fixit brewbaycustom on January 18, 2022

    Yet American’s have been actively segregating us Canadian’s from the free trade agreements that should allow us access to a lot more than just solar equipment without existing tariffs that continue to almost triple costs for everything!
    Look up what they’ve been doing since we designed the AVRO aircraft in the late 1940’s and they have only gotten worse!

  • After_Midnight on January 18, 2022

    Keep voting democrats, I'm sure things will change…

  • Aaron Woodard on January 18, 2022

    California is the next new York? Tax your residents right out of the state I guess…

  • Roger Russell on January 18, 2022

    Elon really needs to study the history of communism, he's going to be a target even if they pretend to want his sustainable energy.

  • Philip Damask on January 18, 2022

    We need to slow down the installation of highly subsidized solar power until we can figure out how to economically store solar and wind power. Utilities are spreading solar subsidies across their customers in a scheme that is approved by the CPUC. No one knows what the real cost of power is anymore. We are lost in a solialist dream and it is going to have a costly ending as this state tries to replace baseload generating capacity with batteries or some other means of storing electric energy.

  • Filler Name on January 18, 2022

    At this rate even if your home was totally off of the grid, CA government would find some half ass justification for you paying a tax to them.

  • Edgar V on January 18, 2022

    Just like always Democrats talk about saving the environment all they care about is money and power.

  • David H on January 18, 2022

    Something else for California government and utilities to consider: As the technology of solar and storage continues to improve in efficiency and decrease in cost, the increased fee's will create an incentive to leave the grid entirely.

  • Costa Azul on January 18, 2022

    It never has been about the environment with the left, just about control. As more households go green, the left will now punish them for it. These same people now accuse Elon of being greedy just because he works hard and has come up with real solutions to environmental problems. They can’t control him so he must now be demonized. This is classic leftist behavior

  • sithon sithon on January 18, 2022

    The power companies are trying to protect their monopoly

  • R K on January 18, 2022

    Get government out of the way. Government is inefficient!

  • Brett Loo on January 18, 2022

    This will just make the problem worse. I live in CA i have solar. If this is enacted i will upgrade my solar, add batteries, then cut the cord from the grid. Hell, might save me money in the long run.

  • Caedwyn on January 18, 2022

    in no other country in the world will you hear sentences like "freedom/ electricity is the right of every american" (the country in discussion) as if freedom, internet, electricity , living a normal life , is not the right of ANY other citizen of other countries lol

  • Glenna Harper on January 18, 2022

    Insane is a politicians best attribute.

  • LightWing Studios on January 18, 2022

    California…the land of "We Tax You Anyway We Can Just Because We Can And Give Your Taxes To Worthless Lowlifes".

  • Mark Marsh on January 18, 2022

    BIZARRO WORLD! … People using solar should be rewarded. … TAXES should be applied to everyone who DOESN'T use renewable energy. … America is SO phucked up it's mind boggling.

  • free88 on January 18, 2022

    Nope, this law totally makes sense. If you want to be in the RETAIL power generation business, then you have to share in the cost of transmitting and distributing that power. Otherwise, you are in the WHOLESALE power generation business, which means you get paid a lot less for the power you give vs the power you take as a residential customer/provider. That exchange should be at best 20/80 in favor of the utility, because they are the ones doing all the heavy lifting and they have to provision for your amount of generation anyway. The truth is that the utility does not need or want your power. Their margins are already slim, and residential solar peaks when customers demand it the least (which is why you have a surplus to sell them in the first place).

  • ghrast on January 18, 2022

    musk could use some of his money to sell additional battery storage to consumers at cost so they can disconnect from the grid and it would affect California negatively because of all the loss of solar power.. think about how bad the blackouts would be if all solar stopped and people generated their own power……

  • GrantWilliams125 on January 18, 2022

    DEMOCRATS JUST PASSED A BILL DISGUISED UNDER NASA that LITERALLY implements the ability for anyone to vote without an ID which will effectively keep them in power for the foreseeable future. Get ready because a revolution will happen in the next decades to come. Yes, you read this correctly.

  • Mister Banshee on January 18, 2022

    It’s libtard California I’m not surprised they want to screw the people more.

  • jeff hruska on January 18, 2022

    California wants to tax the sun? are you sh***ing me?

  • PAW PALS on January 18, 2022

    NASTY CALI WANTS TO BURN FOSSIL FUEL. Noticed Lack of train system is purposely done!

  • Why does the state of California have to charge you for grid access ? So I’m these clown democrats aren’t trying to help people go green and save the planet . Liars nothing but lying thieves

  • Richie Kehnet on January 18, 2022

    Well they're simply insinuating don't get solar. Now you know this government don't care about climate change and renewable energy, it's always about money.

  • Bob Frazier on January 18, 2022

    Newsome's been dining at the laundry again. Same old group of his pals.

  • Angelus_Solus on January 18, 2022

    For those who have solar power, I hope this gets downvoted into oblivion. Corporate greed should not be put before progress.

  • Tim treeborgsonjen on January 18, 2022

    The great 1000 ft tusiami is coming and we'll all be free of the toilet that is Californiacation.

  • 400 Bad Request on January 18, 2022

    They will rig it so I wouldn’t be surprised if it passes.

  • Aaron Dizor on January 18, 2022

    California, is a DEMOCRAT Party governed state. These party has no concern on the alleviation and the welfare of their constituents. Their only primary concern, is to STICK TOGETHER just to REMAIN in POWER and CONTINUE their GRIP and GREED, they don't give a DAMN, that their POLICIES, PROGRAMS and REGULATIONS would HARM and would have big NEGATIVE IMPACT to the PEOPLE and the BUSINESS SECTOR. Everything the DEMOCRATS do is to GO AFTER those who OPPOSED their POLICIES and REGULATIONS. Their PRIMARY CONCERN is how to TAX the people and be VINDICTIVE of those who are against them. They are actually anti-american, they invited ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to POUR the STATE of CALIFORNIA as the HOST to most ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in order to PERPETUATE their VICTORY to be in POWER as those ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS will surelt VOTE for THEM. No wonder that the HOMELESS people in CALIFORNIA has SKY ROCKETED, because those ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS will share a pie for the piece of WORK the CALIFORNIANS should have. Likewise, DRUG ADDICTION has also GROWN insanely, this was due to the fact that the flow of DRUGS remains UNABATED together with the flow of immigrants. While, BIG TECH companies are also RELOCATING to other states like FLORIDA and TEXAS a RED STATE, because of the GOOD REGULATIONS and POLICIES they offered to these COMPANY. CALIFORNIA'S DEMISE, courtesy from those DEMAGOGUE and CORRUPT POLITICIANS who ruled the STATE.

  • D_archer on January 18, 2022

    How can someone compare the price of solar panel against solar roof? Solar panel is cheaper because you already have a roof. You just have to put it on top the roof. If you will add the price of the roof itself how that would be? While SoLAR ROOF is your roof.

  • l0gic23 on January 18, 2022

    I want solar and battery backup but the uncertainty of law has prevented that for about 10 years and continues to keep me from taking action I want to take and could afford or budget for if things would be right and reliable.

  • Daniel on January 18, 2022

    You have to understand that poor people have to face rule to keep them in check and feeling hopeless and loss but to only fee that followed any thing the government put on them or live the country

  • jose gonzales on January 18, 2022

    Let's call it what it really is – a sun tax.
    Utility Corps want their profit.
    While Tesla Solar roof is pricey, it does include the cost of the roof itself. Still pricey.

  • Kenna Craft, jr. on January 18, 2022

    Hope everyone go completely solor. Anyone who looses there job because of this could learn to be service tech for solor energy both residential and commercial.

  • zen pro on January 18, 2022

    this country gravely needs a revolution starting from Capitol Hill and to tyrannical states like California, enough is enough

  • Jim Crow Biden on January 18, 2022

    Meh its POS liberal California. I am laughing so hard right now

  • Anthony Burke on January 18, 2022

    Just set up a site to monitor the bill, with a promise to fund opposing candidates to each representative who votes for the bill

  • Andrew Furie on January 18, 2022

    Lobbyists rule the California legislature. If we the people lobby it's called bribing and we go to jail. Elon won't lobby.

  • Salty Pirate on January 18, 2022

    Yup. That's Elon. "Super vocal when it comes to oppression." That's why he sings the praises of communist China's "efficient labor" and "non entitled" work force and goes on and on about how they're leading the world in productivity.

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