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Every Slam Finish in UFC History ctm magazine

Relive every finish via slam in UFC history. The first slam finish occured at UFC 16 in 1998 thanks to Frank Shamrock and most recently at UFC 237 last year by Jessica Andrade to become UFC champion.

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  • Felipe Andrade on May 14, 2022

    It should be prohibited.

  • Pyramid_Scheme_TERMINATION  on May 15, 2022

    WWE in UFC

  • You What? on May 15, 2022

    You can see the brain damage at 10:22. Look at his feet curl

  • Ian Sanchez on May 15, 2022

    Not allowed to punch the nape or back of the head.
    But allowed to slam it.


  • Morrzan on May 16, 2022

    Dominic Cruz when Andrade tries to pick up Rose:- "Nope can't lift there"…
    proceeds to drop her on her head and kill her

  • Someone br on May 17, 2022

    Love how Matt was going for the slam but Newman grabbed the fence..to stop it from happening only to be KO'd by a KO'd Matt.

  • Creative on May 17, 2022

    No Gray Maynard Rob Emerson? Rampage / Arona in pride? Randleman / Fedor…. man so many classics left out….

  • David Uhr on May 17, 2022

    I've got no respect for guys who continue brutalizing their opponent when they are clearly knocked out.

  • Karen Anisonyan on May 18, 2022

    Matt got knocked out too

  • lina bila on May 19, 2022

    Judo 💪

  • Jaded Carton on May 20, 2022


  • Mitch Weiner on May 20, 2022

    I remember watching the Matt Hughes slam and thought Carlos Newton would have a severe neck injury or worse!

  • Mr. Hightower on May 21, 2022

    If you willingly full force hammer-fist someone multiple times after they're clearly unconscious, you're a true piece of shit & just a straight up psychopath who shouldn't be competing.

  • Conor McNuggets on May 21, 2022

    please revise this, this is missing the epic double slam KO, dissatisfied

  • Tina Levan on May 24, 2022

    Tito Ortiz was such a douchebag.

  • Turtle on May 24, 2022

    So Rose sucks at fighting… got it.

  • Travis Sinn on May 24, 2022

    If you hit them after they’re out you should forfeit your match earnings.

  • Gray Mac on May 25, 2022

    major respect for harris, he knew he was knocked out, and he didn't throw another punch. mad props.

  • eat shmoogle on May 25, 2022

    Frank shamrock throat punch. Brutal

  • newjerseyjustin on May 25, 2022

    That first one looks illegal it’s right on her neck / head.. That’s a cause of serious spinal injury. Kinda bs if you ask me.

  • 2hot4u on May 25, 2022


  • Jrod on May 26, 2022

    That chick at the start literally got thrown and landed straight on her head. Looked like she broke her neck, and everyone's just cheering and smiling. The chick who did it to her couldn't care less either. If I did that to an opponent I would rush over to make sure they're still alive.. what the fuck 😴

  • MARK JASON ASINGUA on May 27, 2022

    The perfect title for this, is never believe all the Gracies marketing.

  • Oliver Sheen on May 27, 2022

    Why is it a specific group of people who have bad sportsmanship lmao

  • Larry Fesh on May 27, 2022

    4:07 😭😭😭

  • Diane Dutton on May 27, 2022

    The rose one was brutal smh shouldn't be proud of that

  • Che Diablo on May 27, 2022

    These compilation videos are awesome, I remember watching these when I was a kid 👦, brings back memories, unfortunately for the fighters that got knocked out, they probably didn’t remember it as well as I did!!!

  • Zac Q on May 28, 2022

    How did that not break Rose's neck

  • zuzuzuzu on May 30, 2022

    The first one looks so dangerous..

  • zuzu on May 30, 2022

    4:22 did this guy just say that UFC is scripted

  • Will on May 30, 2022

    I'm not a fan of the slam because you're using the ring as a weapon. What I'm mainly talking about is when you're caught in a choke hold and slam someone intentionally on there head it's just to dangerous and someone is eventually going to get seriously hurt especially the blows thrown afterward.

  • Journeyman Music on May 30, 2022

    That's mostly a video about how un-willing and uncapable UFC and the refs are to stop a fight. Ref, You have to run 5 steps to stop the fight ? where were you dude? you hold the guy, but he keeps beating ? There should be a rule for fighters not to be dumb F*** trying to kill an unconsious person. Like being disqualified if you go over three hits while the opponent is out. Or UFC: Ring a GIANT bell, hire runners that jump on the fighter. Anything, but do something wise, at least try, because those finishes are damn irresponsible.

  • Mewmew10 on May 30, 2022

    “That wasn’t on the script” they just announce that it’s fake

  • Creed Bratton on May 31, 2022

    how the fuck is this move legal

  • TOXIC 36 on May 31, 2022

    Me too i do that

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