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Every Wheel Kick Finish in UFC History ctm magazine

Watch a collection of every wheel kick finish in UFC history highlighted by one of the most memorable knockouts in UFC history courtesy of Edson Barboza.

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  • Jason Lewis on March 26, 2022

    not one of these guys could stand 45 seconds with a BAMF like me

  • Jonathan Tshibula on March 27, 2022

    Believe that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, and you will be saved..Be baptized and repent of your sins. Repent simply means to turn away from your sins. God loves you and so do I.

  • Felipe Groth on March 28, 2022

    Legal ver que a maioria é brasileiro

  • Elaine Miller on March 30, 2022

    vou vou vouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • ethbeast on March 30, 2022

    We gotta add Chris barnett

  • Gabriel Muller on April 1, 2022

    1:50 That punch that made his head bounce in the ground… was probably way more painful than the kick.

  • Nicholas Lopez on April 12, 2022

    Man you can tell vitor was getting some shit put in him

  • Magg€1 on April 12, 2022

    It is all over

  • cecil on April 21, 2022

    Im still working on my basics taekwondo kicks as a red belt ,and since I wanna improve and hope get to advance kicking before I get to black belt but for sure one of my all time favourite kicks are the spinning hook kick

  • Sean on April 26, 2022

    This is my go to in UFC 4

  • Tony Slice72 on April 27, 2022

    BING right on the Jaw✊🏽

  • ReaperMcReaps on April 27, 2022

    Glad to see Sean Strickland get knocked out in such a great way

  • Jahongir.Pulatovich on April 29, 2022

    Firts is muslim guy I think, how a good guy

  • AshyKnees on April 30, 2022

    If only Uriah Hall’s was in an actual ufc bout instead of tuf, it would probably be a top 5 ko of all time

  • MR.donfugaroun on May 5, 2022

    the first nigga got hit so hard that they played him getting knocked out 5 times 💀 did man dirty

  • Hexxengale on May 13, 2022

    Black Mass, Black Mass, Black Mass!

  • heartlessoni13 on May 13, 2022

    The last one was bullshit

  • Michael Jackson Videos on May 15, 2022

    1:08 that kick didn’t even connect

    1:42 nevermind it did, the camera angle threw me off

  • Pertama Kedua on May 17, 2022

    "Too much early stoppage in one clip "
    ~mario yamasaki~

  • Jerad Connoyer on May 17, 2022

    Worth it just to see Strickland get ko'd

  • asonunique419 on May 17, 2022

    Scary how delayed some of these reactions are

  • JD Brimmy on May 18, 2022

    Is the best commentary ever 😭😭😭

  • the real Nimrod on May 20, 2022

    Etim looked like the statue of liberty he was that stiff a porn star would even be impressed

  • Wilson Pontes Maziero on May 22, 2022

    I love CAPOEIRA

  • Jon Moris on May 22, 2022

    mowhawk trt vitor scares the fuck out of me

  • Nuno Barros on May 23, 2022

    06:21 – "Vai Elizeu, PORRA !!!"
    And so he did….

  • GojiraFan 2003 on May 26, 2022

    That first kick had that Medusa effect cuz the dude turned into a statue on his way down.

  • Lee Marie on May 27, 2022

    Thanks for the video! I never realized how much I can't stand hearing, "It is all over!"
    Try to make his own phrase is just one of those old cartoons where to bear is trying to sleep but the leaky sink keeps dripping.

  • Fernando Calderon Beingolea on May 28, 2022


  • bryan pinto on May 28, 2022

    Vannatas set up and kick was beautiful

  • Frederick Sonnenskog on May 28, 2022

    Was Vito Belfort on steroids for this ko? Like he was on steroids when he destroyed Michael Bisping's eye?

  • Exceptionally Unsociable on May 29, 2022

    Take all of Vitots wins from him. Fuck yo PED's

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