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Extremism In The Ranks | Ayman ctm magazine

How deep are the ties between right-wing militia groups and U.S. service members? Malcolm Nance breaks it down.

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  • 1357raymond on January 22, 2022

    cia: they lie, cheat ,torture and steal….

  • JM Vandy on January 22, 2022

    18 USC Ch.115 2387 & 2388

  • MoonlapseVertigo on January 22, 2022

    Active duty, but not court-martialled and shot for treason.

    Get. serious. This isn't a game.

  • ruth depew on January 22, 2022

    One of the best reasons for discharging or separating the unvaccinated is to easily get rid of extremists. Some will just be ordinary nut jobs, but many of them will be dangerous traitors.

  • Luther Wright on January 22, 2022

    They are and have been getting rid of the good service members as to cover up the extremists. I know I was one of them now I have charges and a OTH!!! 10 YEARS absolutely not one article 15 or negative counciling statement. No one has ever even looked into the case even at my request. But those who have (without power to correct) saw right to the problems and coverup

  • Luther Wright on January 22, 2022

    Remember general Flynn, yeah that’s right he’s was and is one of them and I can rest you assure the he was not by himself and no one stood to recalibrate him or his followers. Everyone in the upper ranks of the military are asleep at the shell and only wake when it deals with them directly. There should be a review board that reviews discharges and article 15 as there you will find out just who’s got it out for who and how paperwork is done to cover up extremism and racism. One would say you could actually be a part of the problem and never know it thinking you were takin good orders from bad people.. in the end RHIP is definitely a real thing (RHIP=rank has its privileges). No one says it but it’s a very real and sobering phrase. Go against the grain or simply do the right thing and see what happens.

  • Alfred Degiorgio on January 22, 2022

    Joe Manchin was elected a Democratic Party (DP) Senator by DP voters in West Virginia: both Manchin and his voters supported the DP political agenda. Now Manchin has declared a personal political agenda that clashes with the DP agenda. He now reserves the right not to support any DP legislation that does not have GOP support.

    In effect, Manchin is no longer a Democratic Party Senator: he’s either an Independent or a GOP Senator. EITHER WAY, HE HAS BETRAYED THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND HIS WEST VIRGINIA VOTERS. The GOP Senate Minority Leader McConnell publicly declared early on in the current formation of the Senate that the Senate agenda of the GOP was to stop/obstruct/block the Biden administration. Manchin is helping the GOP do just that, ensuring total Senate gridlock and sabotaging the DP political agenda that his voters support!

  • RYAN M on January 22, 2022

    Expose those people by name please

  • Rock Neveau on January 22, 2022

    This guest is in the system and part of this problem. (Don't say he's retired. They never "retire".)

  • Rock Neveau on January 22, 2022

    We don't have a problem with racists the military. We get those in the military from society. It goes way beyond the military.

  • Azrael Bryson on January 22, 2022

    We can recalibrate you isn't threatening or scary at all.

  • Shaz on January 22, 2022

    The enemy within! If they open their mouths to express their radical ideas, then that means the military’s leadership could easily find out who they are. What is the % of the radicalised members within the military, and other Federal and State agencies? What deprogramming options could there be, to de-radicalise these people? Just accepting it, is really not an option! Not when you consider the potentially massive repercussions to society! I’ve read that the DoJ is full of Trump supporters and that Garland has no control over them – hence no action against Trump!

  • JP Wilson on January 22, 2022

    Greatly appreciate M. Nance's somewhat comforting last comment about officers, NCOs & other military personnel being subject to recalibration (court martial for at least conduct unbecoming for people who have sworn an oath to protect this country from enemies both foreign & domestic, as well as drawing down a salary from a government using our taxes!!!

    (Think there is a saying have heard some about trying to have it both ways being illegitimate, unreasonable & an affront to basic human decency, yes???)

  • efs 1066 on January 22, 2022

    DoD needs to stop streaming fox entertainment to "captured" audience.

  • Victor Basta on January 22, 2022

    More worried about chasing unicorns than the congressman that we all know was schtooping a Chinese spy (for long time)

  • vi Strode on January 22, 2022

    This is scary!

  • Marty Gray on January 22, 2022

    charles flynn needs to be investigated.

    Note: donald has put in his kids trust funds that they forfeit access by joining the military and or Peace Corps.

  • eliza washington on January 22, 2022

    So at this point is the intelligence community complicit or just fully asleep at the wheel?

  • greenemic on January 23, 2022

    This doesn't surprise … anyone, right?

  • Harry Callahan on January 23, 2022

    The CIA having control at MSNBC means over time its attempts to shape reality will transition into it ~fabricating~
    reality. That transition is happening now. Its goal is to create a quasi psychotic state that makes people unaware of the reasons why they are acting in ways they have never acted before.

  • bearlytraincot on January 23, 2022

    Well the Right has a proclivity for Authoritarianism. You'll never find a Liberal Karen because for one we're not racist but secondly we're too chill. We don't turn a blind eye to crime, but we don't fantasize about policing our neighborhoods. The Right is aggressive.

  • David Hathaway on January 23, 2022

    Our military is radicalizing young, impressionable minds. For starters, the armed forces media network has long fed our troops a steady diet of far-right Limbaugh and Fox “news.”

  • Eb theDoc on January 23, 2022

    Thinking back to WW I and before, I’m reminded of the blatantly impunitive, racist discrimination against black warfighters in our armed forces. One tragic episode particularly stands out in my mind — the Houston Race Riot of 1917, involving the highly decorated 24th Infantry Regiment (a segregated black unit) of our Army. Tell people to read up on it; I didn’t learn about it in history class, but by a hint from a friend with roots in TX, and by reading in public libraries.

  • NO FACIST on January 23, 2022

    If these veterans are receiving benefits , they should be cut immediately! From a fellow veteran.

  • Ryan Burg on January 23, 2022

    We have used the military to "spread" democracy and they have no idea what democracy is and surely don't stand for it.

  • Gary Heinrich Jr. on January 23, 2022

    Every part of our government that Trump touched, must be cleaned and purged of all his influence.

  • Lisa Seal on January 23, 2022

    In all the oaths sworn to defend the Constitution it needs to be specified which or whose interpretation they must defend. Choosing an interpretation found while 'doing their own research' is problematic.

  • Rock Hunter on January 23, 2022

    True "patriots" do not use freedom of speech to divide and conquer Americans.

  • ST7A Bad Karma on January 23, 2022

    Clown show and scare tactics. The US military has had quarterly anti extremist training and has been kicking out the crazies for decades.

  • Julie Wensel on January 24, 2022

    Why aren't active military seditionists appearing in military courts and sitting in the brig?

  • Charles Jones on January 24, 2022

    This should be of no surprise to anyone

  • Apprentess J Gooden on January 24, 2022

    Guarantee, none of the extremists in the U.S Armed forces are black.

  • Coach Jones on January 24, 2022

    The government will crush Black people struggling for equality and cower in fear when right wing extremist come for them. No need to say any more

  • Saggy Nuts on January 24, 2022

    It's hard to believe that Trump caused so much trouble for America and still is he destroyed the country and the constitution he spit on the rule of law then the Republicans fail in line I guess America as we knew it is over

  • Stephen Suddick on January 24, 2022

    Here's what I think about free speech in this scenario – the enlisted swore an oath to protect the Constitution. Any "speech" or action that goes against that oath should NEVER be allowed.

  • Hywel Gething on January 24, 2022

    Who would have thought that right wing crazies would like guns and military training?

  • Holly Hold on January 24, 2022

    A splendid illustration of the systemic reach of white supremacy in American institutions.

  • Skogsjärven Ab on January 24, 2022

    If peoples health and wellbeing is ignored for decades then extremism is inevitable. It is a terrible development, the tide has to be turned now.

  • Brady Lambert on January 24, 2022

    C4DNOW Citizens for Democracy STAND UP NOW !!!

  • Brady Lambert on January 24, 2022

    As long as a Flynn is in top command in the Pentagon we are not safe!!!

  • Brady Lambert on January 24, 2022

    Okay so why didn't the military arrest the commander in chief when he engaged in a violent coup???

  • Steve C. on January 24, 2022

    the military will always be a cross section of the american population.

  • L98FIERO on January 24, 2022

    The problem is the same as in any other organization, the problem is at the top, just think of Michael Flynn's brother Chuck, and he's still a general.

  • Wade Edens on January 24, 2022

    As a person who worked for years aboard a USMC base; in a civilian position, I can say USMC leadership feeds extremism. Consider this, Fox news is the ONLY approved news network for offices, waiting rooms, common areas, etc. There are televisions everywhere on base. Every administration office, chow hall, waiting room, medical office, legal office has fox playing all day every day. For all the young enlisted people, it is a literal fight not to be brainwashed into thinking they're seeing and hearing factual news stories from a network that still claims "election fraud was a huge problem in 2020". It's disgusting, and I was thrilled when I finally retired out of that environment.

  • SacKaiju 77 on January 24, 2022

    Heh all prior and current service felt that use of the word "recalibrate" existentially. Lol

  • Jettabusy Jackson on January 24, 2022

    The Vice President Pence illegally called the Pentagon to illegally Command our military with Miley to illegally by force lockdown amd occupy the peoples house after they got Ashli Babbitt blood all over the house and senate chambers and desecrated the place and they used military 25000 troops and tanks on the streets to let Biden fake win for the fake news and they did the evil bloodstained inauguration in front of a empty field of flags

  • Manatee 7 on January 24, 2022

    Extremists must be exposed and jailed!

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