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Face Pie – Halloween Meat Pie – Food Wishes ctm magazine

Learn how to make a super creepy Face Pie! The problem with almost all Halloween-themed recipes is that they are never actually scary, and horrifying to look at. Well, here that’s not the case. Enjoy your nightmares! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I really hope you enjoy this easy Face Pie recipe!

You can also find my content on Allrecipes:”



  • Lindsey Myers on October 25, 2020

    Why does he talk like that???!!!! Jesus

  • Mg 4l on October 26, 2020


  • The Journey Ahead on November 12, 2020

    Thumbnail reminds me of Dr. Caligari 1989. 🤣 Thumbs up if you've seen it.

  • xydoit on November 14, 2020

    That face is creepy

  • rhaven50 on November 21, 2020

    No words

  • Avid Reader on December 15, 2020

    You're so funny… from 🇨🇦

  • Add S on December 29, 2020

    It's George Floyd!

  • Daphne Gold on January 16, 2021

    What is the matter with the closed eye?

  • LML on February 16, 2021

    I am so going to do this. I love it. Thank you so much. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Chelsea Chelsea on February 26, 2021

    I would have opted to not use dye.

  • Max Shavler on March 24, 2021

    This video made me physically ill within the first few seconds of watching

  • BraveUlysses59 on May 1, 2021

    OMG No! But that was fun 🙂

  • sick little monkey on May 11, 2021

    Would it be considered racist if you served in BURNT ?????

  • Cody Berg on May 28, 2021

    Oh god. Just scrolling through and this pops up.😬

  • Shazoul Schmuck on May 30, 2021

    Incredible, awesome and amazing! Also amusing. Very well done. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Lia A. Eastwood on June 5, 2021

    Ugh… that's disturbing and looks waaayyy too moist.

  • Patrick H on July 13, 2021

    Is this some kind of Berserk reference?

  • Earthy Artist on July 18, 2021

    As an artist myself I loved seeing your artistic side featured in this video, so one of my favorites! Also 'Enjoyed' the references to 'Sweeney Todd' as well!

  • Hyacinth Thompson on September 27, 2021

    I don’t celebrate Halloween, but your work here is impressive 👍🏾

  • KiraChan on October 2, 2021

    I cannot wait to try this! 🥰❤❤❤

  • BillNyeTheScienceDenier on October 3, 2021

    I'm sure it's just a coincidence that you did 1 eye symbolism…

  • Jon Dale on October 14, 2021

    I love you so much! I haven't made any pies lately. I’m so making this now!

  • jp allen on October 19, 2021

    Is that from Good Morning America?

  • mercedes olsen on October 21, 2021

    I'm curious, did the parts of the face that had the extra crust, like the nose and lips, cook completely?

  • A F on October 28, 2021

    Eep! This just came across my feed. Creepy!

  • Ron Williams on November 2, 2021

    I really think this is sick… I would not want to eat something that's looking back at me… especially someone's face

  • Sarah Park on November 4, 2021

    My first reaction – wth is this

  • The Lone Pigeon on November 11, 2021


  • Heddy Wood on December 19, 2021

    I made this for a Christmas party yesterday! Friendship is a couple of pals munching on a well-cooked face together, quote from a homicidal llama. I made mine vegetarian because it's not Christmas unless you can eat a face with all your friends

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