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Fallen officer's partner addresses Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner on air ctm magazine

Fallen US Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick’s partner, Sandra Garza, shares a message for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner as more details about the January 6 insurrection come to light during the House select Committee’s public hearings.
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  • Annamarie Lewis on June 20, 2022

    It was treason. That’s that!

  • Sherry Nusbaum on June 20, 2022

    They both have a lot of money and they're still trash.

  • Virginia Rivera on June 20, 2022


  • shanson999 on June 20, 2022

    Is he above the law?? Or is he not? How much does money matter?

  • HorseMuse on June 20, 2022

    Stop tump NOW!

  • lindsay jennifer on June 20, 2022

    sorry for your loss, Sandra

  • LLC on June 20, 2022

    Yes! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • skating43 on June 20, 2022

    Jared and Ivanka are for money and nobody else. This is one disgusting family. Lying crooks!

  • patricia pantano on June 20, 2022

    Jared and Ivanka are total enablers!

  • Andrew Middleton on June 20, 2022

    Trump chucking a tanti

  • Wine Woman on June 20, 2022

    Trumps favorite sport is wrestling and violent movies- of course he didn’t stop the violence, he was getting off on watching it and rewinding it continually. Trump is a very sick man in more ways than one. He has no compassion or humanity. He’s absolutely the last person in the world to get anywhere near our government.

  • JoAnn Johnson on June 20, 2022

    Don't worry, Jared And Ivanka families will be decimated too, brought on themselves, by their own actions.

  • Marthe Morais on June 20, 2022

    Trump's family only care about themselves and there stupid money .They couldn't care less about the people who got killed and hurt on January 6 and still hurting.

  • henri matisse on June 20, 2022

    Eastman "cares" like Bannon "cares" they want chaos on the streets, Civil War and in every state of America. Look at Bannon. He has no skills, no product except BS and that is what he peddles, Chaos and the stupids are buying it. So that is what the rest of us have to defend against. And I mean defend since we just want to live our lives.

  • pat comerford on June 20, 2022

    trump, his MAGA Cult, his GOP are "standing back and standing by" before they begin America's second Civil War.

  • Samantha Simental on June 20, 2022


  • K Locke on June 20, 2022

    You can't shame sociopaths

  • Jessie Mackenzie on June 20, 2022

    I grieve with you on the loss of your partner. Jared was too busy working on pardons, one of which was his criminal father. Just DESPICABLE.

  • paul m on June 20, 2022

    Traitor Trump

  • Earl Olson on June 20, 2022

    Trump is sub human, like most dictators he seems to enjoy watching people suffer and die, he needs a nice cell with no mirrors where he can live out his meaningless life

  • Jr007 on June 20, 2022

    There is a big cover up and false flag. The liberal media are master liars.

  • Dee Rn on June 20, 2022

    All of this for one man's fragile ego. A man who don't care about the country he wanted to rule

  • Lynn Segal Bourne on June 20, 2022

    Unfortunately she’s her father’s daughter… I don’t believe either Ivanka or Jared give a Damn about anyone else but themselves. They made that pretty evident by NOT speaking out Before , After or During. They knew they saw the whole scheme unfolding before their very eyes 👀. They wouldn’t let the FBI use any restroom in their house. These people were guarding their lives with their own. And still the FBI had to go out next door a fast food restaurant to go to the bathroom. They are conceited they don’t give a shit how ANYBODY ELSE FEELS. THEY THINK THEY ARE ENTITLED.

  • amonly on June 20, 2022

    Mary Trump is the one in the close family standing up and she is taking a huge risk. People need to listen up. She knows what they all are capable of. Ivanka, Jared, Barr, even Pence are not heros. They all want to profit and keep themselves in power.

  • VERONICA WOOD on June 21, 2022

    Ivanka couldn't care less about what happens to 'poor people'…she's said those exact words already…'why would you think I'd be interested in reading a book about what happens to poor people'. She wouldn't even let the secret service guys who'd take a BULLET for her and her ghoul of a husband, use one of the SEVEN bathrooms in their residence, paid for by tax payers during trump's disaster of a term. They were expected to take a bullet for these scumbags…but couldn't even take a piss or a dump in exchange…they were literally running a mile down the road to cafes and restaurants to relieve themselves.
    The Kushners made hundreds of millions of dollars off the backs of average Americans during the Grifter in Chief's joke of a term…the family that scams together, stays together…or they may rat each other out.
    The trumps are a despicable CRIME FAMILY…nothing more. They achieved nothing but division of the entire country…they deserve no respect…they deserve PRISON. They're a disgusting bunch of parasites who've sucked the US dry in every way they could, and they all have BLOOD on their hands….and it isn't over yet…they're STILL doing horrendous damage to the country AND the world, and hopefully now, finally, something can be done to shut the evil traitor down for good, if the DOJ do their damn job.

  • TheBull on June 21, 2022

    This is not news, it's Jerry Springer.

  • Willie Tisdell on June 21, 2022

    Unfortunately Donald Trump and his supporters and all of the brown-nosing Republicans don't really care about your husband

  • Cynthia Cole on June 21, 2022

    Trump only acknowledges the death of Ashley Babbit.

  • TK Englander on June 21, 2022

    I love how she looked directly into the camera – straightforward, honest, strong. So sorry for your loss, Sandra.

  • banknightmare on June 21, 2022

    And she and her partner were Trump supporters that have been completely ignored by Trump and his thieving family and cult

  • George 53 on June 21, 2022

    These Republican voters new Trump was an awful person but they voted for him anyway and then he get some kill what we're supposed to feel sorry

  • njt452fmsupertuner on June 21, 2022

    The MAJORITY of Democrats & Independents are PERSUADED.: 😐😧😳😱🤔😨😐🤥😬😯😮🤔🫢😟😕😕🙁😏😎…..…
    ……..2000 MULES

  • Honeybunch on June 21, 2022

    I love how Trump's team are all back paddling now, none of them spoke out back then because they wanted to see which way the wind blows. They just wanted to keep their jobs! Sorry for Sandra's loss, it was all senseless.

  • John Doe on June 21, 2022

    The election was stolen and freedom of speech doesn't apply to only the citizens but their president to.

  • Helen on June 21, 2022

    Pence is definitely not a hero.He helped create the situation. He backed the Orange Menace with anything he wanted to do!!

  • Martin Carey on June 21, 2022

    81 million

  • overanDownUnder on June 21, 2022

    Technically these people didn’t even “come forward now”. They were asked to go under oath under penalty of subpoena. None of them are heroes.

  • Grey Matters on June 21, 2022

    I don’t understand why these ppl think The Trump’s were supposed to care for them or EVER would or did?

  • ruben gutierrez on June 21, 2022

    Partner? Listen to the language these corrupted people are using!? Just shameless!

  • ruben gutierrez on June 21, 2022

    Cowardice too!

  • Doris Tessier on June 21, 2022

    Let's remember the 5 people that died on January 6.not only are their family's are grieving but all people that knew them.just one person that died on January 6 inpacks so many people that loved that person. Times that by 5 & you realize the pain of grieving is tremendous for so many people who no longer have their loved one with them. All because of a bunch of evil nuts listening to a loud mouth nut case. God is watching & each one of them will get what God declares & it's not fun city

  • Charles Ritter on June 21, 2022

    Maybe the Capitol police shouldn't have let the mob through the gates in the first place, did they ever think of that? No tear gas, no bean bag rounds, no tasers, no shots fired into the ground NOTHING! They just opened up the gates and invited them in.

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