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Fatal Instinct | 2014 Action | Ivan Sergei | Masiela Lusha ctm magazine

**This film is under license from Vision Films Inc. All rights reserved**

Fatal Instinct – A police detective follows a trail of evidence that eventually seems to lead to his trusted partner’s ex-con brother who he helped put in prison years ago.

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  • Marisol Mayo on October 2, 2020

    Wooooow i REALY DIDN’T expect the end to be like that! What a GREAT movie

  • Shawn Messick on October 3, 2020

    Police officer don't shoot out of moving vehicles: Where would the bullets go if you miss or they bounce off of the road. It is too unpredictable.

  • Beathener Shuford on October 8, 2020

    Okay I mind blown 🤯🤯 did not see that coming. Excellent movie, 10 out of 10.

  • Terry Ferreira on October 9, 2020

    Good movie ,sick ending-F corrupt cops

  • Bobby Britneny Fitzpatrick on October 10, 2020

    Just got done​ watching it. The ending got me big time what a big twist wow I didn't know it was jack
    Well the blonde girl said she seen a man in all black and the collar was white at first I thought it was the priest but I was wrong 😀👍💞

  • Scott Simon on October 24, 2020

    LAST 🤬💩

  • Never Give Up on October 31, 2020

    Cool 😎

  • Mary Rackauskis on November 13, 2020

    Love investigative flicks like this to pass time wile self isolating in Spencer Massachusetts. Lively intrigue. Geniuses, keep thinking & wittingly for our enquiring minds, we want to read /watch what you write. Thank you.

  • pamelagay12 on November 18, 2020

    What a jerk

  • Ser Ka on December 7, 2020

    Waitttttt he ended up with his brother’s wife? Huh? Anyways he was the killer pervert either way i liked the movie

  • Curt Stankavage on December 26, 2020

    Runs in the fam!

  • Keyuantie Lyons on January 16, 2021

    😮😮😮 at the ending

  • James Brockington on February 9, 2021

    Yo that's some deep shit facts

  • James Brockington on February 9, 2021

    Dam I'm good I new she was sleeping with the brother.

  • Galicias Gone on February 11, 2021

    the end is so sick, brother took the brother woman, sick sick sick

  • Galicias Gone on February 11, 2021

    sick sick sick productions

  • Jeannie Bonds on February 13, 2021

    This movie is excellent!!! Good male eye candy!!😘😘🔥🔥

  • Aaron Hastings on February 16, 2021

    yes definty a crazy ending that he got away with it

  • Nadya Karafezieva on February 16, 2021

    He kills brother 👎

  • Madeline Smith on February 25, 2021


  • anna wright on February 27, 2021

    This was exceptional indeed.

  • Ron G on March 16, 2021


  • Leonard Norman on April 9, 2021

    WOW didn't see that coming at all

  • Yul Jamal Jones on May 1, 2021


  • Melany Joy on May 6, 2021

    I'm confused about the ending.someone explain it to me.and was that priest evil.

  • Lester Peters on May 13, 2021

    It would had been easier to fie for her to have filed for and got her divorce while he was locked up for 3 years

  • I'm A 3joH22A on June 4, 2021

    Detective has a point at 32:42 2 girls same way last victim was 4 years ago because he was away in prison for 3 years got out did ok for a bit then went right back to killing again evidence points to his brother he could of stole a priest uniform

  • I'm A 3joH22A on June 4, 2021

    Looks like he's working his way to his wife trying to feel out how's its gonna be to kill her

  • I'm A 3joH22A on June 5, 2021

    Okay so dude cooking meth in apartment heard shots outside of door and continued to cook meth with mask on and only took off mask when someone kicks down the door unless it's a normal thing for gunfire right outside their door

  • Debbie Dace on June 27, 2021

    I figured out the ending early on but was hoping I was wrong.

  • naya shams on July 2, 2021

    These pervert are very very sick, I think they should be in the hole, I think these movie can be damaging to young people if these people watch those movie.

  • Sam Georges on July 23, 2021
  • slr1230 on August 15, 2021

    OMG what a twist 😳

  • Stacy Volek on August 16, 2021

    Good movie, some of my favorite actors, twits and turns, not boring! Worth watching!

  • Kathy C00per on August 18, 2021

    They always mess up a good movie with their cussing.

  • Mark C on September 8, 2021

    Nice guy screwing his brothers wife while he’s in jail and out killing women on the side

  • Mark C on September 8, 2021


  • Lee Doss on October 16, 2021

    And nobody saw that coming.
    I did.

  • Dan Chris on October 18, 2021

    I knew something was up after he kissed his brothers girl. That’s what happens when you look talk gay something hidden behind all that fasuade

  • Cindy Thomas on October 25, 2021

    OMG 😮….. OMG 😮 talk about twist … !!!!!!!! Great movie 🍿

  • RUSTY BUCKET on November 14, 2021

    Opening scene – a 44 magnum that shoots 9 times – that's impressive sense it's a 6 round revolver but ok, movie magic. All in all a good movie. Definitely worth watching again

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