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Flank Steak Roulade Experiment – Stuffed & Rolled Beef Flank Steak Recipe ctm magazine

Learn how to make a Flank Steak Roulade recipe! Go to http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2014/04/the-great-flank-steak-roulade-experiment.html for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Flank Steak Roulade Experiment!



  • Chrystian Yepiz on June 11, 2014

    I tried and it was amazing! my couple loved it! thanks a lot!

  • T Verga on July 29, 2014

    No! No Chef John! People have got to stop wasting prosciutto for wrapping things! If you're going to cook with it, use pancetta!

  • Jared Morgan on August 9, 2014

    That meat tenderizer looks like a stamp a librarian would use.

  • GreySheep999 on February 24, 2015

    Our family has always done a similar recipe that everyone called rouladen. Basically done almost exactly like that, except stuffed with mainly just onions and bacon, and done in several small rolls instead of one big one.

  • Davi Pinho on April 14, 2015

    The "prosciutto exoskeleton" really cracked me up. XD

  • Timinator62 on August 29, 2015

    Ha ha ha "ask that friend that took you to the Phish concert…" Chef John has the cooking skills, the humor and that smooth voice that makes him way better than most if not ALL of the Food Network "Chefs"…well except Giada, she looks better in a dress…

  • Christopher Haist on November 14, 2015

    No pickles?

  • Aditi Mehta on December 13, 2015

    when you were cutting the meat, i thought you were wearing gloves

  • Lupe Mendoza on February 28, 2016

    my family is tight on money lately but when we like to eat something special we choose a recipe from you're videos and go out and buy the ingredients to make some you this great food you upload . thx for the great instructions

  • Becca Calliou on June 22, 2016

    stuff dat beeaaiich wit some chick'n, 'n shit!

  • Jason Sewell on September 26, 2016

    WAY over cooked.

  • Janice P on October 21, 2016

    Every recipe I've seen for Flank Steak says to marinate it for minimum of a few hours. Won't this cut of beef be tough if you don't marinate it? Also, won't the marinade add more flavor?

  • MsLuminescence on December 4, 2016

    this is so great – I was just about to try braising a flank steak because I am too lazy to fire up the grill and I want a warm oven to help heat my house tonight. I search YouTube for Braised Flank and… Of course Chef John has tried this! He knows my wishes before I even wish them. Unreal! Thanks Chef John!

  • gypsy269 on December 22, 2016

    i want to stuff a pork roast with a beef roast for christmas dinner,,,can i do and and if not why not???

  • edom7 on February 1, 2017

    The ends of the meat are not stringy or frayed……they are rustic style.

  • Kons Varka on March 9, 2017

    i think it looks good on the outside as well

  • adam mac on May 8, 2017

    It's 8am so I guess I'll have to fry an egg with it.

  • SS4Xanatos on May 16, 2017

    So basically you made braciole?

  • Michael Phillips on August 10, 2017

    Hey Chef John, I know this is an old one, but what do you think about doing a reverse sear here? braise for a couple hours and then a real hot sear in a heavy pan to try and crust up that stringy exterior?

  • Drew Drewski on August 27, 2017

    lol – Phish concert..

  • Barnekkid on November 7, 2017

    3:43 one of the best Chef John quips ever.

  • Comes a Horseman on March 14, 2018

    FWIW, that knot used in the tie-ups is also called a surgeon's knot. You're welcome! 😉

  • Josiah Chlebek on April 20, 2018

    Beef blunt

  • Sislertx on July 20, 2019

    NOOOO..NOT THE KISHMISH..RAISINS…BOOOO.. NOOOO..ans u shoukd know how to tie…shame shame shame

  • Mike Sanders on October 27, 2019

    "Your the Big chief of your beef spleef"

    As a fellow chef I have to say, BRILLIANT!

  • Denny Diante on December 19, 2020

    you should bake in oven……less liquid

  • Elizabeth Trainer on January 24, 2021

    That's just Nasty.

  • David G on October 3, 2021

    That creepy "sam the food guy" stole your idea.

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