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Francis Ngannou’s Evolution & Stipe Miocic’s Fight IQ | UFC Round-up ctm magazine

On Tuesday’s episode of UFC Round-up with Paul Felder and Michael Chiesa the guys discussed Francis Ngannou’s apparent evolution since their first fight and discuss Stipe Miocic’s fight IQ. Check out the full episode.

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  • Dan Robbo on March 24, 2021

    To be fair to Francis when Cain went for the takedown Francis basically crippled him,but Stipe is a different beast it’s gonna be a good one😁👍

  • Oblioebel on March 24, 2021

    The scariest human being on earth is quite the superlative… no idea or imagination if you think Francis begins to qualify as. For a commentator. Stupid word choice

  • Ninos Nineveh on March 24, 2021

    The best fight would be Francis Ngannou vs Steve Urkel from Family Matters.

  • BrutalFord on March 24, 2021

    I don't know how many of you are starting to see it already happened internet Community YouTube videos Everyone that reports on MMA has already started showing how bias they are. Everybody talkin about how badass Francis is. It's not just the commentating team is the entire MMA community of press. They did this last time when Francis Fought for the belt. I get tired of hype trains based on 3 fights….so what stipe has only lost 1 in how many fights?? Vs someone similar to Conor a gas bag…

  • PØKEMØN2Ø19 on March 24, 2021

    I kinda want Ngannou to win and enjoy the benefits of being champ.
    Seems like a great guy.
    He didn’t have a childhood or many friends. He’s a sweet boy in the biggest mans body.

    Let’s get him that pay day so he can have his own family.
    Stipe has it all @ home.

  • Prasad Prasad on March 24, 2021

    This match win n

  • Joshua Andino on March 24, 2021

    obviously i feel stipe is gonna win but if ngannou stuffs his takedowns is gonna be dangerous for stipe if that happens he gotta drag him to deep 5 round im exited to see ngannou improvements even if he losses

  • Jordan on March 24, 2021

    I want Stipe to win this one and prove everyone wrong more than anything. When thinking about this fight I get a little bummed that one of the most well rounded, technical, and greatest heavyweights of all time could be snuffed out by one clean punch from a freak of nature with unholy power and a lot of fans would consider him the inferior fighter.

  • Keith Hodgson on March 24, 2021

    Evolution? Really? We've seen a combined total of about 3 mins since he got absolutely roasted for 5 rounds.

  • Dis Tone on March 24, 2021

    Stipe Miocic is the prime Steven Seagal of mma.

  • John Pappan on March 24, 2021

    Nothing about this fight has changed from the last one: Frances looks for magic button, and Stipe tries to avoid it until he can take him down.
    Stipe by decision.
    Or Frances by KO for the previous 25 minutes.🤷‍♀️

  • Jeff Lopez on March 25, 2021

    Francis has 0 cardio.. stipe, please more head movement and take him into late rounds !

  • M S on March 25, 2021

    Virtually Identical.

  • Eduard Marian Rossler on March 25, 2021

    Francis is very predictibel,

  • tynewlands on March 25, 2021

    I’ve cashed in a couple of times taking the underdog Stipe. I am staying away from this one though… because I think Francis needs to get this done, but I’m not confident that he can

  • The 3 Grosso's on March 25, 2021

    Stipe will win he will drag out the first couple rounds get him tierd then finish him

  • Khan Saab on March 25, 2021

    No one can replace Dan Hardy and Johm Gooden on the analytics department. I miss Inside the Octagon…💔😔

  • Progressive House on March 25, 2021

    0:41 ok….why?

  • T Rama Narayana Rao on March 25, 2021

    Rude power won't win.should be combined with technique where miocic stand tall.

  • ven om on March 25, 2021

    Happy to see 2 legends giving analists

  • GBLynden's Random Reviews on March 26, 2021

    I wish the people the UFC puts on camera would STOP saying “I Mean” every few statements. Say what you mean, do not waste words with empty ones……

  • MegaObi on March 26, 2021

    we need dan hardy

  • Ritalie on March 26, 2021

    I have to say, I didn't really like Chiesa, because of how poorly he handled his loss to the incredible Mr. Lee. But Michael Chiesa has turned into one of the best MMA color commentators in UFC history. I would have never said this. But look how intelligent and well spoken he is now. The way he puts together his thoughts is unlike anyone in the UFC right now. He has improved several orders of magnitude. He has a great broadcast voice. I have to give him his props, and I hope the UFC puts him cageside for big fights.

  • Charky Icenhour on March 26, 2021

    Amazing Outbox Francis.

  • Charky Icenhour on March 26, 2021

    Chiesa beard.
    Hides his chin well.

  • Charky Icenhour on March 26, 2021

    Stipe weaving thru francis hits.
    Power guy throwing more shots. And moving full rounds?
    As. A hallway haymaker francis

  • Charky Icenhour on March 26, 2021

    Stipe steps were planted ahead of the next plan. Wowzer

  • Charky Icenhour on March 26, 2021

    Francis now has kicks?

  • Charky Icenhour on March 26, 2021

    Stipe did Better Job of Work At Boxing.
    Wear out the muscle giy.
    Then pick opens

  • Charky Icenhour on March 26, 2021

    Stipe even jammed a lower hook to hit the double takedown.

  • Charky Icenhour on March 26, 2021

    Stipe took Francis the Distance?
    Oops. Yeeah the slick get out of the way.

  • marr izzy on March 28, 2021

    Stipe got smashed

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