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Gen. Breedlove: Russia ‘Started A War They Were Not Ready For And They’ve Taken A Whipping’ ctm magazine

Retired Gen. Philip Breedlove, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, joined Meet the Press Daily to discuss the status of Russia’s war in Ukraine, Putin’s attempts to use energy to deter the West and more. 

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Gen. Breedlove: Russia ‘Started A War They Were Not Ready For And They’ve Taken A Whipping’



  • Ricky Ray on May 3, 2022

    Simple solution U.K.:
    Class Seven Authorisation and the personal signature of the Foreign Secretary. Get SIS/MI6 and SAS involved with Class 7.
    Under article 7 of the Intelligence Services Act, the Home Secretary may provide British agents acting abroad with immunity against prosecution for those actions in a UK court. The immunity applies provided that 'their nature and likely consequences (of the acts) will be reasonable, having regard to the purpose for which they are carried out.'

  • Colton Conner on May 3, 2022

    If we are paying the price of war in gas n oil and food , god help Russia you will pay the price or the piper by god your arses won’t be in the 3rd would criteria you’ll be in the 4th world slumber .

  • JEY on May 3, 2022

    Western mainstream media journalists have lost credibility and objectivity. Purely a source of FakeNews and propaganda.

  • JEY on May 3, 2022

    The West only represents 7% and behind Russia, India and China there is 93% of Global South countries. No more FakeNews and propaganda will make-up the West more than it's real size.

  • Tony on May 3, 2022

    Trump and the GOP was and is dead wrong about everything they say and do with regard to energy. Trump and the GOP was and is against EVs, solar power, wind generators, wave generators, alternative fuels and everything that moves the world away from burning fossil fuels and moving the world away from our dependence on fossil fuels. It's not just about a polluted environment, human sickness, rising sea levels and destructive weather. It's about having energy alternatives, economic competition and less dependence on dictators like Putin who control vast amounts of oil and gas reserves. If Europe and the US were less dependent on oil and natural gas it would be a walk through the park in defeating Putin or any dictator who controls large oil and gas reserves and who is dependent on income from those reserves.

    It's our dependence on fossil fuels which make us weak. It's dependence on fossil fuels which lowers our buying power and erodes our personal wealth. It's dependence on fossil fuels that suppresses our economies. If ever there was a good example of why we need to be less dependent on fossil fuels the Ukraine is just one more of many good examples. NATO is highly important to freedom loving nations but alternative energy sources is even more important to a freedom loving world than NATO.

  • basil tozer on May 3, 2022

    The Donbass republics in the east were fighting and beatings the Ukrainians on the first day of the war,and they haven't stopped winning.
    Nobody is going to give oil and gas to their enemies for nothing.

  • Chad Yeszin on May 3, 2022

    Lol he clearly is watching a different war. Ukraine is getting stomped. And putin has destroyed every weapons shipment to hit odessa

  • Chui Throwaway on May 3, 2022

    The calculating daniel clasically fool because roll formerly thaw including a nappy cicada. cultured, didactic blizzard

  • Eric Burdon on May 3, 2022

    Pope Francis says NATO, ‘barking at Russia’s door,’ shares blame for Ukraine

    Even the pope knows that nato is to blame for this war.

  • jason hodge on May 4, 2022

    He needs to know the consequences of using nukes will be retaliation & nobody wins that one ..😕

  • Don Benoit on May 4, 2022

    Fake news.

  • Aca Trica on May 4, 2022

    With this kind of "generals", no wonder that sandal boys won in Afghanistan

  • Aca Trica on May 4, 2022

    It's posh, not general

  • Ishit Unot on May 4, 2022

    Sanctions read blackmail. Using trade sanctions against Russia is more or less the same.

  • Jason Sandifer on May 4, 2022

    The unnecessary War

    The unnecessary War
    Causing unnecessary pain

    Causing unnecessary destruction

    Causing unnecessary suffering

    Causing unnecessary dying

    Causing unnecessary turmoil

    Causing unnecessary tears

    Causing unnecessary

    Causing unnecessary problems

    Causing unnecessary sorrow

    Causing unnecessary displacement

    Causing unnecessary ripples throughout the entire World

    Prayers for True Peace
    And Peaceful conclusion of the unnecessary War

    Advocate for Humanity, Jason Sandifer,
    4/18/2022, 4/23/2022

  • Tony on May 5, 2022

    One small way towards energy independence is a very simple method….bicycles. During the early 1970's when oil was in short supply and gas prices were rising, American adults began buying bikes to make short trips to work, to the stores and the like. There were huge benefits to riding bikes; aside from lowering the price of gas the new demand for bikes created jobs in an industry that was already developed, bikes also lowered our body fat and increased our health and so in increasing our health it lowered hospital costs and hence lowered the price we pay for health insurance. Riding bikes also helped the environment and eased traffic conditions. As a result of that we saw lower lung cancers, lower smog, lower car insurance. The Nixon administration saw that as a positive to a big extent and some members in the Nixon administration even began buying and using bikes. Bikes had been primarily for children but at one point 86% of new bike sales were for adult bikes. Bikes went from sales of 6 million bikes per year to 15 million bikes per year. Suddenly there was a big push in progressive cities to install bike lanes and in fact the polls at that time indicated that if there were more bike lanes more adults would buy and use bikes for short errands. The oil companies became concerned and they saw the demand for oil declining. The price of gas and oil began falling due in part to increased bike sales. But then, as a result of falling oil prices, oil lobbyists in the US and Europe began lobbying efforts to lower the number of bike lanes and that has continued every since.

    Headline: It's official: Donald Trump hates cyclists
    Headline:President Trump Orders Bicycle Lanes Demolished
    It says, "Washington DC – Citing bicycle lanes as a threat to national security, President Trump signed an executive order to destroy each and every one in the United States of America. “Everyone knows bicycles are destroying America’s oil industry,” Trump said as he signed the Bicycle Lanes Are Killing America (BLAKA) executive order. “With this pen we’re taking the wheels off the crazy idea of bikes in our cities. Losers.”

    Those who lost big time at the destruction of bike lanes were consumers and those who wanted lower gas prices, a better environment and a healthier America. The big winners were the oil companies and dictators, like Putin, who control vast reserves of oil and gas. Trump says Biden is weak and Trump is correct to a small extent, Biden is weaker only because Trump made America weaker by his many actions to weaken America.

  • James James on May 6, 2022

    YES,, YES,,,,,



  • James James on May 6, 2022


  • AMN NET on May 7, 2022

    UKRAINE, putin´s WATERLOO …. THE TRUTH IS THAT "the great power" Russia has received a colossal beating on all fronts and has not even been able to invade a country with a modest military force and that it has next to its border….

  • The Galaxy Lab on May 10, 2022

    In fact Ukraine started the war. Ukraine was the first to violate Budapest Memorandum and Minsk (explained below). Also Ukraine was the one who started this war on Wednesday, February 16 2022, when its forces near the Donbas republics began preparatory artillery strikes into the ceasefire zones as the precursor for an all out ground attack on the Donbas republics.

    Here's why Ukraine started the war, which will be hard for brainwashed parrots of US propaganda to digest:

    The February 15 report of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine recorded some 41 explosions in the ceasefire areas. This increased to 76 explosions on Feb 16, 316 on Feb 17, 654 on Feb 18, 1413 on Feb 19, a total of 2026 of Feb 20 and 21 and 1484 on Feb 22.

    The OSCE mission reports showed that the great majority of impact explosions of the artillery were on the separatist side of the ceasefire line.

    **THEN**>>>On February 19 (before any Russian action) the Ukrainian President Zelensky HIMSELF announced at the Munich Security Conference that the Ukraine would ditch the Budapest memorandum and all related agreements. The Budapest memorandum is about Ukraine committing to be a non-nuclear state.

    Those two issues, an imminent ground attack on Donbas and the Ukraine threatening to strive for nuclear weapons, drove the Russian decision on February 21 to recognize the Donbas republics as independent states. (The legal precedence for doing such is the 'western' recognition of Kosovo as an independent state.)

    Common defense agreements between the independent states and the Russian Federation were signed. Three days later, during which the Ukrainian attacks on the Donbas republics continued, Russian troops entered the Ukraine under Article 51 of the U.N. charter🤷

  • Peter Foster on May 13, 2022

    Fundamentally, it is an exercise in precision and, most importantly, the defense, protection and preservation of freedom. The ships sail free, let the tankers bring the oil… I'm glad I'm here. And my name is Peter.

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