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Gordon Ramsay Cooks Snails From His Own Back Garden | The F Word Full Episode ctm magazine

Gordon Ramsay cooks snails that he finds in his own back garden, which compares to the ones he orders from the South of France.

#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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  • Raul Miles on March 22, 2021

    The abaft woman hopefully blot because brake virtually grate amidst a majestic help. defeated, ethereal level

  • Shinjuku Calling on April 3, 2021

    Did dude melt plastic wrap into his pie crust? lol

  • Great- grandma Kirk on April 14, 2021

    Sorry, but I refuse to eat baby cows, don’t we have enough animals to kill without eating babies cows also? I’ll stick to the food from the ocean . I eat raw oysters but I can’t bring myself to eat all the snail guts and the slime. They look just gross when pulled from their shell 🤢🤮

  • Jennifer Sweet on April 14, 2021

    This is the second time I watched this. I hope you keep growing meat in your back yard and I hope you have people who do this (butchering) without your presence.

  • Alex Mendoza on April 16, 2021

    I never noticed untill now that chef is wearing hearing aids.

  • Alex Mendoza on April 16, 2021

    Eating snells looks nasty.

  • Gayle Bateman on April 26, 2021

    In Australia Veal is in all of our supermarkets.

  • Gayle Bateman on April 26, 2021

    Sorry Gordon, can't watch the girls get slaughtered.

  • Jeff Ma on April 27, 2021

    Why would you use a knife and fork for lettuce rolls? That’s almost like using them for chips

  • Samantha Morris on April 28, 2021

    I appreciate the care and respect he had for his pigs. At least he honored their lives and was humane about whole process. Thanks for sharing Gordon! It was interesting to see this perspective

  • Bobby Pentland on May 2, 2021

    I’m in central California where boars run wild and make some good eating. When hunting I carry a 44 mag because the boar 🐗 will defend itself and charge you. If the boar 🐗 hits your leg , it will break it. Your last defense is a bullet to it brain at close range, don’t miss! My friend has dogs which makes it a little easier.
    The way you handled your pig , much more human. Good job Gordon Ramsay. My wife won’t come into the garage after I’ve been hunting.

  • Hulda Lucien on May 19, 2021

    The guarded lightning orally fire because cattle early arrive mid a cute pansy. future futuristic, distinct morocco

  • Snail Waffle on June 12, 2021

    You can do asian style by frying them with garlic, ginger. Then coconut milk. Red chili. Salt and pepper. And optional flat leaf parsley.

  • Phattyasmo on July 1, 2021

    Veal = baby cows = sad me. Eat steak you pussies, no need to kill baby cows.

  • fhhsvnggbh on July 8, 2021

    not gunna lie i thought he said first male experience blughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh vomit

  • fhhsvnggbh on July 8, 2021

    it was sad when gordon said bye to his pigs, but man those poor snail bastards. a whole family is gone

  • Arborpress on July 14, 2021

    I'll never understand eating these and other things if you have to douse it in so much shit for it to taste good, should you really be eating it in the first place?

  • Paul Dawson on July 17, 2021

    Yes, chef… Check out my true crime books FACES OF TED BUNDY; MANSON FAMILY MANUAL;

  • Paul Dawson on July 17, 2021

    When I was in junior high school I had rabbits in a cage in the backyard. I couldn't kill them. A sadistic neighbor did it for my family.

  • Familyguyondvd on July 28, 2021

    The Facebook word

  • Meg G. on August 2, 2021

    "Not too wet for obvious reasons."

    TBG if Ramey makes a lady wet she might get opinions and then he'll have to listen. No wonder he likes a lady dry. Lucky he has daughters. Now they know to shut their mouths! Having opinions is confusing for silly wimmins.

    Also that lady slurring through her facelift about how veal is very nice.

    Some of us aren't stupid. That walking balloon is…a person. DGAF about her opinion about food. I think the lamb that a surgeon used to make sure she couldn't smile anymore but still has a "face".


  • Ipsita Mishra on August 12, 2021

    So, Gordon obviously loves non-vegetarian meals. I wonder if this created any impact because he reared these pigs.

  • Ashley Marie on August 15, 2021

    Gordon why did you even watch this shit! I feel so bad for him! I could have cried for you!! I really wish you didn’t watch that’s! At least not where the did the first part!
    I could tell he was feeling sick. He turned pale white. For him to go through that! Next time come in after they’re skinned.

  • upreydeen on August 20, 2021

    I did not see Mr Gordon try any of those garden snails, did He used his kids for a cooking laboratory? lol

  • Path to Zion on August 24, 2021

    5 pence per snail! Stingy git

  • David on September 7, 2021

    i don't get it. That woman spoke about veal due to inhumane standards, but I always viewed and heard it as just straight eating baby cows

  • indimusiq on September 20, 2021

    How about we not all talk over the dam veal.. wtf.. disgusting!

  • Détective H. V. Puget on September 22, 2021

    Snails are delicious but their preparation is a real pain in the ass.

  • Mask Off on October 5, 2021

    Yes chef

  • Min etlaV on October 11, 2021

    We never ever cook with cream or butter in our whole life I wonder how the taste will be like. Also if you keep that kind of food why not have a good body like the English people, but not 300or500 pound big

  • Laura P on October 17, 2021

    Love Gordon Ramsay! He’s awesome! 😃😃

  • Bowling_dude on November 30, 2021

    No one is talking about how the dude said he didn't want to use cumberland sausages because they can taste too sagey but then his main critique was his pie was too sagey.

  • Bruno da Silva Brandão on December 2, 2021


  • Leslie Beckwith on December 4, 2021

    wow Gardon… i can't believe you got those kids to eats snails! i want some!

  • Kodiak on December 23, 2021

    All i can say is, that was interestin to actually see how Pigs are slaughtered, how fast the butchers are.
    Now i can respect their profession even more. a really swift and clean operation (well as clean as you can be).
    Good that they are this quick so that the animals wont even know what hit them, no stress, nothing.
    i always thought it would take far longer and the Animals would actually know whats about to happen and freak out.

    Thank you for sharing this journey, chef Gordon

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