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Gordon Ramsay Learns How To Make A Beef Rendang In Malaysia | Gordon’s Great Escape ctm magazine

While travelling around Malaysia, Gordon Ramsay helps an auntie prepare a beef rengdang.

#GordonRamsay #Cooking

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  • Zamani Muhamad on October 17, 2021

    Agak2 arr buat shooting ni x hajak aku….. Sengal betul la kau Ramsey..turun sini x call aku….n one more thing where is this place they doing to he shooting…..I wanna go there

  • JemiMY Channel on October 19, 2021

    Same goes with my mom..

    When i ask the receipe,
    She said "agak-agak"

    I just like (-_-)

  • lizza rahman on October 19, 2021

    U also can use brown sugar to make it darker

  • Irsan Olii on October 26, 2021

    Learning how to cook rendang in Malaysia is like learning how to cook a proper pasta dish in neighboring France or, even worse, in neighboring Switzerland. #RendangIsIndonesian

  • kechik tv on October 30, 2021

    itik salai x try🤭

  • Taufiq Zakaria on October 30, 2021

    Gordon: thank you
    Her: thank you

    I meant, how you don't recognize that how malay she is 😂😂😂

  • Benn Li Da Jun on November 2, 2021

    You never mess with a Malaysian/Chinese/Indian aunties. Especially when they turn 50.

  • AggressiveNegotiator on November 5, 2021

    You don't mess with Asian mums. Whichever the country is.

  • yeyo on November 10, 2021

    I love Just love that woman she put Gordon in his place with aga aga and I really saw the resemblance between the mother and daughter such a pretty woman with a great personality

  • Rena Hasanova-Edgar on November 12, 2021

    She is amazing 🤩

  • ˗ˏˋautxmnstxrˎˊ˗ on November 15, 2021

    he should go to batu feringhi's shangrila hotel restaurant
    literally the best resteraunt ive been in

  • Life on November 17, 2021

    My mother is from Malaysia and she also taught me to cook in this way. No measurements, just whatever you feel; to your taste. It's hard to master, but you just gotta have fun and play with food. It doesn't need to be precise!

  • Alan Potter on November 17, 2021

    Mediterranean cuisine is pretty much the same.. aga – aga.. Just watch Greek chefs when they say "2 spoons of olive oil – pours a whole glass….pinch of rosemary – throws in half a bush".

  • hazzliff ghazali on November 20, 2021

    rendang is the best Malaysian dish…you must ate this when visited Malaysia..Really nice rendang.

  • R3W on November 30, 2021

    Agar agar is like just think how much you want to put

  • Justin Timbersaw on December 1, 2021

    6:08 she knew the code about men that I, myself, a man doesn't even know it's exist

  • Toney Yt on December 4, 2021

    i wish uncle roger do reaction on this wejio..clitoria bush sorry children

  • M. Redho Adastra on December 5, 2021

    Waterpark, rendang from indonesia motherpacker

  • Ben0000 on December 8, 2021

    3:38 great banter/humor

  • The00Dennis on December 16, 2021

    Agak agak spirit is MALAYSIAN SPIRIT!

  • XQayyumBG?! on December 30, 2021

    rendang ayam is delicious

  • Ilham Mustaqim on January 5, 2022

    Orang keturunan minang di malaysia tak mau disebut minang tapi melayu , tapi kalau ada budaya atau makanan yg bagus mendunia dari minang , baru nak klaim , sungguh tak beradab

  • Ilham Mustaqim on January 6, 2022

    Rendang from Indonesian

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